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The Week Ahead: Hitting The Debt Ceiling Again

By Frank McCaffrey — Host Frank McCaffrey speaks with ALG’s Don Todd about the US hitting its debt ceiling…again! Plus, we look at President Barack Obama’s efforts to boost the economy in Indonesia.

  • Anonymous

    First 200 years – 1 trillon of debt.  Every 6 months of Obama, 1.5 trillion MORE of debt. No nation can survive this kind of financial bleeding. There is not much time left.

  • HenryVA1

    Welcome to America becoming a 3rd World Nation.  The experiment of America being a Democracy would only last about 400 years said Thomas Jefferson.  The end is near.  Just a fact of life.  Reality is a hard thing to accept sometimes.  This is one of those times.  Kiss our arses goodbye.

  • HenryVA1

    All in all it’s just another brickin the wall.

  • I would like to ask my U.S. Congress person, Erik Paulsen from the Minnesota 3rd district, where are all the spending cuts you told me there would be during our face-to-face sit down meetig this past spring.  This is your last term if I can help it.  You are an absolute do-nothing representative.  Worthless as teats on a boar hog.

  • Witnwisdom7

    2002 predictions were warned and congress sold us out, help us keep our sovereignty on its way to destruction, watch clip

  • Fseymour

    Why isn’t this CORRUPT GD government telling this USURPING MORON Obama that we need OUR economy fixed first; before he starts giving away more of the tax-dollars we don’t have, and putting US farther in debt!!! This USURPER Obama is DESTROYING our country from the inside out! This is PURE Anti-American, bankrupting our own country to help other countries that already owe America!

  • Fseymour

    Henry, I for one, will NOT go without a fight! If these AHOLE politicians would just ENFORCE the Constitution, the way it is written, NOT the way these SOCIALISTIC appointed Judges interpret it! Our country would NOT be in the situation we find ourselves in today! The greed and desire for absolute power of these GD politicians is what IS destroying America! The SOCIALISTIC SOB’s in our government have bought their way into the government! These SOB’s need to be REMOVED along with the USURPER! We, the American people CAN stop this insanity; but we have got to do it together! I believe that “WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL OVERCOME THIS USURPER” and reclaim our country!


     cannot fathom anyone being behind Obama stealing our country and all the Congress that have fell in line with him. Are they being threatened  by that gang in Chicago and all the ones donating money for their causes? or what.?

  • Drjohngalt

    This is what you get when you mix Keynesian economics with both Social and Economic Liberalism allowing the Federal Reserve to increase the supply of money based on the demand for it.

  • Richard David Hayes


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