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Is Obama risking a world war?

Barack Obama delivering the State of the Union

Photo Credit: White House

By Bill Wilson — Firing a broad shot at Iran, Barack Obama on Feb. 6 issued an executive order freezing Iranian assets in the United States, including those of its central bank, enforcing provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The move comes atop a third carrier group being sent to the Persian Gulf after Iran threatened to blockade the Strait of Hormuz if the U.S. imposed more sanctions over its nuclear program.

The NDAA also authorizes Obama to implement sanctions against financial transactions for oil purchases from Iran. The move to freeze financial assets indicates that Obama is preparing to implement an oil embargo on Iran, as the current action applies to state-owned oil companies. Adding to the escalation, the European Union has already voted to impose an oil embargo against Iran.

The moves are designed to deter Iran from pursuing its nuclear program. They do not appear to be working.

Shortly after the Europeans enacted their embargo, Iranian oil minister Rostam Qasemi told reporters “We will not abandon our just nuclear course, even if we cannot sell one drop of oil.”

And in a move to dodge the sanctions, India has reportedly agreed to pay for Iranian oil with gold, with China expected to follow suit.  Instead of isolating Iran, it appears the sanctions are pushing the state closer to her top trading partners.

The episode harkens back to the breakdown of U.S.-Japanese relations leading to America’s entry into World War II.  Then, in July 1941, the U.S. imposed an embargo on oil shipments to Japan, which was 90 percent dependent on imports.  By December, Japan had attacked the nation at Pearl Harbor, and U.S. involvement in the war was assured.

Which leads to the question: Is Obama risking a war with Iran, or worse, China? China is the number one importer of Iranian oil in the world, and like Tojo’s Japan, is dependent on oil imports.

To make its embargo more effective against India and China’s dodge, will Washington next move to simply blockade all oil shipments out of Iran? And what are the likely consequences of these actions?

In an interview with NTDTV.com, Chinese general Zhang Zhaozhong has said that “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.” Not very surprising. In the Iran-Iraq War, Iran purchased Chinese weapons, and has been considered to be a Chinese satellite.

The Obama Administration has also accused Chinese firms of lending a hand to developing Iran’s purported nuclear weapons program.  Does the Administration plan to target those as well?

It begs the question: Is the Obama Administration preparing for an attack, either by the U.S. or Israel, on Iran’s nuclear facilities? Because, it has not taken the time to develop a case for the American people to reflect on — or their duly elected representatives — who may not be considering they are on a collision course with Iran and, in the process, China.

Obama has not made a single nationally televised address on the pressing need for action against Iran.  He has not been publicly pressuring the Iranian government as one would expect if military action were imminent.  He has not discussed the consequences of action, or of inaction, for that matter.

The American people are being kept in the dark even as the likelihood of war appears to be increasing. Why?

Why, after over five years of the U.S. government warning of the Iranian nuclear threat and yet doing little have the powers that be suddenly decided — in an election year — that now is the time to escalate the crisis?

Is Iran suddenly closer to completing its alleged work on a nuclear weapon? If so, the Obama Administration has not issued such a warning of an imminent danger.

Few are paying attention to this emergency, although it could very soon make its way to the front pages of every newspaper, and the forefront of the national agenda.

On Nov. 25, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of War Henry Stimson took notes on a War Cabinet meeting with the President, writing of the consensus at the time: “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”

Sadly, a little more than a week later, the Roosevelt Administration, which apparently viewed war as inevitable, got its wish.  Today, is the Obama Administration risking another world war? Hopefully, this crisis is offered some public scrutiny before it is too late to turn back.

Bill Wilson is the President of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Bill on Twitter at @BillWilsonALG.

  • Rico65

    Hmmm..looks like we had to figure something to do with all that money that we would save by ending the Iraq conflict and bringing our troops home…

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt odumbo knows exactly what he is doing. He knows sanctions against Iran will do nothing, especially if Russia, China, India will either buy/sell goods and services (including oil) as they wish. 
    This administration is looking for any kind of a crisis to create a reason to declare martial law, suspend the 2012 elections, dissolve both houses of Congress, and finally rip the Constitution and Bill of Rights to shreds.  He will do ANYTHING to stay in power and finish what he started and what he said he would do in the first place………………fundamentally transform America.  And the majority of people won’t even see it coming…………they’re too busy collecting their welfare checks, unemployment checks, and waiting for their food stamp cards to be reloaded.  
    But they will notice when all that stops.

  • Kinnison

    Three carrier groups in the Persian Gulf?  That’s probably the only
    three carriers we have that are in operating condition.  The rest are
    tied up at the dock somewhere because they are in sorry shape after 10
    years of war.  And the ones we do have at sea are operating with only
    about half the aircraft they are rated for because we simply have no
    more to put aboard them, and the Obama DOD just slowed the acquisition
    of the new F-35’s that were supposed to replace the worn-out ones.  The
    ground forces are in no better shape, with combat-lossed equipment not
    replaced and worn-out cannon barrels and engines, and instead of making
    good the lacks Obama and the DOD are drastically slashing our military
    spending.  God help us if we have another war, because we are not
    prepared to fight it.

  • Chasyes

    If you think Obama is gonna do ANYTHING at all to upset his Commie bosses in China you are dead wrong!  He might do more stupid things I don’t agree with but he will never upset another Commie

  • Jwatersphd

    OK Bill, we get that you hate Obama. What exactly do you think we should be doing? I read your piece thinking that possibly you might have some ideas, but evidently you don’t, and the responses so far have been more of the same, everything’s obama’s fault and it’s a big conspiracy. I gather Ron Paul says we should just ignore it . . . i haven’t heard anything from the other so-called “candidates” as to what we really should do. Got any actual answers, or just more Obama bashing?  

  • Cliff

    Honestly, I don’t see why we’re doing anything. China supplies Iran, we supply Israel. Those two can hash it out, since it’s already been made clear Israel would be the first target. Let Israel off the chain and there will BE no Iranian nuclear program. They’re doing a pretty good job of taking out the scientists with those handy little magnetic car bombs already. The only “good” reason for this is the election. Worked for Dubya, didn’t it?

  • Jwatersphd

    What do you mean, it worked for Dubya? That we got rid of him in an election? You are correct that our blind support of Israel is a major problem in this tension never getting resolved, but whatever’s being done now is obviously not working, and an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran isn’t going to be one, either – or are you thinking that it would be? Israel’s already “off the chain.” They do whatever they want and we kiss ass, alienating almost everyone else in the world and making us more of a target for terrorism. No, I don’t have a good answer, either, so I’m not intending to come off as critical of you. 

  • Jwatersphd

    What do you mean, it worked for Dubya? That we got rid of him in an election? You are correct that our blind support of Israel is a major problem in this tension never getting resolved, but whatever’s being done now is obviously not working, and an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran isn’t going to be one, either – or are you thinking that it would be? Israel’s already “off the chain.” They do whatever they want and we kiss ass, alienating almost everyone else in the world and making us more of a target for terrorism. No, I don’t have a good answer, either, so I’m not intending to come off as critical of you. 

  • The USA should never be the vassal of any foreign power for any reason . Yet all candidates , including Obama , other than Ron Paul pledge their allegiance to segregationist crypto-nuclear aggressively militarist Israel which insists on perpetual second class status for half its population and all of its neighbors .

    And thus we get our own increasingly internally militarized and TSA check-pointed police state .

  • Anonymous

    Iran should’ve been invaded as soon as practical in 1980. It would’ve saved us all 30 years of grief, not to mention the people of Iran themselves. Now, the best option appears to be carpet bombing every telecommunications tower, oil facility, nuclear power plant, and bank.

  • Jim

    I don’t know if Obama is toying with the idea of getting the United States into another world war, I sure hope not. But given the things that Obama has done in the past, that could be considered as floating trial ballons, I would not doubt that he has at the very least considered the possiblilty and how it might help or hurt him Politically. I firmly believe that Obama’s No 1 concern right now is how to stay in office. If starting a world war against Iran or some other nation would help him stay in office I think Obama would do it without hesitation, He has already shown that he has no regard for America’s constitution or the will of America’s citizens, so starting a war so he could stay in power would be, I believe, something that he would do. Obama and his cronies are very dangerous, they have an all or nothing attitude about the success of their agenda. I am becoming more and more convinced that Obama and those controlling him would rather see America completely destroyed if they cannot force their agenda on the country. Those that support Obama, either because they totally agree with him or through ignorance would allow him to keep destroying America should be ashamed of themselves because I don’t think they realize that  Obama’s socialist agenda is ment to take away the very freedoms that allow this misguided followers of the obama lie machine to do what they are doing and once Obama has won they will be among the slaves that they think are so wonderful and lead to the utopia they envision.

  • PatriotDiva

    Obama, like most of the presidential candidates in the last 100 years is beholden to the New World Order elites. Their plan was to start three world wars by manipulating events behind the scenes. Their final goal is to form a one world government under fascist rule. The monied elites of the gilded age and their ancesters have planned this for a long time. They believe the earth’s resources are dwindling. David Rockefeller himself was once quoted as saying “There are too many unnecessary eaters.” They want to depopulate using tools like wars and genetically modified foods. Abortion is also one of their tools. The elites make billions and billions off of unjust, undeclared wars. Because they know in advance when war will “break out”, they position their investments accordingly. By the 1930’s the elites had taken over the nation’s major media and newspaper outlets, so since that time reporting on their activities has been halted. They have no allegiance except to each other to maintain their power and money. Please read at least one of the following books asap: “Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr. Stanley Monteith, “The Hope of the Wicked” by Ted Flynn, “Unseen Hand” by Ralph Epperson, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.

  • Anonymous

    Of course, Americans are being “kept in the dark”. Since MOST of them put themselves IN the dark when they voted for Mr. Obama, there’s no change in status for them.
    Since those folks are “comfortably” in the dark, Mr. Obama doesn’t want to awaken them.

    “Risking war”? No, PURPOSEFULLY heading to war.

    Mr. Obama is a puppet. His puppeteers have told us (but don’t believe it) that we NEED a “more green” world. Well, how better to make the world more green but to KILL BILLIONS of people? THAT seems to be the plan.

    Nyetehyahou (sp.)  seems to be one pulling Mr. Obama’s strings for that war just as he did it to Mr. Bush. Mr. Obama is just another “Bush” (Bush IV following daddy bush, clinton bush, and baby bush). ALL are war mongers for a New World Order.

  • Anonymous

     It seems that the only difference between your beliefs and mine is that I think Barry will do it all in the name of a “greener world” (with BILLIONS of those awful CO2 polluting humans ELIMINATED)

  • Anonymous

     I think one of those carriers is the Enterprise, which is nuclear and ought to be scrapped, so if they “offer it as a sacrifice” and it sinks to the bottom where we can’t access it, money in the bank that would have had to deal with mothballing it.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think he’s a “commie” where we’re all equal Komrades  He seems to be a Fascist where the Elite will rule over the peasants/slaves.
    On the contrary, China and Russia are turning more and more capitalist.

  • del

    Anyone feel safe with the buffoon in the white house and the old skank hillary running our defense ????? YUCKO

  • Sa83etexas

    its all about keeping gas $ High & higher.

  • Anonymous

     Yes, IGNORE it. It’s just a RUSE to have an excuse to KILL BILLIONS of people if it escalates to a nuclear WWIII or to increase the price of oil so ALL countries will go bankrupt and force us to their New World Order with the UN, IMF and World Bank ruling us (probably with Mr. Obama as the Supreme MORON.

  • don

    Obama needs to close our borders both south and north. more than a few terrorists have entered the U.S. through Mexico with WMDs. Obama knows he needs chaos in America to order martial law and become the Dictator of America

  • Anonymous

     You mention the possible invasion that could have been done in 1980. To me, that proves the idea of “invade Iran” has just been a TOOL of the Oil folks to keep the price of OIL HIGH. There’s probably no more reason to invade it now as it was then (unless they PLAN to start WWIII).



  • Anonymous

     Obama is in deep trouble. Georgia gave him a hearing on the validity of his birth and social security number. It lost because they (an Iranian judge probably with his life theeatened) cited some podunk 2009 case that was probably set up for the purpose of being cited for Obama.
    IF we are in the midst of WWIII and Mr. Obama is proven to be (or admits, which COULD be part of the plan) then it’s not likely that the people will RISK putting somebody in his place. He could then use that “mandate” to say, “the people don’t care about the constitution, so let’s THROW IT OUT”” Then you expect that he’ll bring in a UN-type constitution without the second amendment and other things to make it easier for BIG Brother to KEEP US DOWN.

  • Dustup1776

    Obama wouldn’t be George Bush’ Cousin if he didn’t at least try to bring on WWIII! 

  • Lanplex1

    we do not need to fight another war for isreal with our tax dollars and the lifes of our young

  • Jritchiejr

    He is sowing the seeds of world wide chaos and violence though.  In the US due to the United Nations policy of cultural mixing, our government continues to import over 125,000 new immigrants per month…perhaps most being Muslim.  Already in Europe there are major disruptions which include bombings in high traffic public places, choking of traffic arteries, and exemptions from national laws to accomdate/impose Sharia law.  At the same time the existing powers are stupidly toppling governments in the Arab realm which previously kept the Arab realm from being unified…now the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over.

    Long range, we are looking at the Muslims becoming stronger, widespread throughout every society, and becoming a new super power of unified Arab nations.  Poor Isreal will be under siege just as England was by the Nazi’s in the early part of World War II.  They may even be crushed and annihilated.  On the current track soon Americans will not be safe going to the malls, theaters, concerts, or sporting events…they will be Muslim prime targets for jihad.

  • Unless he is in the cross hairs, I don’t think he would care. He only cares for nobody for # 1, the black King

  • SSG


  • he has only one goal, to overthrow the world;; we have a real sick-o here.

  • bulldustin

    its time EARS got a pair. Now lets close the border get real and get voted OUT

  • Charles Johnston

    What will this man do to get himself re-elected? 

  • Jwatersphd

    Thanks for your thoughtful, coherent reply.

  • Jwatersphd

    Well, that only makes sense. Thanks. 

  • Wayne

    Use your imagination for just a few minutes. Pretend you are surrounded by people who think you don’t have a right to exist. One of those people is threatening to kill you and he’s very much bigger than you. What will you do, just stand there and wait for it to happen? Or will you strike first in order to survive? That’s the position Israel is in. As for “alienating… everyone else in the world”, if all you want is to be “accepted”, then you’re in for a big surprise. You won’t be accepted, no matter what you do. If you don’t stand up for your beliefs and if you don’t support you friends, you deserve to be beat down.

  • W_magg

    Let’s face the cold hard truth here.   Obuthead  is trying to cause this war.
    He knows that these action will only drag this issue out long enough to allow Iran to complete it’s weapons of mass destruction.  This is his intention and it will in the end destroy this nation and it’s people as he intended all along.

  • Wayne

    Right on!!!

  • Wayne

    If Israel decides to take out Iran, they won’t need our help. Then maybe the rest of the Arab countries surrounding Israel will think twice before shooting their mouths off (no pun intended).

  • Wayne

    Sounds like you might be an old “bircher”. That’s not a bad thing! We need more people like you…People who can stand back and look at the whole picture. Excellent commentary!!!

  • Wayne

    Obama’s just a pawn. Follow the money. Identify his handlers. Call them out in public (if you can get access to the media).

  • Anonymous

    The return of Christ is near! PRAISE GOD! The sooner we get this overwith the better.

  • Chuck

    Chaos is a major part of what he does to “transform” the government.  He ignores the Congress, our laws, our courts, and the Constitution.   Words are spoken against his actions, but nothing ever happens to undo his tyrannical governing, or to prevent further usurption of power.   VOTE against this dictator and all his socialist pals in the Congress.

  • Nunya

    Are you kidding me! ANYTHING out of the Obamination and his band of chicken hawks to irritate and provoke Iran is THE RIGHT THING to do. Even though what they are doing won’t amount to a bucket of spit.

     Iran has been jabbing at us for over 32 years now and this country AND out so-called “leaders” have done NOTHING!

    We should have obliterated the islamic radicals in Iran in 1979. Back then China and Russia would not have given a rats ass, and we most likely would NOT have had a 9/11 attack nor would we be in the situation we are in now.

    I agree with Reagan… Bombing should commence in 5 minutes.

    good luck getting a PUSSY like obama to do anything like that.

  • Chuck

    Who cares what the H he is?   Just VOTE against him and lets get on with rebuilding our economy and repairing our chaotic government.  

  • Chuck

    Whatever it takes!    We need a strong adversarial candidate that can go toe to toe with him and win the White House.   Rally everyone you know to VOTE against this tyrant.   This may be our last chance to save our free and independent Republic.

  • Wayne

    You need to study up on your history. Israel never started a war. They only defended themselves. That doesn’t mean, however, that they didn’t strike the first blow. I’ll wager if you were in their shoes, you’d do the same thing.

  • Allyjayne

    Not only is he risking it, but he, the DEMS, the U.N., and the money changers are designing this war just like they have all others.  The money changers make more money on wars than trade.  It’s time people around the world wise up and say, ‘”You fat cats, you pick up the guns, we’ll clear the fields and put you all out there and see who is the last fat cat standing. Afterall, we are damned tired of sacrificing our sons and daughters so that you can live fat and easy on the backs of the workers and the military. 

    If we-the-people allow this third world war to happen, the world will be destroyed.  Enough is enough.  Jesus is Lord.  Choose peace and tell these morons to do their own dirty work.

  • Jwatersphd

    He’s not going to have to do much, considering the alternatives, at this point. When the general public hears Santorum’s ideas that impregnation by a rapist is god’s way of giving you a gift and you should appreciate it, that might strike some as odd. If not, then his idea to make birth control illegal might get someone’s attention. Then Ron Paul can tell us we don’t need any more government than we had in 1789. Actually, since a majority of the population believes in angels, he might have the best chance. We’re ready for some more fairy tales like Reagan used to tell. Newt can totally confuse everyone and try to live down his adultery. And no one in their right mind believes Romney, especially since Newt has made it plain that he’s worthless and totally unfit to be president. So, where does that leave us? If Obama’s smart enough, he’ll just stand pat and watch the right winger destroy each other. They’ve certainly made it unnecessary for the Democrats to think up any original criticism. Let’s bring in Christine O’Donnell. At least she can sort of convincingly deny that she’s a witch. 

  • Fatmansplicer

    why we don,t need Obama the poser i think any body can do a better job then him put the general he fired in he is  a real american if Obama does not like him.

  • rbblum

    May be worthwhile to consider the possibility and outcome should Iran implement a scorch earth policy by setting ablaze the oil fields of neighboring Middle Eastern countries . . . especially if they very little to  lose now or in the very near future.

  • Fatmansplicer

    well with soros buying up amarican gun manufactures and ammo and obozo let any body in there mother cross our borders we are already surrounded by our enimies

  • podinwv

    Obama is quiet because he wants to be. He cannot afford to be seen as stirring up a controversy or a major conflict, yet, I believe he wants one. How else will he be able to declare a national emergency and take on military powers. This guy is even more devious than the Iranians or the Chinese. Keep ’em loaded and keep ’em close.

  • podinwv

    ColleenF. You are so very right!  I wrote my comment above without reading yours beforehand. I couldn’t agree more with all you have to say. We ARE heading for deep trouble with this administration.

  • Guest

    colleenf~ That is just sad.  I’ll pray for you and the rest of this country.

  • I don’t like or agree with Obama’s administration, but this is the right call on this issue. If Iran gets the bomb, they will use it to further their “AGENDA”, which is, destruction of Isreal. You can’t just disagree on issues just because you don’t like the person making the call. That’s just being hateful and dishonest, and plus you risk the chance of being called a democrat!!! Call a spade a spade and have right on your side when you make a statement!!

  • Lynn

    Exactly what I have always said, wait till it all stops.

  • Lynn

    I am so sick of Body Odor’s lies, chaos, dirty dealings in secret, intimidation,
    fines, wars on everything, his media pals in the tank for BO, he really is the anti CHRIST.

  • Anonymous

    You need to so your homework on the USS Liberty.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it might matter to all the commies/socialists in this country who want to admire him for being just that. But if they see he’s a Fascist, interested in enslaving them, that might enable them to finally see him for being a FRAUD who ought to be REMOVED.

  • Jjnick70

     Colleen, how true!!

  • Billy Jack

    Here are some scenarios for you to ponder. Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran blames the US and proceeds to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. They accomplish this by sinking a couple of oil tankers. They engage our Fleet with various assets. Blocking this vital shipping lane will cause the price of oil to spike and double or triple.

    Iran will unleash terrorist attacks worldwide against American and Israeli ‘soft’ targets. Malls, schools, entertainment venues. Designed to terrorize the population. This could also be accomplished by a ‘false flag’ operation controlled by Obama and his lackies like the Occupy groups. Obama will declare Martial Law to ‘protect’ us from these random attacks.

    This is but one of many scenarios beging discussed in the intelligence community and by those who will defend the Constitution against any such actions.

    ‘Welcome to the party pal’. I would not be concerned though as these are just the results of discussion groups. NOT! 

  • Jdhise

    It would be to your benefit to read a little more/learn a lot more prior to posting drivel.  Obama is definitely not as you put it, “a Commie”.  He is much worse. 

  • Jdhise

    This thing with Iran, possibly war is one way Obama can stay in office without having to be reelected.  I have always had this thought about how he can remain in office and have  thought of the 2008 election as being the last presidential election.  I believe Obama is a chief lieutenant of Satan.  He serves in an army that has been at war with the Creator since long before man was created.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we are in a total war with Iran prior to the November presidential election.  The ramifications of this is hard to come to grips with.  If you look at the prophesies of the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and the  book of Revelations in the New Testament, it could be the beginning of the “End of Days”  Just look at who is involved and decide for yourself.  Obama has no love for this country, for that matter, he has no love for the world. 

  • Anonymous

    Not only is the Muslim-Marxist risking World War III, he is perpetuating it with his undermining policies that he is employing against this country. He has purposely dismantled our space age defensive capability by disbanding NASA, reduced our military capability by ruining the moarale of our armed services by instituting his “beloved gays in the military policy”, restricting the ability of chaplins to carry out there duties, prosecuting soldiers for doing their job, negating the health services for the returning wounded veterans by cutting back the health services of the Veterns Administration, allowing the unnecessary deaths of many soldiers due to his “rules of engagement.” He also is reducing our nuclear capability. Risking… that’s laughable! He is rushing the US into a Third World War as fast as he can; and the tragedy is that he is being allowed to do so because nobody has the fortitude to stand up to this emerging Hitler! The US will be struck by a nuclear attack and since he has rendered the US unable to respond,  we will be brought in to the One World Order, as is being planned. We are the last true democracy that must be brought in to the fold. Everybody just continue to sit back and remain silent as you, your country and your freedom is being sold out by the reprobate that is posing as an American president. The joke’s on all of you that voted for “change” and didn’t foresee exactly what that change would be. Already, AMERIKA has become a polce state – TSA’s feeling up and barbacuing of travelers and the increased police hostility towards it’s citizenry. But yoy have to remember that the Muslim-Marxist had insisted, while campaigning, that we need a “civilian army” more powerful than the military, guess what, he’s accomplishing this feat – as described above – faster than I anticipated due to the stupidity and laziness of the sheeple AND with the assist of his “state-run” media – don’t ever use that “mainstream” reference again…please. So, other than that, AMERIKA is just fine!   

  • mescal

    This is all part of the overall plan that Barry O is carrying out.  He made it very clear that he intended to destory this once proud country before he was ever elected.  No one was listening and doing their homework.  he is destroying the country and many so called Americans are helping him  Dingy Harry from Nevada is one example.  God help us.

  • SUSANM621


  • Hunter03872

    the only reason ppl want that black man is the free stuff they get

  • Stella Honeycutt

    DON I am afraid so

  • Stella Honeycutt

    Eventually Israel will be over run by the Gentiles for 42 months and then look out, Israel will be on the winning hand.

  • Grey Bear

    You see the light Colleen, spread the word & act !

  • Grey Bear

    She is the ultimate in fat & “ugly”, an inevitable part of the communist manifesto !

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