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Obama’s 2012 campaign has a new logo

  • to say that you’re dumber than a rock would be an insult to the rock

  • Can any Obumbles Lover explain why all of the scrubbed and sealed records.
    Just release the birth records and selective service records – would clear things up.
    Only take a couple quick phone calls – why spend millions in legal to seal these records?
    Wonder why this P–K and FRAUD doesn’t release his records.
    In time he will exposed as the greatest HOAX and FRAUD ever pulled on america.

  • liberaldisgust

    Geanmarie, really…. What do you think about 5.4 TRILLION dollars deeper in debt in just 4 years. Thats the debt load Obama has added to the national debt, Bush added 4.9 TRILLION but it took Bush 8 years. evenUnemployment was 7.6 % and the price of gas was 1.76 @ gallon under Bush, now only 63.5 % of the eligible workforce is employed fully and the price of gas is over 4.00 @ gallon , even if Obama didnt plan to increase reliance on government, he did as right now the single biggesr outlay is 1.03 TRILLION in 2011 for social services, so as you imply, without trying hes doing a great job colapsing the economy , regardless of you ignorance! ,

  • nirdlobkin

    Not only that but they are commiting suicide. There are NO unions in Socialist countries. It is sad that high paid news commentators in the liberal media and the millionaire Hollywood actors that support this president do not realize what their pay will be reduced to when their checks start coming from a government where everyone is equal. They would squeel a different tune.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Love it!!!!

  • Clueless.

  • While he continues spending and the economy tanks, sequestration will gut the military while he is reducing our nuclear capability to zero. Try talking the voters into spending money on the military once we are broke. It’s taken them almost 70 years but with the help of “peaceful” Muslims it looks as though they are about to “Git ‘er Done” Senator McCarthy!

  • Treasonous activities.

  • Ken Kilmer

    Who are doing the desiding on who will be the moderators. Are there ever going to be any conservative moderators in the future. Brett Beir or Megyn Kelly would make very
    good moderators. No bias intent.

  • Ken Kilmer

    Iron angel: Just for your information, George Soros owns snoops. It is a dis information
    agency created by Soros. Check your facts out. And stop reading the NY times or
    LA times where you might be getting your information from.

  • Ken Kilmer

    The stimulist money could have paid off all the mortgages 250,000 dollars or
    less and all of the mortgage holders would have been happy as s..t. and the banks
    would be the ones to pay back the tax payers. Everything gained and nothing lost.

  • gwedem5995

    I have been reading everything I can about Obama and he hates America and hates capitalism. He wants world control and you can see that by how much money he sends to other countries. How can we paying for anything in any other country when America is going down the tubes. When he leaves office, let us see if he goes back to the places he has lived and try to make their lives better. Believe me he will be a high salary somewhere, the thing he so rallies against.

  • suzy2

    Check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v= Obama needs to be arrested and imprisoned. He belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood….TREASONOUS…PENALTY IS DEATH

  • suzy2

    I put this up and when I submmitted it changed. I don’t think they want you to see this

  • Jill

    yes sir. i agree with you. I cannot begin to tell you how many holy bible scriptures warn the reader to not be deceived.

  • Jill

    Damn Straight!

  • Jill

    Hate to lower the boom nird, but the rich will ALWAYS remain rich. give or take a couple hundred. We will always have the poor with us, regardless. The only group that will be affected is the middle class. Most of us will be reduced to poor and some of us – very few – will become rich.
    A marxist society has no middle class. A grand luxury of the good ole U.S.A.

  • Kayak61

    Mr. President you take care of this bird (Big Bird Sesame Street) Rommey will take care of this Bird (The Eagle)

  • BOM

    The thing I can’t figure out is–where is Obama going to get money to redistribute if he continues to destroy business. Can’t these fools get their logic straight?

  • Porphyry

    Looks like the same ol’ Zero-rific logo. Too bad someone misused _Also Sprach Zarathustra_ (again)!

  • CTConservatives47

    Think about it. Most of Obama’s adult life was spent as a community organizer.
    In that rtole, he did not help people become independent, learn job skills, and find employment. He registered them to vote under the Motor Voter Law so that they could vote in large enough numbers to take other folk’s hard-earned stuff. That’s what community organizers do. So, you have an entire sub-culture whose aim in life is to live off other people, and see nothing wrong in doing so. That’s Obama’s America.In other words, instead of teaching people how to fish, he taught them how to steal other people’s fish.

  • CTConservatives47

    Unions are part of an unholy alliance with the Democrat Party. The worst are the public sector unions who have an vested interest in growing government. Public sector workers are being shafted by their leaders whose primary interest is in growing the numbers of unionized workers from whom they can confiscate dues.
    Ultimately, this process harms the workers themselves because the growth of governments at all levels is unsustainable. Even Rhode Island, a Democrat, and union, stronghold had to reform its pension systen because of the previosly excessive demands of the public sector unions. So, not only to union pick the pockets of their members, but they imperil the states’ fiscal condition, thus threatening the workers positions. The union leadership is among the most selfish interests in America today, as reflected by the childish antics of those who protested in Madison, Wisconsin.

    As a former state worker (though non-union), I was always aware that my salary and benefits were generous by private sector standards, and that organizing to further game the system was immoral and unfair. Many public sector workers feel likewise and can’t stand their unions. This is why such a large percentage of workers dropped their union membership in Wisconsin when given the right to do so under Governor Walker’s reforms. Walker is a real hero on many fronts, but particularly for taxpayers and public sector workers forced to belong to a union and pay diues to the union goons.

  • stopspending

    I don’t know which is more scary = That O knows what he is doing and is trying to bring down the economy – OR that he is so incompetent that he does not even know the things he is doing is destroying the country. Either way, we are in deep sht if he is reelected.

  • Lee

    Thanks Obama, you a**hole. The people of New York are struggling to get back to normal and you shuffle off to some backwater country and spend millions of OUR DOLLARS to get you there. That money would have been better spent in New York. Please do us all TRUE AMERICANS a favor and stay there and take that bimbo wife of yours with you.

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