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Our Look At William J. Kayatta, A Judicial Nominee For The First Circuit Court Of Appeals

By Frank McCaffrey — He is an elitist New England power attorney who is a nominee for a powerful court. His stances seem very convenient. ALG Counsel Nathan Mehrens reviews this nominees beliefs.

  • Jack Parker

    Kayatta is exactly what we do NOT need on federal court of appeals.

  • Our judicial system is already corrupt and a national disgrace! In my opinion, all Federal Judges should be elected by the people and not nominated by communists like Obama! 
    In addion, we already have 535 elitists in congress and don’t need anymore in the judicial system. Lower case used intentionally! 

  • Lois_blower

    Agreed.  Totally agreed!

  • alertandoriented

    What do you know about him other than he was nominated by the President?

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