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Exclusive: America — Speak Out Today

A NetRightDaily.com Exclusive from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers –

All across America, people are looking to Congress and the White House and asking the same question: “Is anybody listening?”

The American people said “NO” to wasteful government spending.

What did they get? An $800 billion stimulus bill.

The American people said “NO” to a government-takeover of health care.

What did they get?  A radical overhaul of one-sixth of the economy.

The American people are saying “NO” to more government bailouts.

What are they getting?  A $60 billion bailout of Greece and the European Union – all of it with U.S. tax money – without even a vote in Congress or a public statement from the President.

The time has come for Washington, D.C. to start listening to the American people.  And House Republicans are ready to start the conversation.

Today, House Republicans are launching AmericaSpeakingOut.com, a new interactive website where you can help create a new agenda for America’s future. Whether it’s on the economy, spending, values, national security, or another topic, we are asking you and all Americans to speak out and help us build an agenda that reflect your priorities.

Using the best of social media, on AmericaSpeakingOut.com you are able to submit a policy solution, promote your priorities, debate the ideas posted by other Americans, and share the conversation with your friends and neighbors via Facebook and Twitter.  It is our hope that AmericaSpeakingOut.com will become the home to an unprecedented online conversation between Americans and those elected to represent them.

Later this year, House Republicans will take the ideas from AmericaSpeakingOut.com and put together an historic agenda that can transcend politics and get America back on track.

Now is America’s time to speak out.  Will you join us?  President Eisenhower once said, “Politics should be the full-time career of no one; and the part-time career of everyone.”  Through AmericaSpeakingOut.com, you can lend your voice to a growing national movement to restore the will of the American people in Washington D.C.

Please go to AmericaSpeakingOut.com today.  Log in, start a conversation, get involved, stay involved, and recruit your friends.  If we seize this opportunity to empower the American people, I believe that one day our children will look back at the year 2010, and say, “That was the year America woke up and reclaimed its destiny; that was the year the American Renaissance began; and that was the year the American Dream was passed down safely to the next generation.”

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers represents the 5th District of Washington and is a guest contributor at NetRightDaily.com.

  • I am from Texas. The illegal immigrants are not only in Arizona. They are nation wide. We need control of all our boarder.In the news this week they are talking terriorist comeing thru Mexico to Texas, pirates on the Mexican and Texan border, this shows that illegal immigration is more a problem then just in Arizona.Obama needs to address this issue in detail. The Coast Guard can not protect our Coast Line, due to the oil spill. They are downing Arizona for inforceing Federal Law, when the Federal Government should be inforceing these laws. I know you can not ship all the illegals out of our country, but you can make ways to keep them out of our country.The fence that is talked about being built in Arizona, should be built all the way around. It’s harder to go into Canada, then it is to come or leave Mexico, we need to make leaveing and going into Mexico just as hard as it is to come or go into Canada. It should be illegal for the employers to bring the Mexicans over here and employ them when it’s against the law. The illegals should turn themselves in, go to immigration and stand in line and get a legal status to live in this country, like everyone else has to.

  • Jan

    I believe the government should make it extremely difficult for employers to hire illegal immigrants. That would soon make it unprofitable for illegals to come here. Unfortunately, this administration is only concerned about votes and being re-elected and I am fearful, for that reason, nothing substantial will be done. This administration is only concerned about themselves and not what is good for America. Very, Very sad!!!

  • Jan

    I would like for our politicians to stress the importnace of lower taxes for small and larger businesses. I don’t know if our government and many people understand that that would actually increase the federal financial situation. Expcanded businesses, more jobs, etc etc. It is so simple but so many people believe for government to throw money at the situation is the only answer. People need to be educated.
    Also, the Jones Law needs to be waived so other countries and their expertise can be used to clean up the Gulf.
    The Unions like this law because they do not want foreign labor to help. Let’s hope they do not have the final say and that Obama will keep in mind the wellfare of the region rather the the approval of the Unions.

  • Richard

    My concerns are with the U.S.justice system.I think that the american taxpayer has a right to know how their hard earned money is spent.The U.S. probation department is returning ex-offenders to federal prison for minor infractions at taxpayers expense,25% of the men and women in federal prison are return ees.It cost $30,000 dollers a year per inmate,that’s more than $3 billion dollars per year.There are teachers losing their jobs due to budget cuts,people are losing their homes,while the federal government put people in prison for minor infractions. I think this message should be share with all of America.

  • wallace clark

    why dont we send millions of troops to get ben ladin,
    9\11 deserves such a response

  • luis

    I also beleive that goverment should make extreme difficult for employers to hire illegals , by increasing hourly wages to surpass inflation by 100% , and fine employers.

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