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The SEIU, Harry Reid, And Voting Problems

Did you know that the SEIU represents the voting machine technicians in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada? Is it any surprise, as we noted earlier today, that there was a voting glitch in Clark County, Nevada? The glitch caused Harry Reid’s name to be automatically checked on the ballot before voters had indicated who were they were supporting.

According to Joyce Ferrara who was an eyewitness to this strange ballot ordeal, the problem was widespread, “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.”

It is particularly troubling that Clark County has put the uber left-wing SEIU Local 1107 in charge of their voting machines.

The agreement between the SEIU and Clark County specifically puts all voting machines under the control of the SEIU. See the collective bargaining agreement:

The County hereby recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining representative of the County employees assigned to the classifications listed in Appendix A who are eligible to be represented by the Union except as limited by Section 2 of this Article. The Union shall be notified of additions to the list
of classifications (Appendix A), within seven (7) days of posting for the position classification and shall receive 30 days advance notice of any deletions. Upon written request by the Union, the parties shall meet and confer regarding deletions within the 30 day notification period referenced herein. Both parties recognize that the Union retains its right to appeal under the provisions of NRS 288.170.

On page 75 of the agreement, in Appendix A, Voting Machine Technician is listed as a classified position that the SEIU represents. Even though the CBA expired on June 30, 2010, the CBA continues until this day because of language in Article 43 which says that the County and SEIU can continue the CBA year to year until one party deems it unfit.

What a coincidence that the voting machines in Clark County just happen to be automatically set to support the candidate that the union that represents the “voting machine technicians” supports… You vote, we decide.

UPDATE: The President of Americans for Limited Government (the parent organization of this website), Bill Wilson, has issued a statement on this important matter developing in Nevada:

“It is positively outrageous that in Clark County, Nevada, the SEIU Local 1107, which supports Harry Reid, controls the ballot boxes by contract through their representation of the voting machine technicians. It is not surprising that Senator Harry Reid’s name was automatically checked off on the ballot when individuals went to vote.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Nevada State Attorney General, and the U.S Marshalls need to act now to ensure that the SEIU does not continue to compromise the integrity of ballots in Nevada, and anywhere else in the country. The democratic process is too precious to be tampered with and abused.”

UPDATE: The SEIU has spent over $225,000 to oppose Sharron Angle…

  • Som

    I have a feeling this election will be stolen and our country will be lost.

  • nana

    I wonder if SEIU has been working on the voting machines in NV for previous elections? Does anyone know about this? I live in NV & personally do not know anybody who has ever voted for Reid except one couple – that is the truth. Did Ensign really win last time like we think he did?

  • bulldawg

    Keep your head up, just like Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” This Country will not fall to tyranny not on our watch.

  • SomeGuy

    Sounds just like the Diebold machines in Ohio and other states that were set to automatically check GOP candidates and to switch votes in 2008. Of course, the “liberal media” never investigated those anomalies. This is just a bunch of fear-mongering by a bunch of whiners.

  • This will not stand. The American people are on top of this.

  • Vicenta Montoya

    What bullS**t irresponsible lies. When voting in Nevada you have several opportunities to check to make sure your vote is properly done. At the end there is a paper ballot that you view before you set your vote.Only after viewing that your vote was what you want do you cast your vote.Too many safeguards for what these individuals claim.


  • This happened to me in Las Vegas, NV and I took all the proper measures, went back to the location of voting, made them take down my name, look up the voting time and my information, get the number of the voting machine and I also informed Clark County Election Dept. I think it should call for legal recourse, especially seeing SEIU is in charge of our Clark County voting.

  • Flint

    No thinking person actually believes this is possible. Nevada is a right to work state which means union and non-union County workers work side by side and the managers who supervise these workers are non-union and usually conservative Republicans. The lack of honest, hard work on this writer’s part is an insult to reader’s intelligence. I’m going to punch the person that referred me to this web site for wasting my time.

  • US citizen

    This sounds like a direct conflict of interest. Whoever is in charge of this should be fired. After the corruption brought out about SEIU, they should not be involved in the voting process at all.

  • Our country is already gone. Nearly everybody thinks only two skyscrapers fell in NYC on 9-11. The corrupt government and media have brainwashed the American people into total ignorance of what is truly happening. 9-11 was an inside job, look up WTC Building 7 on a search engine. 95% don’t know it was blown up just like 1 and 2 were. The patriot act was already written and the big boot to the face is coming soon. All because of ignorance and apathy. Wake up America, it is much worse than you ever imagined. Infowars dot com for the truth now.

  • Ron/Numbers Guy

    Please contact the U.S. Attorney, State Attorney General and County County to have the people responsible prosecuted!! CAN YOU SAY CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!!

  • William Levinson

    If anybody has evidence of this, this should be reported to law enforcement as evidence of a crime (election fraud), and possibly to the FBI.

  • Dan

    The article says “Clark County” put the SEIU Local “in charge of their voting machines.” WHO in Clark County? If it’s like most counties in the nation, then it would be the county’s “Registrar Recorder” (or whatever they call themselves in Clark County, NV). They are the ones responsible for ensuring safe and fair elections. But if Clark County’s Registrar Recorder is allowing wolves to “guard” the sheep (as appears is the case here), then Nevada’s AG and Dept. of Justice investigators should launch a FULL-SCALE investigation into the matter A.S.A.P!!! They have the jurisdiction and they certainly have the obligation.

  • Don Holt

    At least the president has trained Harry Reid well in the ways and means of the Chicago political tactics.

  • Joe

    Is Harry Reid’s son or some other family member a mayor in that district?

  • IT_Alan

    “Too many safeguards for what these individuals claim.”
    “The lack of honest, hard work on this writer’s part is an insult to reader’s intelligence. I’m going to punch the person that referred me to this web site for wasting my time.”

    Please don’t be so trusting. The software-based electronic voting machines use code and data, and are designed with maintenance access in mind. Less time is typically spent on maintenance interface development. This vulnerability allows those who maintain them to change the data inappropriately, unless watched carefully by technically competent monitors. Do you request a hard copy of your vote the way it was electronically submitted, not just what you saw before you clicked “submit”?

    Industry watchdogs – professionals with technical savvy – say:

    “Paperless direct-recording electronic voting systems …[are]… unreliable, too hard to audit and too prone to all sorts of tampering.”


    So much for many safeguards. Who will cast your vote?

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