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Republican? Democrat? What’s the difference?

Demopublican and RepublicratsBy Rebekah Rast — The gap of opposing viewpoints between Republicans and Democrats in Congress is closing.

The fears of a Tea Party takeover in Congress from the 2010 elections are far gone, and in fact, should now be laughed at.

Republicans had their opportunity, as the leading party in the U.S. House of Representatives, to take a stand — the stand they promised they’d take to the American people — to fight against frivolous government spending, overregulation of the private sector and to put America back on a path to prosperity.

Where does the health of America stand two years after those promises were made?

The country now boasts a national debt of $15.3 trillion — now exceeding the national economy, which at the end of 2011 came in at $14.95 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.  The much-too-low unemployment rate touted by the Department of Labor of 8.3 percent is more accurately estimated to be closer to 11 percent.  Also, in 2011, Congress increased spending from the year before, raised the debt limit by $2 trillion, and funded ObamaCare.  And you can’t forget about Congress’ most recent move: extending the payroll tax cut along with unemployment benefits — with absolutely no way of paying for it.

For all of this to have happened the U.S. House, again with Republicans in the majority, had to agree to it — and that they did.  What has happened that caused Republicans, who stand on a platform of fiscal conservatism and smaller government, to have seemingly forgone these values in exchange for the status quo?  Why aren’t they standing up for the core conservative values on which they campaigned?

In an effort to not overlook what the Republican Party did accomplish these past two years: They have kept all the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts intact to date, and well, it’s hard to think of much more.

Under this House Republican leadership, compromises have been few and more often than not the true conservative agenda has been put aside in order to appease Democrats in the Senate and White House.

How, two years after a huge nationwide movement like the Tea Party, has so much changed?  Does getting a taste of the power and prestige of Capitol Hill strip a member of his core ideals?  Does feeling the pressure of having to kowtow to leadership cause new members to buckle?  Or maybe it’s the desire to keep ones job because, after all, two years really isn’t enough to accomplish all you want, right?! Or is it some kind of strategy, whereas after the elections if Republicans retain a majority in the House they can throw all these concessions in the face of Democrats and claim the nation hasn’t improved so now they get to do things their way?

Regardless of the reasoning or explanations behind this new sheepish Republican majority, it is bothersome.  How can you know that who you elect will fight for your rights and protect your interests?  But then again, this is the joy of a democratic form of government, in two year’s time House members can be gone as quickly as they came.

Until November rolls around, I think all voters who associate themselves with the Republican Party deserve to see a change in the House of Representatives.  After the payroll tax debacle, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said, “I think we’ll get through this moment and the dust will settle and people will see the differences [between political parties].”

He better hope he’s right.  Members of that Chamber need to get back to the basics of why they are in charge and not be afraid to throw their weight around.

America is in trouble and every move made thus far has only plunged the nation further into debt.  If there was ever a time for fiscal conservatism to come to fruition in the halls of Congress, now is that time.

American taxpayers are tired of paying for more of the same.

Rebekah Rast is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government (ALG) and NetRightDaily.com.  You can follow her on twitter at @RebekahRast.

  • amen

  • Jr9del

    Republicans appear to be proving daily during their campaigns that their unpopularity is due not to incompetence but attitudes as callous conservatives that Americans can’t reconcile as necessary to be the new normal.

  • Judge Napoliano was correct.  We are being fed who they want us to vote for.  Please vote for Ron Paul and stop this insanity.

  • nontonite

    Look, I don’t want to make excuses for the John Boehners in Congress, but if you thought all of that was going to change with a Republican house, Dem Senate, and the most leftist president of all time, then you’re being delusional.

    This is a long term process, and folks like you are just going to have to be more patient.

  • Rahsumo

    Throw them all out every two years.  They come with little money and leave millionaires.

  • Joepappa

    It is true that Congress is now controlled by republicans. Except for the Senate (Dems).
    Everyone forgets the last 2 years of Bush was controlled by Dems in congress and senate, yet Dems keep blaming Bush!. tsk tsk tsk

  • Jim

     Things aren’t as they seem, Democrats and Republicans have enslaved the plebs, aka “We The People” and are taking us closer and closer to the abyss all driven by the age old accentuation to the power of money:

    1 Timothy 6:1-16
    “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some
    coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves
    through with many sorrows.(11)But thou, O man of God, flee these things;
    and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience,
    meekness.(12)Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life,
    whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession
    before many witnesses.(13)I give thee charge in the sight of God, who
    quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius
    Pilate witnessed a good confession;(14)That thou keep this commandment
    without spot, unrebukable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus
    Christ:(15)Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only
    Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;(16)Who only hath
    immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom
    no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting.
    Amen. “

  • J42ERRY

    i agree theres not much difference but we can change this if we vote the rinos out and get some fresh faces in d.c. but lets hope their not another scott brown of j boehner

  • Crd

    I totally agree with Rahsumo – throw them all out in November.  There are very few (if any) politicians who are not arrogant, self-serving and in it for themselves. They are driving this great nation over a cliff and we are letting them do it.  If I had my way I would have one crooked politician publicly executed each month. Hopefully, it wouldn’t take too long for the rest of them to get the message.

  • 25800

    I guess they think the tea party is D ead they will find out WE meant what we said!

  • lucky7m

    They need leadership fire Boehner’s weepy arse and get someone like Allen West. The debt has gone up another 2 trillion dollars will a conservative majority BS. There is no excuse except bad leadership and no ca-hones!!

  • Barney

    dems and rinos are one in the same.  There was progress made in 2010.  We need to finish the job in 2012.  Conservatism needs a major rebuild.  I pray it is not too late.

  • Expand I have a novel idea,I have this tough, In the USA we have, Blue States & Red States,We all Know they are two ends of the same candle, Burning and melting  till they get to the center, I think that we the people that love Jesus should,Form a new Color, The White States, Let us rename the tea party and let the world know,That we the White States want our county back!Lets join together and get God/Jesus Back in the USA.Our children and the future generations need to know right from wrong,We need a new beginning, before god destroys the earth, hes knocking on the door, cant you hear him,I still believe in him,Just like all good Christan’s do, Lets Do It! before it’s to late..Gene Terenzio Sr.

  • Jeromeennis

    Dog and Pony politics: You are so
    right folks who have lost confidence in the political process. I
    too, have already, in my own mind come to the realization that our
    current political process is not working. The congress of the USA,
    Obama and the MSM talking heads are on TV and Radio 24-7 reporting on
    the Government Shutdown and the so-called Fierce and Heated Debates
    going on between the Dems and Repubs, and every bit of what you are
    seeing and hearing is Pure Theater with absolutely No Substance and
    is intended for Public Consumption by the Ignorant and Uninformed

    It is no more complicated than TV
    Wrestling Promotions. And, yet, they know that Americans are
    Inflamed Against One Another which is their aim. As long as they
    Keep Americans Divided and Enraged with their incendiary rhetoric,
    they, the Dems and Repubs get to stay in power and it does not make a
    bit of difference which of the Stooges That the DNC and RNC parade
    out for us to vote for.

    The key is going to take a really
    concerted and massive Grass Roots Educational Campaign at the Local
    and State Levels All Over The Country. This is the effort the TEA
    Party movement is attempting, but the TEA Party is not focused
    enough, and are being divided and conquered from within by getting
    into too many petty arguments over different groups Pet Peaves such
    as Anti-Abortion, Gay Marriages, etc.

    We have to stop these petty arguments
    and ban together and realize if we do not Elect Our Own People To Run
    The Government and Begin The Dismantlng Of The System that has been
    Un-constitutionally Built and doing it very soon, the Window of
    Opportunity Will Have Passed Forever.

    The Mainstream Republicans and
    Democrats and the Main Stream Media are nothing more than the
    Propaganda and Advertising Arms of the Government, and yes, that
    includes good old Fair and Balanced FOX News. Fox is the handpicked
    Whipping Boy for the Left and this is by Design and Cooperation From

    By the POTUS and other Leftists bashing
    Fox, it is meant to give you and me, my fellow-American Patriots the
    belief that Our Side Has a Voice and gives us a place to Get Our
    Talking Points as presented by the Fence Straddling Bill O’Reilley.

    It is the exact same Scripting and
    Staging as The Good Guy Versus Bad Guy Professional Wrestling Promos.
    And the MSM, including Fox and their Talking Heads know this and
    are doing their part to Keep The Wool Over Our Eyes and in the dark.
    There is talk that Glenn Beck may be dropped by Fox because Beck may
    have gone a little rogue on them, and have upset the Corporate
    Sponsors Who Actually Control What You See and Listen to on TV and
    Radio to begin with.

    And, that is why I am working my butt
    off on blogs and other places trying to inform, educate and change
    people’s minds. For the most part, the average American is turned
    off to politics and politicians because they know at the end of the
    day, they cannot believe any of them. They know this at some
    subconscious level if not consciously.

    That is why I am in big support for
    Donald Trump for President in 2012 and have a dedicated site on FB of
    that title. Obama speaks staight and honestly and in plain English
    with no flowery words or any shred of Political Correctness. That is
    why I am encouraging everybody I can to get on the Trump for
    President in 2012 Band Wagon and Let’s Drive Home a Victory for our
    Country. Our very survival as a nation depends on Defeating Obama in
    2012, and it is my belief that Donald Trump is about the only one I
    know who can get the job done and then Trump Can Fire Obama and all
    his Regime which is made up of communists, racists, and criminals.

  • julian8

    If we can’t do better than Boehner we deserve to go down in flames.

  • Jeromeennis

    We delivered a majority in the HOR in 2010, and to date, the Obama Regime keeps rolling right along totally unhampered.  We have been sold out period.  Nobody in DC gives a damn about U.S. Sovereignty any longer, they are all part of the One world Government and the One Big Government Policies that collapse nations and reducing them to violent rebellions amongst the peasants.

  • Jeromeennis

    Boehner is a complete sell out and why he is speaker is because the RINOs still rule the HOR.

  • Ralph

    That “food policeman/IDIOT” would have to run and hide , maybe for the rest of his life. one thing guaranteed, he would have eaten that lunch, that day, and any time I later observed him monitoring my childs lunch.  More BHO/Pelosi/Reid/Ms Boxer, etal PC idiots

  • pFeather

    There is no difference between the dumbocrats and establishment Republicans. The GOP should be standing up against the liberal socialist agenda of Obama and the idiot democrats. The GOP should be for limited government, lower taxes, a strong military, Constitutional government and every other conservative principle. I don’t want to get along with the democrats, I want to defeat them and their agenda. Stand up for your principles GOP and defeat the liberal socialist dumbocrats

  • You must be HIGH.Trump is an elitist snob!
    Only cares about MONEY the root of all evil!

  • pbrown85355

    Thats not true, you have to remember that the House sends bills to the Senate, however the Senate is democrap controlled and will never pass anything the House Republicans want.  It’s now time to make the Senate Republican controlled and then there will be changes. Reid will be gone and if enough are changed the president will have no veto rights.

  • pbrown85355

    4 Trillion dollars in 3 years.

  • pbrown85355

    You really need to proof read your comments, “obozo speaks staight and honestly and in plain English with no flowery words or any shred of Political Correctness” and that is why you want everyone to get on the Trump. Trump as president can fire obozo? What the hell are you talking about.  You did real good till the last paragraph then lost control. 

  • Wayne

    The republicans aren’t doing anything different than the tax and spend Democrats. Who is the head and who is the ass! Drain the swamp once and for all and sent the current leaders home before it is too late America  

  • Cobra

    With a Demorat as President, along with a Demorat Senate, how in hell are the Republicans going to get anything passed? ? ?

  • The neo-conservative wing of the so-called Tea Party is dead. After Tim Pawlenty dropped from the GOP race, which was a given, the 2nd and 3rd candidate to drop from the race were Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain. Both were supported by the neo-conservative wing of the so-called Tea Party movement. 

    Now, the true wing of the Tea Party, the one that actually advocates individual liberty, constitutional/limited government, sound money, free markets and a traditional conservative foreign policy of diplomacy and nonintervention, which is represented by Ron Paul, is alive and well. 

  • AMEN

  • finally an article of yours I can believe in!!  There is no difference.  After 20+ years of voting Republican, I feel cheated, betrayed…. why?   Because I am not a big corporation who donates millions of dollars to buy a candidate and get my way!     There is one last hope in this country, and that is the man who does not take money from special interest groups, lobbyists, who wants to CUT spending and get our deficit under control.    Nobody else, but Ron Paul!

  • GrumpyOleMan

     The “Tea Party” Republicans have sold out.  Anyone really shocked that that could happen in the District of Corruption? 

    There is another option.  It’s called the “Libertarian Party”.  And at the moment, it is the only viable alternative.  Real Tea Party supporters will support it.  The fake ones will remain with the Democrat Lite party.

  • Rick Lutowski

    The entire House of Representatives needs to be replaced, but NOT with career politicians of any party.  Hence, GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) — a process that will replace all 435 career politicians in the House with citizen representatives chosen from the ranks of the voters themselves. When the grassroots-citizen candidate beats the incumbent in the
    primary, district gerrymandering virtually guarantees victory in the
    general election. This is the only feasible way to get real conservatives into Congress, and GOOOH is initiating this overhaul in 2012. The GOOOH process has already chosen at least 6 candidates to run against the career incumbents in the 2012 Texas Republican and Democrat primaries (depending on which party the incumbent belongs to).  Other states will be holding their GOOOH caucuses soon to choose citizen candidates to run against incumbents in their states.  If you are in a state other than Texas, go to http://goooh.com to sign up and get involved with selecting the grassroots candidate in your congressional district.  If you live in Texas. go to http://goooh.com to find out who your nearest citizen candidate is, and help support him.  The time for complaining is over; it is time for career politiians of all parties to Get Out Of Our House.  Be part of the process and check out http://goooh.com

  • Hmcm9toes

    The Illustrious Potentate keeps harping on the unfairness of the tax system and he’s right.  But we also need to acknowledge that 40+% of the tax filers pay no income taxes at all.  Zero!!!  However a good percentage of them are getting a check from the government as their “fair share” of what the taxpayers are sending in.   While we’re being whipped into a frenzy about the rich not paying their fair share why are these parasites being ignored?   These are the Illustrious Potentates bulwark of voters.  Their votes are bought and paid for.  All that has to be done now is to confuse at least 10% of the taxpayers  into believing that BHO is really turning the economy around and “voile” another 4 years for him and the opportunity to complete his promise to “change” the United States into the socialist republic he has dreamed of. 

  • Highsider

    I’m sure you wish that the Tea party movement could be co-opted by Paul and the rest of the Libertarian crew, Smedley, but it ain’t gonna happen.  The Libertarians are still an oddball group that has some lumps sticking out in a conservative direction and several more, in a liberal direction.  This keeps them from gaining any ground among either group and that may be a good thing.

    You can deride and try to separate the Tea Party with the labels you use, but you’ll get no farther than the Progressives, when they use the same tactic.  The Tea Party is still the Tea Party and neither the GOP nor the Libertarians will change it.   We will take over the helm in the GOP the same as the Socialists did in the Democratic Party.  As far as the Libertarians go, they continue to labor under the delusion that they have something we want.

  • Gpnanook

    It is hard to change things when the Dems control the Senate and the presidency. This is particularly true when the Dems seem committed to spending the country into oblivion.

    I am disappointed too, but even the 1994 revolution could not change things with a president of the other party in power. This is the system that our founders set up. A normal president would have accepted the 2010 rebuke by the voters, but BO is a hardcore socialist and won’t obey the will of the people.

  • Excellent article.

    Has the TEA Party been co-opted by big-government Republicans that are opposed to TEA Party principles, or have we, the American taxpayers, been lied to from the very beginning by those who formed & run the TEA Party?

    When will we EVER reverse course & instead of slowing the growth of the national debt make a 180-degree turnaround & eliminate our near-$16 trillion debt entirely?

    Why has the TEA Party embraced big-government Republicans like Newt, Santorum & Romney (are you listening, Sarah Palin?) & thrown Constitutional patriots like Rep. Ron Paul under the bus?

    All I hear when asking these questions are crickets chirping, & I’m flabbergasted by the TEA Party’s lack of commitment to principle.

  •  I’ve been thinking for a while that Rep. Allen West would make a good Speaker — & I bet it would irritate the Progressives something fierce.  🙂

  •  AMEN….the Constitution still matters!

  • That’s a great idea, & it sounds nice…but what about the infiltration of Progressives WITHIN the GOP?  I remember that back in the 1960’s one of the primary goals of the Communist Party was to take control of one — or BOTH — political parties in the US.

  •  Face it, Highsider:  Rep. Paul laid the groundwork for what would become the TEA Party back in 2007 when he ran for POTUS the next year.  That movement didn’t have a name at the time, ‘cuz it was Rick Santelli’s “Tea Party” comment in NYC that continued the process into what made a difference in 2010.  But Rep. Paul was ESSENTIAL to the creation of the TEA Party, like it or not.

  •  The House could make just about all of the difference if it wanted to — the Constitution gives the House exclusive authority for bringing up spending bills, therefore, if the House GOP really cared about eliminating the debt & big government, they could refuse to bring up spending bills & eliminate every unconstitutional federal department if it was serious.  Not only that, it could limit the appellate jurisdiction of the federal courts, thus preventing the feds from forcibly legalizing abortion against the will of the States & the People.

    PLEASE, non:  drop the Party politics & turn to Constitutional principles instead.  After all, the GOP is just as guilty of bringing about big government, policing the world, & our debt problems as the treasonous Dems.

  •  It’s IMPOSSIBLE to “finish the job” — what KIND of Republicans will you elect:  the NeoCons like Bush & McCain, or the Constitutional conservatives like Paul or Coburn?  We must always be on guard against our enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

  • Davered

    I am in complete agreement! To initiate real change has become too much like trying to steer the Titanic away from trouble ….and I fear our result will end up the same.

  • marineh2ominer

    The problem is that the RHINOS never got the message delivered by the TEA PARTY during the last election .  Therefore the TEA PARTY have a lot more to do this election than just vote out the Demon Rats  , They also have to vote out the RHINO rats as well .  Lets get to work folks !!!

  • You left out Unilateral disarmament and Isolationist stick your head in the sand and hope those who want us all dead will play nice now Ron Paul wing of the Tea Party.  I am in the Tea Party and like most of my Tea party family  would be behind Ron Paul on most everything , but he is smoking the Nevel Chamberlin Peace pipe and anyone who studies history knows were that got us.  He even denies that the Muslims hate us just cause we are Christian and blames Isreal for most of those wows.  Ron Paul is BI-Polar.  Brilliant on the Fiscal Policy and totaly Skitso on defending the Country.
    I am getting really tied of Folks like you splitting the Teaparty up in factions. Calling the side of the Tea party who stand for family  values and fiscal sanity Neocons is not fair and not doing anything to help our cause.   

  • Highsider

    Chris, Ron Paul laid the groundwork for jack spit.    He has some good financial ideas that virtually all true conservatives have had forever, but then he adds in his ignorant ideas on international relationships and his truly juvenile ideas on legalizing drugs and turns himself into an idiot.
    If it were just a matter of watching him get his butt kicked in the international arena, it would be very entertaining,  but the rest of the nation becomes like an attachment to an email on said butt of whomever we elect as our leaders and he would take us down with him.   You can say that our current leader is already doing that deliberately, but the practical effect on the nation is the same, whether it’s by design or by ignorance.

  • Highsider

    We wont do any better than Boehner, until we have completed our job of taking back the Republican Party from the likes of him, and dragging it kicking and screaming back to conservatism.

  • Greg137

    Ron Paul is to the left of obama in the area of foreign policy, and I don’t want IRAN OR NORTH KOREATO HAVE NUKES… In short, he is a sellout… The closest thing we have to a true conservative in this race is Santorum… You think the parties are the same? Then  Remember this ..  Who was it who wants us as American to put poisonous flourescent light bulbs in our ligfht sockets in our homes(which are so poisonous that you have to seal it iin a plastic bag to protect the environment from these “eco-freindly” lightbulbs), and yet  incandescent lightbulbs are safer, but at the same time considers that a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a banana as “unhealthy”, while forcing children to buy cheap inferior junk food just so the politicians can make more money!  Mcdonalds chicken Mcnuggets are healthier then those chicken nuggets that the kids are forced to buy at school! What is the difference? Republicans fear the wrath of the people, and Demoncrats want to kill us… That is why they made Obamacare, so they could let us die of mercury poisoning while waiting for care….   Obama hates this country and people better wake up and accept the facts!
    In fact Obama is in the process of cutting off Social Security for those who NEED it! And he is giving it away to those who don’t!!!!

  • Jmortensen

    I am almost ready to vote for Ron Paul .. at least he is a fiscal conservativ where is the House of Reps when you need them .. as a matter of fact where are all the those promises out of the speakers mouth .. he has caved on most all issues .. Tea party where are you??
    We have a Administration sending us in a fast spiral downward .. Where are the Republicans that said they could stop it ..
    Our Liberties our going fast ..they even want to tell us how to eat  ..It won’t be long before the Drones outnumber the workers .. If we don’t make a correction in November this United States will be seeing the end times! Get out and Vote folks it’s our only chance ..
       GOD Bless America ..

  • Lestergabriel

    Any member of the House or Senate who believes in fiscal responsibility should spend 90% of their time and their staff’s time going through the budget line-by-line and identifying the junk in there.  It doesn’t matter if it is $10,000 or $10 MILLION OR $10 BILLION. Make the spenders justify every penny of spending.  The most effective examples of baudget waste are things like $600 hammers and toilet seats.  Those are things that citizens can relate to– they can’t effectively take part in the dialogue when the spenders are talking about nebul;ous billions and trillions.

  • Boehner knows what is happing,
    Thats way he cries,
     He knows there is nothing he can do,
    The Antichrist has him by the _ _ _ _, fill in the blanks
    I think he has lost his Faith

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