11.11.2010 2

So Much Owed

By William Warren –

Be sure to thank a veteran today.

  • drakexx@yahoo.com

    It baffles me more as
    time goes on that the world persists in the the prevailing perception of that
    pompous bloated commiephobic rummy Winston Churchill.

    I won’t even mention that he once referred to MGhandi as “that little
    brown man in a diaper” and was rumored to be wildly homophobic.

    Who can forget that when the fascists first got their feet wet in Spain, Roosevelt in the gravest error of his career was letting that grandstanding porker Churchill call the shots in Europe. The fascists could have been nipped in the bud in Spain, but Churchill’s response was “these forces are two monsters; let them destroy each other.” !

    So six months after Madrid fell they were in Warsaw.

    A year later they were in Paris. And at that point it would take all of civilization
    – certainly not the least [read: “decisive”] contribution being made
    by the communists – to bring them down.

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