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The Names of the 92 House Republicans That Votes Against Cutting Government Spending

Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy Voted For Increased Government Spending

Surprise, surprise, Congress hasn’t changed–they’re still nervous to cut spending!

Here are the names of the 92 House Republicans that stood with Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats when they voted yesterday AGAINST Rep. Jim Jordan’s amendment to cut government spending, keeping with Eric Cantor’s and the rest of the House GOP’s “Pledge to America” (NOTE: Eric Cantor voted against the amendment, perhaps a violation of his pledge):

Bass (NH)

Gingrey (GA)
Hastings (WA)
Herrera Beutler
Johnson (IL)
King (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
Lewis (CA)
Lungren, Daniel E.
McCarthy (CA)
Miller (MI)

Rogers (AL)
Rogers (KY)
Smith (NJ)
Thompson (PA)
Young (AK)
Young (FL)

Update: An even better formatted list:

— NOES   92 —

Member Name State
Adams FL
Aderholt AL
Alexander LA
Barletta PA
Bass (NH) NH
Berg ND
Biggert IL
Bilbray CA
Bonner AL
Calvert CA
Camp MI
Cantor VA
Capito WV
Carter TX
Cassidy LA
Cole OK
Cravaack MN
Crawford AR
Crenshaw FL
Culberson TX
Denham CA
Dent PA
Diaz-Balart FL
Dold IL
Dreier CA
Duffy WI
Emerson MO
Fortenberry NE
Frelinghuysen NJ
Gibson NY
Gingrey (GA) GA
Member Name State
Granger TX
Grimm NY
Hanna NY
Harper MS
Hastings (WA) WA
Heck NV
Herrera Beutler WA
Issa CA
Johnson (IL) IL
Jones NC
King (NY) NY
Kingston GA
Kinzinger (IL) IL
Kline MN
Lance NJ
Latham IA
Lewis (CA) CA
LoBiondo NJ
Lucas OK
Lungren, Daniel E. CA
McCarthy (CA) CA
McKeon CA
McKinley WV
Meehan PA
Miller (MI) MI
Noem SD
Nunes CA
Nunnelee MS
Olson TX
Palazzo MS
Paulsen MN
Member Name State
Petri WI
Posey FL
Reichert WA
Rivera FL
Roby AL
Rogers (AL) AL
Rogers (KY) KY
Rooney FL
Ros-Lehtinen FL
Roskam IL
Runyan NJ
Schilling IL
Schock IL
Sensenbrenner WI
Shuster PA
Simpson ID
Smith (NJ) NJ
Stivers OH
Sullivan OK
Terry NE
Thompson (PA) PA
Tipton CO
Upton MI
Walden OR
West FL
Westmoreland GA
Wolf VA
Womack AR
Young (AK) AK
Young (FL) FL

  • B.E.Smith

    These types of lists are being saved by the voters, and will be used against these worthless incumbents. They don’t understand that we don’t want to hear how it will hurt the governments ability to do things. We want the governments ability to do things to stop, and stop the wasting of our money, and our childrens and grandchildrens and great grandchildrens… Folks, there’s little I can do to help, as my congressmans name is not on this list, (and he’s not only lucky, but smart enough to realize he’d end up losing) but I live within a couple of miles of Cantors district, and I will actively do what I can to help him be defeated. This is treacherous what they’ve done!

  • cclezel

    They win with a sweeping majority not seen since the 20’s and they act as if they won by the skin of their teeth. The difference between Rep and Dems, the Dems have the balls to enact their hardcore leftist agenda and the Republicans are terrified fo upseting the voter base. If you can’t see the writing on the wall then it’s time to find those who do and will act boldly. Now is NOT the time to be punting when our system is near collapse.

  • Gotta Laff

    What was hidden beneath the surface of this amendment? Somrthing just doesn’t add up! Some of the people on this list are hard-core conservatives who are totally opposed to government’s run-away apending. Somewhere there’s more to this than is being released.

  • How disappointing! We need to let all these people know how we feel!!! E-mail them and voice your anger about what they have done!!!!

  • Melissa Powell

    What little turds were floating in the punchbowl? All is not as it seems. Normally some stupid amendment is attached to a bill to intentionally kill it. Some of the names are hard core conservative, so I want to see the whole thing prior to passing judgement.

  • HorendoRevolver

    I’m with Gotta Laff…..what was hidden that we dont know about……..

  • Melissa Powell

    The holdup seems to be security and oversight concerns.

    Security & Oversight: Cuts We Can’t Afford!

    Dear Republican Colleague:

    I urge you to vote no on Amendment 104 to H.R. 1 that would dramatically impact the House’s ability to maintain adequate security and conduct effective oversight. The Amendment’s proposed cuts would also impede on each Member’s ability to communicate and serve his or her constituents.

    This amendment would severely restrict the U.S. Capitol Police’s ability to secure the Capitol complex by slashing its budget 11%. A cut of this magnitude would force Capitol Police to face today’s ever-growing security threats with significantly fewer resources and officers.

    The Amendment would also hamper the House’s ability to conduct effective oversight and impede on Members’ ability to serve their constituents by cutting committee and Member budgets an additional 11% on top of the 5% cut adopted last month.

    In November, we promised a government that would be more efficient, more accountable and more transparent. However, keeping that promise means we need vigilant oversight.

    While I support this effort to reduce federal spending, I fear the wholesale approach proposed in this amendment will render the House and its members incapable of upholding our promise to the American people. For these important reasons, I strongly urge you to vote no on Amendment 104.

    Read more at NetRightDaily.com: http://netrightdaily.com/2011/02/rep-jim-jordan-amendment-to-cr-debate-begins-at-1230/#ixzz1ERQfWt5k

  • Reneeca

    It looks like the leite godd ole boys in the GOP were trying to show the Freshmen who is still boss and runs the show. Many on this list are old timers from the beltway and were kind of snarky when defending their votes against this measure as if they know it all! Well I can see my Congressman Bilbray and CA. Congressman Lungren on this list and I will not soon forget it with any donations to their campaigns again. This is not what we sent them to Washington for! What spineles wonders we have in the Republican party. They are afraid of their own shadows!

  • James

    Gotta laff, I am wondering the same thing because i see a couple of names i know and follow closely who are really conservative and have done everything the last four years to try to stop the out of control spending.

  • Just compared this list with the official roll call at House.gov. There appear to be inaccuracies. Reps. Biggert, Kinzinger, Roskam and Schock of IL actually voted “YEA” and joined the 235 who passed HR 1 at 4:40 am Eastern time Saturday.

  • Brent Westwood

    I can’t believe that Eric voted against it. Personally, I would have considered voting against it, too, because I don’t think that the $60 billion cut was enough. It should have been closer to $100 billion. I have to admit, however, that I don’t have all the data it takes to make such a decision. Too much debt reduction could possibly cause some serious operational problems within our government. All I do know is that the “new” House is definitely headed in the right direction!!

  • Virginia

    THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VOTE. This is http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2011/roll147.xml

  • Dennis

    We’ll not forget them come elction time…

  • admin

    THIS POST IS ABOUT THE RSC AMENDMENT TO CUT NON-DEFENSE, NON-DISCRETIONARY SPENDING. The roll call for the RSC amendment (info here – http://netrightdaily.com/2011/02/rep-jim-jordan-amendment-to-cr-debate-begins-at-1230/) was killed when 92 House Republicans (roll call here – http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2011/roll103.xml) voted against it.

  • admin

    @Virginia and @Steve Woodward: This post is about the RSC amendment to cut government spending. You are both referring to different votes. Please do not spread inacuracies. This is only about amendment 104, roll call vote 103. Which is linked above in the story and by the comment made by Adam Bitely. Get your information straight.

  • Keith

    As a republican, I too voted for candidates who would cut “wasteful spending”. I am not in agreement that cutting oversight spending is one of those areas. You could all drive smaller cheaper cars to cut spending in your own budgets, but do you? Will you? There are more social welfare programs than any of us can count that would dig deeper into wasteful spending and abusive spending. I am not of the belief that those candidates who voted against this bill are breaking their pledge to the voters, not at this juncture.


    I have posted this to John Culberson (TX) Facebook page wanting answers …his page contradicts this big time.

  • This is a very very very misleading article. I hope not deliberately so. This is ONLY for Jim Jordan’s ammendment and NOT the entire bill…… I watched the entire day of voting and over all the Republicans voted together and accomplished a lot. There are a lot of infiltrators out there trying to stir up the Republicans against each other so Watch Out- United we stand- divided we fall. Dont buy into everything you read.

  • Josie Atkinson

    Cowards!!!! We The People will remember these guys at election time!!!! Government needs to STOP THE SPENDING NOW!!!!!

  • Lori VanderLende

    I’m with the others who think there is something up with this and you are jumping to conclusions. THere may be a reason why…there are plenty of very conservative lawmakers on this list. I think you need to investigate further.

  • We have to find out more regarding what was in it. Then we can make a decision on what will happen to these people when it is time to vote. We are holding everyone accountable period.

  • Fred

    Ken Calvert of Corona, CA…..my congressman…is on this list of shame. He will hear from me. We need to cut $1.6 Trillion (Obama wants to permanently run with the emergency budget from 2 years ago and these guys won’t stand up to him) and these twits are trembling over 80 billion. My God we need some men – or women – with a backbone.

  • John B

    Folks that think this article is misleading: SHUT UP AND GET THE FACTS. I have two theories about who is trying to spread these mistruths to protect/shield bad Republicans.

    1. These comments may have been left by staffers for some of the offending Republicans.

    2. These comments are left by people who have fallen under the spell of the House GOP and believe all of the talking points they are putting out.

    Here are the facts. Cantor and company wrote the “Pledge to America” pre-election. It promised $100 billion in cuts. The RSC Rep. Jordan amendment to the CR would have kept the “pledge”. Cantor, and all of the 92 others lsited above voted against keeping the pledge. That’s it. THere is no hidden twisted message here. That’s all that happened.

    Yes, the final CR bill passed. But this amendment, which would have allowed the Republicans to uphold their promise to the American people, was defeated by Republicans. You cannot argue that fact. The government of the united states says so.

  • Piobaireachd

    Time to send these RINOs home the next time they are up for reelection.

  • George


  • Dale

    They need to cut what they did to create our downfall first. Don’t fall for this diversionary cutting crap. Un-do the trillions they have created in the last two years FIRST. Forget about the penny-ante crap they are snipping away at – for now. Take out the big fishes first, then worry about the guppies. They want to keep stuff like Obamacare, so they cut *other* things? I’m not falling for it. Cut the RIGHT things first!

  • caveman

    worthless pieces of s..t, time to kick them all out and start fresh with people that really care about our country and TERM LIMITS.
    We will remember this, just wait and see.

  • Caron Jean

    I wish someone would make this list with whole names and the state each one was from. That list isn’t good enough for the majority of people!! I’m from Texas and I want all Texans to know who from our state they need to vote out!

  • admin

    @Caron: I found a better formatted list that has state info, but not first names…

  • admin

    @Caron: Also, I posted that list above for you.

  • John B

    I wonder what Cantor and MCCarthy were thinking when they cast this vote. Did they think that “We the People” wouldn’t notice?

    These “Big Government” votes have become routine for Cantor–keep in mind, he supported TARP/Bailouts and “whipped” Republicans to support it…

  • Dennis Long

    What we have here is the American sickness: A majority of American are for budget cuts in general. Right up to the point where it’s going to gore THEIR ox.

    Seems U.S. Representatives are not immune. “We’ll slash the hell out of something else, but don’t take OUR goodies away. (like free mailings to our constituents, and a large staff)

  • Pete D

    I still say we take 200 people we want to represent the 50 States and 5 or 6 million of us dumb rednecks clinging to our Bibles and guns , go to Washington and FIRE everyone. After all we are their boss aren’t we?
    They just do not think it is possible that what happened in Egypt won’t happen here. People-hard working people have had enough of the entitlement programs, foreign aid ect. WE CAN NOT AFFORD IT ANYMORE-STOP THE SPENDING. Cantor you and the other 91 just LIED to the Americans who put you in office. Do NOT bother running for re election.

  • Bill Stephenson

    These representatives should hang their heads in shame.We need individuals with strong resolve and unflinching determination. One thing about Democrats – they may be misguided, but they rarely lack in resolve.
    I urge the House leadership to lean very heavily on these Republican invertebrates.

  • Lucille Stanziale

    These worthless RINOS just don’t get it. The country is in a financial crisis and who are they concerned about?….unions, lobbyists…or just their own personal situations? Well, take a lesson from your fellow Congressmen who are now unemployed. Your days are numbered…especially the three clowns from, NJ.

  • Charlie Coulter

    The three (3) from Texas….you’re out. I will pass this to every conservative voter I know. We/I want NO excuses. You want to act like a liberal, then by God be a liberal. Quit hiding in a party that might get you elected. Those people that do this are no better than a common thief, the least being a liar.

  • Leo Slaughter

    What everyone is forgetting is these are the GOOD OLD GUYS. LOL They should be rarred and feathered and ran out of town.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Until there are term limits, until our elected representatives must return home and live within the laws they pass there will be minimal change! Until our elected representatives no longer retire from the house or senate with their congressional salaries as retirement payments for life, or their federal health plans intact for life there will be minimal change. Until the whole election finance system is changed Congress’s main job will remain to be raising money to get re-elected! No wonder Congress has such low favoribility ratings!

  • John Barlow

    Fire them all!

  • Who is lining their pockets? They cannot be trusted to do their jobs they were sent to Washington to do. Let’s see if they go back to compromise next term. They are a bunch of cowards or someone is buying their vote. Whatever the case may be, they are unfit to represent the area of America that voted for them. They are selling America out.

  • I think for them it’s a bit like me being “nervous” to stop drinking Jameson.

  • sara stallcup

    What in the Hell is wrong with these people. We need th change these people and get someone here that is for the country and wants us to have our money rather than giving it to the government and people that will not work.

  • Joe

    Typical half truths and misinformation. What bill exactly are you referring to? And btw, what’s a noe?


  • Sue Stutchman

    My congressman and two others I respect are not on this list but two more highly respected conservatives are listed here. I will have to see more than just this one site before passing judgement on any of them. There is more to this than meets the eye here.

  • admin

    @Joe – This was in reference to Rep. Jim Jordan’s/Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s amendment to make the cuts in the final bill to be 99.6 billion dollars. Also, “Noes” is the language used in Congress for No. Just as “Aye” means Yes.


  • Chris

    Your seeing the end results of “trade offs,” negotiated in the “behind the closed door” meetings!
    It is either that! Or, They are really Democrats, masquerading as Republicans. This isn’t hard to believe since seven of them are from Illinois, a state that was bankrupted by the same diseases destroying our National economy.

  • Marie Boccia

    There is more to this then what you are telling! You dont go into the amendment that they were voting on. It looks to me you are trying to create havoc within the republican party.. this are hardcore conservatives and they wouldnt go against what they believe in! So what exactly are you trying to do here?

  • John B

    @Marie: Did you read the above story before leaving your $0.02 for the rest of us? If so, you could have read all about the amendment by clicking this link (http://netrightdaily.com/2011/02/rep-jim-jordan-amendment-to-cr-debate-begins-at-1230/).

    Clearly you are as incompetent now as you have been for quite some time.

    Who are the great “fiscal conservative” leaders in that list above that you believe would never betray you? Eric Cantor?

    Are you aware that Cantor is pro-bailouts? He supported them in 2008. He was even the House Republican Whip at that time and was tasked to make Republicans support the bill. What do you think has changed with him since then?

    Are you blind? Are you unable to understand that it is not in a politician’s interest to ACTUALLY cut spending? They use the govt money to buy votes.

    You are naive to think that there is such thing as a politician that is fiscally responsible.

  • Bob Leggat

    On Cole’s website he says — Cole Applauds Historic Spending Cuts
    February 20, 2011 1:10 PM

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Tom Cole (OK-04) released the following statement after House Republicans approved legislation that cuts $100 billion in spending from the President Obama’s fiscal year 2011 budget:

    “Historic deficits require historic spending cuts, and that’s exactly what House Republicans have achieved. We pledged to voters that we would cut $100 billion this year, and we took less than eight weeks to do it.

    “This week’s debate makes it obvious which party wants to reduce spending. In the most open debate process in years, members from both parties offered hundreds of amendments. Republicans repeatedly introduced amendments focused on spending cuts while Democrats consistently argued to keep wasteful spending in place.

    “House Republicans passed the biggest spending cuts in history, but this is just the beginning. We have many tough choices ahead in order to deal with our $14 trillion debt, but taxpayers can be encouraged that we’re finally going in the right direction.”

    So did someone name the wrong guys, or is he playing both sides of the fence. How do we find accurate info? Who do we believe?

  • John B

    @Bob: The final bill that passed DID cut spending. BUT IT DID NOT CUT ENOUGH. WE WILL STILL HAVE A DEFICIT.

    What this article is about is the amendment that Rep. Jim Jordan introduced to make this bill have some punch. Politicians are running around now tryig to confuse people by claiming to have made “difficult choices” by making “dramatic cuts” to the budget. They did very little at the end of the day.

    Read about the amendment that Cole voted AGAINST – http://netrightdaily.com/2011/02/rep-jim-jordan-amendment-to-cr-debate-begins-at-1230/

  • Heidi Ulrich

    so nobody seems to care what the FINAL vote was… All you care about was that in the ROLL CALL some 92 Republicans voted against the spending…. it was in the preliminary stages of the Final Vote…. When it was all said and done 3 Republicans and ALL Dems voted against the spending cuts thats how I understand the process, but I guess I’m just to simple minded and you all have to complicate the shit out of this

  • John B

    @Heidi: I guess you won’t care when we are a third world nation because our debt spiraled out of control… The final vote is irrelevant. Republicans had the chance to make this bill into a serious piece of spending cuts legislation–and they failed when they had the chance to lead the country forward.

    Heidi, are you aware that our deficit is in the trillions? Are you aware that the GOP couldn’t make a simple $100 billion in cuts, and instead chose to support legislation which puts our deficit in the trillions?

  • Melanie W

    It’s time to just clear the House and Senate all together and reign in the Federal out of control spending. There is so much waste, fraud and abuse by these legislative bodies that they have become irrelevant as “representatives” of the people. Democrat or Republican is an irrelevant identifier as well. They are corrupt and need to be repealed and replaced with representatives that are not politicians. There is a distinction between a public servant and a politician and the general population needs to learn to delineate that distinction and vote for public servants and not politicians who are self serving. My childrens lives are burdened by the lack of discipline by the politicians of our day and the decades before them. I don’t care what party they are with I want them gone and public servants put in their place.

  • Ace

    Im with Melanie. All pols should be volunteers. No money. Taking their salary away is a good step towards getting the government under control.

  • Bob

    The act of reducing the annual increase is not cutting $100 billion from the budget. That’s just a way to fake-out the simple minded folks.

    Unless you hear “We just cut $1.5 Trillion from the budget” you are talking what I like to call “mice nuts”. Nothing more than the old Bush-era BS of “be afraid of them because they voted for XYZ”. $100 billion is mice nuts, balance the darn budget or get the hell out!

  • GAil Wickersham

    We alected them to start moving the USA back to God Family & Country. Keep their promises or be GONE. Theres good men & weman out there that can do the job.
    Weman are getting stonger and keeping their word. The men use to be leaders. Weman should’nt have to run a country we have more important things to do ,like raising people to be good Am.

  • Pete

    Man .. they just dont get it. Why in thw world do they think we sent then there .. It is becoming more evident eac day that it will take another 1776 to get America back

  • Those elected officials are not R. they do not have a clue about our health care, freedom and over spending they just there to say or ye or ney to please some special interst,especially those from Ok. like my incombent Sallivan who Hijacked my webside in 2006 and stolen my votes & money last year I had long term poising which I didn’t know I almost died by none blood related family who had access to my house “kichen and Master Batroom who supported him with his dirty money still I am under treatment he is not a man enogh to have debate with me but his didrty money works well to pay to opportunist some “Iranians” like his best friend who use federal money for his business the one who was in jail when Shah of Iran was in power, especiall interest, Media like Tulsa Beacon news paper,Tulsa World even with Tulsa 912 project and Tea Party express, because our state and Tulsa county chairmen and Christian victory Center supported him for his money plus sadly some of our conservative!!! elected officials as well who they supported Obama care and woted for him as I have told and beleived and I can porove it. Since our party care about money not the quality,value, principle,hunesty and care for the candidate to help our Citizens. Ok. GOP take an advantage to hurt good candidate and suppport long term Alcoholic, womanized and currpted elected officials. That is why we had only 2o% voters participations in our primary las year, our citizens are fet up to vote for the same one who do not like over and over because they are R. As my two sons who I belive they are tired to pay my bills and help me to get well. A few moments a go one of our mutual fried called me to see if I am well and I work on healthe care? I am sure he may chang his mind and voted he use all the surces he could use to work againts me

  • melissatx

    Search for Jordan’s name and see what he sponsored two bills, neither of which have anything to do with what this article is talking about

  • John B

    @Melissatx: The amendment in this article is from the RSC, which is led by Rep. Jim Jordan. To be technical, the amendment, which is the RSC amendment, was authored by Rep. Marsha Blackburn and supported and co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Jordan. But it is the RSC amendment. Even C-SPAN acknowledges Jordan’s role when they refer to it as the Jordan amendment, Melissa, don’t spread mis-information like so many Republican’s are to protect their fraudulent breed.

  • John B

    @Melissatx: Also, if you would just read the information, you wouldn’t make such mis-informed comments that confuse others…

    To get the low-down on the amendment, which was linked in the above story but you obviously didn’t click it, just click here http://netrightdaily.com/2011/02/rep-jim-jordan-amendment-to-cr-debate-begins-at-1230/

  • john lawson

    i think its time for us to clean house in washington and remind these potheatic politicians who they work for and we need to revamp their salary and bennefits structure .no more raises for them when we cannot give a raise for people on social security.they need to be on the same medicare ins. as our elders.lets take back our country.

  • Carl D

    There is a majic chip that is implanted into your brain when elected to any position in Washington… It is the ‘spend under any circumstance’ chip. SUAC has led our worthy countrymen and WOMEN to do some enter into some catastophic dealings that have brought us closer to the brink of no return! It has to be the lure of high finance that turns the humble into crazed power hungry mogles. Men and WOMEN who otherwise are simple folk looking out for the welfare of those who have entrusted to them the authority that comes with the offices they now hold…
    Me, I am wanting a once and done chance. Let me go and clean house ‘cuz I am not into the public scene and only want our country given back to “We the People”.

  • Jeff Grossman

    Don’t slam Eric Cantor for “violating his pledge” until you understand all the reasons he did it. Under Robert’s Rules of Order (Congress actually uses different but similar rules) a motion to reconsider can only be made by someone who voted in the negative. A little more research might have better educated the public and saved Eric Cantor unjustfied criticism.

  • Shame! Shame on the Republicans. Shame on not taking “We The People” seriously. What was done in November 2010 can be repeated. The cuts in the budget must be deep, it may bleed and it may hurt but the wound will heal. We The People will learn to adapt, as our glorious past is proof of that. For the sake of our beloved USA, Republicans, wake up and listen to what the People want. I’m ready to make the necessary sacrifices for our Beloved United States of American. Are you?

  • Juanita

    Download Mark Levin’s Friday podcast, 02/18 where he talks about the 92 Republican flinchers
    (02/17 is about public sector unions and Wis.)
    (those that want to destroy us never flinch)

  • pete b

    next time there is a vote, vote them ALL out, the money they themselves are getting paid, could put a huge dent into our deficit, as someone would be a patriot enough person to suspend their wages for a year to help with the economy, but, that will not happen, other forces are at work here, and they do not want the public to gain back everything we have given up, there is an agenda here, not for the benefit of the people, but to their own benefit, gee, I wonder who that could be?

  • Charlie G

    Well it doesn’t surprise me that Charlie Bass caved. I only voted for him because he is a RINO. Be assured I didn’t and never will vote for him in any primary. There has to be some tough choices, but many of us have had to make tough choices in our personal lives over the last few years. We need to cut spending and cut it deep. We need to look at all options. There can be no sacred cows. We need politicians to work together to cut the entitlements and not point fingers at the other side of the aisle. I think these 92 need to go in 2012.

  • WhiteRose

    Thanks for this list!! Didn’t get this from CNN or FOX. TGhis is great and good to see who is who in the RINO group.

    I see Tunis/Libya/Egypt/Bahrain turmoil & now Wisconsin. Revolution is coming to America & the poor economy is going to bring it on.

    Just read a new book that’s a must read cause it’s Americans taking a stand against tyranny. Corrupt politicians, outlandish spending that makes this a must read. I recommend it cause it’s about each of us soon.

  • maurice scott

    These posts posted by corporations calling themselves citizens show only one thing truly that repressed white people will make up any reason to oppose the color instead of the soul of a man, well face it call yourself what you are kkk, but be warned that the next time around you maybe be hanging from the tree..

  • When can we be heard? Facts are Facts, there is no money, if you did not prepare or chose a life that does not allow for change and adapatation,… oh well; your fault. Life is not guaranteed past your last breath, neither should the excess that entitlements cost those of us who try to live with honor and do the right thing. Cut everything; and deal with it. We will rebound sooner and the whiners will get it or get on with something that keeps them alive. America is the “Land of the Free”, not “Land for Free”. We are guarnateed a “Pursuit of Happiness” not “guaranteed happiness”.

  • Treeman

    We need someone with juevos as big as Texas. Never was a Ron Paul guy but I am starting to lean to the guy that has been preaching for 30 years, what these guy’s are starting to preach, because the American Public wants to hear it. What is wrong with Ron Paul?

  • A/ Roach

    All I can think about is I had suspicions about Cantor…I’m particularly disappointed with him because his name and face are so much a part of the “Young Republicans!” Rethink your position Mr. Cantor and all the rest of you Rhinos.

  • rderder

    @Melanie W representative and not politician – that my dear is an oxymoron.
    @Donna Ann I doubt seriously that what was done last November will be repeated. I predict that Obama will be re-elected because just like the Republicans failed here, they will fail to put up a real conservative but will probably go with Romney – a real wolf in sheeps clothing. it won’t matter – he cannot win. Neither could Palin – bless her soul. and unless the union cancer is cured before the elections – ALL government employees will be voting to keep Obama – their only hope in keeping their inflated benefits and retirement pensions.

  • david

    Arguments between those who would close the federal deficit through greater taxation and those who prefer to cut spending are futile. They make as much sense as arguing over what the proper color of mile should be. Our federal debt and deficits can never be paid under the current monetary system, even if taxation went to 100% and spending went to zero. Let me explain:
    When Congress wants money it creates an interest bearing bond. The Federal Reserve then “buys” that bond with currency it creates out of nothing. When the bond is due to be paid back with interest, the government must issue another bond in an amount at least as great as the original bond PLUS INTEREST. Thus begins the irreversible road to perpetually increasing debt.
    This is not the way our country’s finances were meant to be under the Constitution, but it is the way they have become under the Federal Reserve Act. Research the Hazard Circular of 1862 to see how the bankers set a snare for America. Compare it to the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto, and realize that both communism and capitalism aim to control labor. Turn to the Grace Commission Report and tremble to learn that all of our income taxes pay just the interest on the national debt. It is as if our entire nation signed an interest only mortgage with a variable interest rate!
    In recent days we have learnt that the Federal Reserve used 55% of OUR bail-out money to rescue FOREIGN banks, and many other outrages as well. Perhaps this is not surprising, given that majority ownership of the Fed is by foreign bankers.
    We must end the Fed’s monopoly on the creation of currency. We must stop paying tribute to private international bankers for the privilege of printing our own money.
    Congress delegated it’s authority to issue currency to the Fed, and Congress must take that authority back.

  • I had no doubt that Cantor would fall lockstep. He is just talk.

  • William Dammer

    Someone said it will require another 1776, I’m afraid its going to take another 1775 (Concord and Lexington)!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Somewhere a leader must emerge. Talk will never suffice to end the tierney.

  • MC

    I can only this is because Cantor realized the spending cuts aren’t nearly deep enough to have any impact on the deficit.

  • There is an organization which is working to replace all 435 House members with citizen legislators – Term Limited – Non Partisan’s – No Lobbyist Funding. Nearly 90,000 members now. Go to http://www.goooh.com to join.

  • adam shelton

    Dick Cheney said Americans don’t care about the deficit and all you pubs say ya he’s right, now that obama is in office you suddenly become fiscally responsable? Billions of dollars go to Iraq and we have to march outside the capital just to keep our collective bargaining rights. You want to get out of debt TAX THE CHURCHES.

  • Tom McElwain

    Shame on you Republicans. The people spoke in November now do your job. What are you scared of. Does the media or the Democrats have dirt on you. You have the people behind you and their vote and representation is more powerful.

  • J.R.

    BACK-STABBERS! We voted you in, and you caved in! We trusted you. I think there better be some explanations soon!

  • Vicki


  • Harvey Green

    Perhaps most of these reps. voted against. because the cuts are not broad or deep enough

  • Oweda Curry


  • Beastjr2002

    JFK had a similar Idea and wanted to change us to a silver based monetary system and had 80 Billion Silver Certificates actually printed up. Now Ask what happened to the “Most Powerful Man on Earth” as a result.
    That’s why it will NEVER happen. The Certificates were Never circulated!

  • Anne

    Have you even rationally asked them why the voted the way they did? Not all politicians are out for the interest of the people, but just as they should know the facts before making conclusions, so should you.

  • Deahur101

    “Our message is clear: we cannot continue down a path of reckless spending that satisfies government excess while enslaving future generations to insurmountable debt. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work cutting spending” spoken by none other than Scott Tipton (R-CO) Pffft!

  • Pauletteyar

    Check into the amendment. This would not have been in our best interest. Know your facts.

  • Yeah, the People spoke in November, all right. Too bad the Rs (and a good part of the Ds) couldn’t understand what the People were saying. Maybe we were speaking swahili or something. I thought we said JOBS!!! Not chop the Dill Pickle out of necessary and essential programs such as WIC.

    All of the Rs talk big on “personal responsibility.” Where is that “personal responsibility” when it comes time to exercise a little compassion towards the less fortunate? Wasn’t that a BIG part of the sermon on the mount? Social responsibility cannot be discarded; it is a vital component of the Golden Rule. Jesus said, “Love you neighbor as yourself.” Not JUST yourself. You fail, Repubs!! Either get with the program, or stop calling yourselves Christians. Moral superiority, indeed! Pffffft!

  • Tyranny, John.

  • We made it back from higher deficits than this, without reactionary measures. There is no reason for the gov. to be behaving this badly. But of course, there are those people who pull the strings…

  • Yeah? It was UNIONS that gave you TIME to sit on your haunches and write on your computer. Without UNIONS, you would be paid peanuts, you would work 18 hour days, and have NO time off. Read history next time you think of something that backwards to say. Do some research first.

  • Honor? You call your callous disregard of needy people HONOR? The “right thing”?? If everyone “chose” to do exactly the “right thing” every time, do you think that would solve all the world’s problems? Do you think all of a sudden there would be magnanimous, benevolent corporations that decided they would pay people livable wages? That corrupt politicians would suddenly “see the light” and change their ways?

    If everyone was ALREADY doing the right thing, there would BE no off-shore stashing of CORPORATE WELFARE. You rag on the needy family down the street about taking their little pittance that they get in subsistance. And you put blinders on when your favorite corporation is getting a FAT check with YOUR money. Like, let’s see, Mc Donald’s for instance. ADM, Monsanto, Exxon for starters. Many of these companies don’t pay ANYTHING in taxes. But you’re still crying the blues about giving a handful of change towards buying milk for kids.

    Try a little education before you post, Jake. Find out who REALLY pays your favorite representative, and what his voting record is, related to legislation that would impact HIS favorite lobbyist! That should keep you busy. And if you’re smart, you’ll see what I’m getting at.

  • Are you aware we have made it back from a deficit that was higher than this? We need JOBS!

  • Kurlikew

    I totally agree with tax the churches. There is not a single viable reason why they should be excluded. They take in as much income as many large businesses! >:o

  • WoundedWarriorGuy

    Disagree, letting decisions be made by people who aren’t being paid to do so and aren’t getting money from special interests means we can only elect those wealthy enough to get by w/o income or those with some other job (and therefore some potential bias, and certainly less time to focus on an important task).
    I am, however, fine with setting their salary at $10 x the federal minimum wage (which would be a pay cut), their benefits the same as those available to our enlisted military (and care provided at the same sites in the same way), and their retirement benefits set in line with those provided to the members of our armed forces.

  • Oh, I see… so Corporate Welfare is just FINE and DANDY to you. It’s just so nice to know you prefer to pay for cruises you’ll never take, and take milk from babies to do it. You LIKE paying for mansions you’ll never see, and let a disabled granny freeze to death to do it. You don’t mind paying for yachts you’ll never sail, parties you will never be invited to, food you’ll never enjoy, food you’d rather throw out than eat (McD’s), and cars you’ll never get to drive.. as long as you can get that family next door evicted because they’re poor.

    This is all corporate welfare. The big corporations have been milking the system for so long, and they have you all indoctrinated, thinking that it’s the SOCIAL welfare programs that are crushing the economy. It’s really companies like Exxon, Walmart, Carnival Cruise Lines, McDonalds, ADM, Monsanto to name just a small handful, who pay next to ZERO or LESS than zero in taxes, AND get millions of dollars in gifts, in subsidies, and favors from congress and from programs that are completely unjustified.

    While you’re griping about the single dollar per day that your taxes help needy families with, you’re being ripped off for another $4.00 a day to just hand over to these corporations! But that’s okay with you?? Because these corporations create jobs, right?? WRONG!

    After getting their welfare checks, there is no way to enforce these companies to comply with any promises of jobs they made. Dell, for instance, after taking the generous gift for their promise of jobs in South Carolina, stayed just 4 years before they closed the doors and walked away. They left thousands jobless. It cost the area millions of dollars!

    So get a clue, republicans. It’s not social spending, it’s corporate welfare that is crushing our economy.


    EVERYONE GET ON YOUR PHONES TOMORROW AND BITCH THESE GUYS OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RHINOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gglimp

    how bout we tax the unions

  • Gglimp

    are the unions taxed ?

  • Anonymous

    Vote them all out!!!  And keep voting the fools out until we get some reasonable adults in control.

  • Mthammer36

    to get out of debt Adam, get rid of all illegal aliens, stop all government assistance programs for the poor, stop all foreign aid , bring all the troops back home , if country’s want us there they must pay. Stop sending billions to Mexico every year, the same goes to Pakistan. Start charging Saudia Arabia the same price for wheat that they charge us for oil, no more special funds for members of Congress & Senators .Term limitations for all elected officials, no serving one term and get paid for the rest of your life. Get rid of all Government employee unions in Washington. They work for us no unions allowed. Start having Israel pay us back for all the billions we have sent them for the last 50 years, that alone is at least 5 trillion dollars. Start producing oil from our reserve & discovery fields in North dakota & Wyoming & Alaska. We have more oil in this country then the whole middleeast put together. The EPA won’t allow it SHUT THE EPA DOWN MONDAY MORNING JUNE 6th. Sell the oil to China in repayment of the debt , oh by the way the oil found in ND & Wyoming was done by the US Geological Survey our own agency why are we not drilling EPA.

  • RINO SCUM is all

  • Mary

    Notice there is not ONE Indiana Name on this list…PASS RTW in Indiana!

  • Anonymous

    All the no votes on spending should go home in 2012 whether D or R. Party deoes not matter on this issue. Stop spending is the only thing that matters.

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