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President Obama, New York Times Channel Woodrow Wilson as They Assault U.S. Supreme Court

Barack Obama delivering the State of the Union

Photo Credit: White House

By Kevin Mooney — Even if the individual mandate included within Obamacare is overturned, the administration and its leftist allies stand poised to undermine the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Constitution itself. This effort began in earnest with a front page hit piece on the New York Times that ran July 24 of last year. Reporter Adam Liptek claimed that under Chief Justice John Roberts is more conservative now than it has been in decades.

The article is built around a database created by the National Science Foundation (NSF) that gauges the ideological complexion of court rulings and the leanings of individual members. “In the database, votes favoring criminal defendants, unions, people claiming discrimination or violation of their civil rights are, for instance, said to be liberal,” the report explains. “Decisions striking down economic regulations and favoring prosecutors, employers and the government are said to be conservative.”

But the perspective here is a bit skewed. For starters, it is misleading to conflate decisions that overrule precedent with some form of activism. Contrary to what is often taught in law schools, the actual U.S. Constitution and what is known as U.S. constitutional law are often two very different items. Recent court rulings that overturn earlier decisions divorced from the text’s original meaning are more about restoration and less about activism. Moreover, Liptak places far too much weight and faith in Justice Anthony Kennedy as a reliable constitutional vote.

Another key episode here concerns President Obama’s attack on the U.S. Supreme Court included as part of his 2010 State of the Union Address. Here Obama disparaged the majority’s pro-First Amendment ruling in the Citizens United decision. Not since Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to pack the court has there ever been such an overt assault on the judiciary.

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese, as always, has a keen understanding of what President Obama, and leftist pressure groups, are up to.

“What he [Obama] is really doing is leading an effort to undermine the Constitution as the primary document which forms the basic principles of our government and the structure that should be followed by the executive branches as well as the other two branches,” Meese explained during a talk at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The former AG also said that a recent New York Times article also written by Liptak, which demeans the Constitution, was also deliberately timed with certain actions undertaken by the Obama Administration.

“The Constitution has seen better days,” the article begins.

From here, Liptak goes on to describe how the Constitution is no longer a compelling model for other countries. He even quotes sitting U.S. Supreme Court Association Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to drive the point home.

“I would not look to the United States Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012,” she said. As an alternative, Ginsburg recommends looking to South Africa’s constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or the European Convention on Human Rights.

Justice Ginsburg’s attack on the validity of the U.S. Constitution came under fire in an article by Americans for Limited Government’s Mark Wohlschlegel  who pointed out that, “Madam Justice Ginsburg either is ignorant or chooses to willfully overlook the very fundamental purpose the U.S. Constitution was created for — it is not a document designed to empower the government to protect its people, but rather one that was designed to protects its people from their government. That bears repeating — the Constitution was designed to protect the American people from their government.”

Wohlschlegel underscores the real danger in the politically motivated attacks on the Roberts Court.  At their core, they are designed to undermine the very document that protects individual freedom and limits federal government power by delegitimizing the Court which is specifically created to protect those liberties.

Keep this in mind, when you hear and read warnings from the left and their sycophants in the media about a dangerous turn of the Court.  The shots across the bow have been fired in the New York Times, expect the drumbeat to intensify as the Supreme Court nears a decision on the fate of Obamacare.

Kevin Mooney is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Kevin on Twitter at @KevinMooneyDC.

  • Typical of liberal double standards.  When courts or voters don’t give them what they want then they attack.

  • Jmortensen

    What else did we expect from our “Thief in Chief”?

  • Nanny

    How could this surprise ANYONE? Now what are we as Americans going to do? Are we going to sit ON OUR HANDS and WHINE? Or are we going to HOLD THE VERY PEOPLE WE PLACED OUR VOTES IN ACCOUNTABLE and EXPECT THEM TO DO THEIR JOB?!!! I’m so tired of watching as this admin. has STOMPED ALL OVER OUR CONSTITUTION, THEY HAVE BELITTLED OUR MILITARY MEMBERS, OUR WAY OF LIFE, AND HAVE HAD NO PROBLEM TELLING LIES RIGHT TO OUR FACE!! While the WHIMPY REPUBLICANS SIT BY and ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN and do you know why?????? BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA and THEIR ATTACKS!!!! Don’t you think they should care ABOUT THEIR BASE? I must tell you I quit referring to myself as a Republican after the 2008 election, I learned a lot that year, which is why I did not vote for Romney. So If WE DO NOT BEGIN TO STAND AND MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD (PEACEFULLY), THEN I’M AFRAID WE WILL LOOSE WHAT LITTE WE HAVE LEFT OF OUR FREEDOM, and OUR COUNTRY.

  • specialops01

    America needs to wake up, and SOON, before obama and his group of hitlerites, liberals, socialists, commies, or whatever else they may be known as take our country over, and our freedoms will be gone, possibly forever. And before anybody tries to play the race card, I am talking about all those in his administration, (oriental, white,black,hispanic,asian,middle eastern, male, female, other, etc)  who fit into the above categories.

  • Delawarejack

    The New York Marxist Times is so important to America that we should listen and agree with everything they say .. oh wait .. are they still in business ?  .. Oh that’s right .. they are losing their shirts .. yep .. everyone needs to listen to this creaky, ancient dying liberal cesspool of ” news ” … yeah .. right ..   LMAO !

  • Mike

    What else is the American public going to do..just like always, they are gonna sit on their hands and WHINE!! That’s all they’ve done for the past 20 years!! Why would they change now? And you think they haven’t been sitting on their hands and whining..just look at D.C!! And the only freedom’s you deserve…are the ones your willing to FIGHT FOR!!

  • gwedem5995

    We should strictly adhere to the Constitution.  I think it is as relevant as when it was written.  The founders came to America to get away from government control, and now Obama is leading us back to what they came here for.

  • ace

    The NEW YORK tIMES IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BUNCH OF LYING Democrats they both are big liars and for cuuuption !!!!

  • Ruby F

    that’s the truth

  • del

    old ginsberg should be in a nursing home…kagan should be ousted from government as she was put in by an impostor squatting in the white house.  Every bit of the crap made into “law” is not legit because the impostor is not legit….We must get rid of all of them his cabinet, czars, appointees, and the other dopeocrats from the 111th congress who couldnt read bills that they passed until they were opened…..vomit on all of them…what a group of crooks and idiots

  • Matron663

    If the president does not respect our constitution , and the bill of rights , then , why did he swear to uphold it at his swearing in to the highist office in the land ? because he doesn’t RESPECT US as a PEOPLE ! He is a LYING POS ! And I DON”T RESPECT HIM OR HIS cabinet . !

  • Rinaldiem

    Wow we need Ruth Bader Ginsburg telling Syria, Iran and North Korea to not follow our Constitution. Liberals are idiots all the way to the Supreme Court. The NY Times has brainchilds like Krugman  whewww how low can we go.

  • Rinaldiem

    I cancelled Time and Sports Ill. because of their hypocracy. The NY Times is only a liberal rag sheet. Its like listening to Hollywood.

  • Val

    Obama is a menace to the USA, he has done NOTHING good for the country or the citizens, except DRAG the USA down, embarrass all Americans,WASTE 3 years, running all over ,playing golf, taking lavish vacations, and going for fake looking head shots , one for each, worried, praying, business face, and SHOW all 100 big teeth, grins like a ROCK STAR, P.U. such a foul smell he gives off. I believe the Citizens are starting to SEE what the Democrats voted in. And illegal , liar, sneak,voting on bills behind our backs/or as the W.H. says, behind closed doors, He is a SNAKE. and he is really going to start biting EVERYONE who isn’t on his Commie train.. mark my word. He is starting to feel trapped. Just look how he got caught on Video in RUSSIA,trying to making underhanded deals.! Naturally one commie to another. He is selling ALL of us out.He will be slithering into some other place soon, and making a mess there. Oh, what a horrible man he is.He needs to be STOPPED.

  • Rinaldiem

    Liberals/Socialists  Not This Time !!!!  Obama has energized us. we will not allow the tyranny of the Obama Admin/Holder. We The People will no longer be pushed around. We will be more aggressive than Acorn,Move on,Seiu,AFL-CIO. We voted out 750 liberals in 2010.So only 400-500 hunded more to go.
    A Patriot

  • Nellgreen12

    that is the truth but this president we have  is i thank trying with all he can to do away with our constitution and we can not let this go on. 

  • Nellgreen12

    his whole administration  needs out and now not later.  wake up people and quit sleping.

  • Nellgreen12

    simple   he lied

  • Nellgreen12

    Amen   tell it like it is

  • Hotnike

    His mouth is open in the picture which means he is lying again.

  • Rinaldiem

    This is the most important election in our history. Please contact all the peole you know so that are aware of what we face. We kicked out loads of liberals/progressives so lets keep the ball rolling. God Bless America !
    A Patriot

  • NJK

    Ignore them.  Consider the source.

  • Kinggeorge


  • Ggswede

    Oh how they seem to forget,how many of us swore to protect the United States,from ALL enemies,foreign or DOMESTIC ! Warning: keep it up,and it will be time to ” LOCK and LOAD ” !

  • Sharr

    Ginsburg ~ You are an embarrassment to the older crowd.
    You have the first amendment – remember?
    But so do I – so be quiet.

  • The Constitution remains the law of THIS land….those who do not want to follow it…Obama, NY TIMES, congressmen &n woman and any citizen….should go to a country where they thing they can live the way they want to….see how far that get em!

  • Wstj2003

    It seems to me that in the oath of office the president, as well as any other elected official is sworn to protect & defend the constitution. If in fact one turns around & attacks it, that seems would be an impeachable offense. So why has this not been done to any of these clowns? Someone with some balls needs to step up & put that ball in motion! Or are they afraid of comrade obama? 

  • A more clear target than undermining the legitimacy of the Supreme Court is the Obama administration.  To wit, we have a President who is an illegal alien for starters. His administration has broken the law at least 21 times at last count.   

  • The New York Times writer is probably in the employ of George Soros, you know, Obama’s boss. 

  • PAT1612

    You know what, I could not give a rats Rear end what the New York Times or Obama thinks about the SCOTUS. I know that if Obama was to get his way he would surely attempt to change the direction of the SCOTUS. But really, Obama and the N.Y.T. can both take a long walk on a short pier!! If it doesn’t line up with their way of thinking, It’s flawed..Thats their mindset, so to “Heck” with all of them..(Notice I’m trying not to be “Cencored” off the blog!!)

  • Tom Berquist

    Age has nothing to do with our Constitution. The principles on witch these writings are based remain constant through history, the men change….not the principles.

  • Myrtle

    I hope they will felt like I would feel If I were in the shoes of the Supreme Court, forget any mercy that I would have shown them, I’b be completely honest and fair.

  • Wayne

    NYT this kind of reporting I hope you all go bankrupt because you ARE NOT REPORTING NEWS BUT ECHOING WHAT YOU ARE TOLD AND i WOULD NOT PAY A NICKEL FOR YOUR RAG

  • daveveselenak

    Let’s clear the air. It is way,way past time that these communists and their Muslim-Marxist leadre be identified as such! They are what they are and they need to be vetted. WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  • this guy will only turn loose of the power ONE WAY;; TOO BAD IT WILL HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

  • Mike

    The time to LOCK and LOAD is now!!!!  Obama gets a 2nd term and the first thing on his list is revoking the 2nd Amendment.  

  • Wille25

    The disciple of Marxist Socialism has no ethics no morals. Boot him out of the Oval Office and all of the way back to Kenya!

  • Hold_Politicians_Accountable

    All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Recommend it on Facebook, Tweet it. Ask everybody you can to do the same. We need all the signatures we can get.
    What we need is http://www.petition2congress.com/6195/congressional-reform-act-to-fix-congress/

  • Wille25

    What have you done lately to shape the votes and decisions of your congressman? I don’t mean that critically. There are however too many frustrated Americans, real patriotic folks who complain to each other or in forums such as this yet do nothing else to change the tide of this administration and the congress. Phone, email, write, fax go visit your congressional delegation and slam them hard with what you expect them to do or else they will never hold political office again. If they hear enough protests and outrage to clog their mail, email fax and phone systems they will listen and comply. Wishing seldom yields any results. I hear your plea and I agree with you. Now go and act and enlist everyone that you can to do the same thing. 

  • Ssilv48

    Nanny, I agree, we need to vote all the wimps out of office. It is the republicans that are not doing their jobs. This mans crudentials should have been checked out before he ran for president, it is not to late, but now we have forged federal documents with obomas name on it. He needs to be investigated, he is not above the law, the repuicklicans need to take off their dresses and put the pants back on.

  • zdp52

    This is the compelling argument for voting Obama out of office.  Another Obama term and the Constituion will be history!

  • Jthres

    The socialists would be glorified if they could trash our constitution. If Obama is re-elected there will be an assault on all of our freedoms. The dictator in charge wants all Americans to bow down to him and give up all of our individual rights. He can take his socialist agenda and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Harold

    Kagan, if she had any morals at all would recuse herself. The ‘new york times, (alias Pravda) is nothing but a socilaist rag. Ginnsberg if she had any character at all would resign, since she took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and then goes to other countries and as mach as sys she doesn’t believe in it.  Impeach, Kagan, Ginnsberg!

  • Rolobrad

    The most conservative Court in decades???  Of the nine justices, four are politically committed to the left – there’s never any doubt how Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayer, and Kagen will vote.  The only debate by those who study the Court concerns the five justices appointed by Republican Presidents: will one or more align themselves with the four liberal members of the Court?  When the Court comes out of the chute with a 45% liberal vote in the bag before any of the justices who can reasonably be swayed by the law cast a vote, I would contend that the Court is liberally biased, not conservative.

  • Greg137

    Maybe the New York Times can be renamed the Death Panel Times! Those liberals are nothing, but a bunch of spoiled cry babies who want to micro manage everything to death! YOU AND ME included! We DON’T WANT OBAMACARE!!!! NUFF SAID! They should rename New York New Amster”damn”  or they could just rename it  the city of the New Damned, then the New York(pork) Times would be called the New Damned Times!!!  The liberals are lost in the dream world of their own delusions!! May the U.S. Constitution forever stand tall and proud(and stomp the liberals into the dirt for a change)!

  • Jack Parker

    Any SCOTUS judge that does not vote that Obamacare is unconstitutional should be reacalled and tried for treason (on the basis of incompetence, supidity and terminal naivety).

  • Jack Parker

    The big problem is that over half the voting public is on some gov’t give away program.  Do you really expect them to vote for less benefits?

  • reneeca

    Been a staunch Republican all of my life but am registering Independent this year! I am tired of the RHINO”s the Republican party is always offering us. It’s time for a true Conservative to take office and not someone just because they have payed their dues and are in elitists in the party! GOP loves bureaucracy just as mush as the Dems do and not much will change except to be shuffled around. No president, even as Republican, will willingly give back acquired powers, Intrusive with even new bureaucracies will continue to proliferate and expand. Such is the “Good Ole Boy” network in Washington DC with the same old power structure. We need REAL change!

  • Lk20850

    And then suddenly we get the announcement that Chrysler whom we taxpayers bailed out is going to build a plant in Russia!

  • guest

    so who will you vote for?  There are only 2 choices actually.  Granted Obama is way too far left, but regardless of whether or not you believe Romney is not to the right enough, Obama has to be defeated or all is lost.  The republicans in the House are fighting to steer us to the right, but they are overwhelmed by the number on the left.  Obama is riling up the black vote with this Trayvon event to get them out to vote.  If we want to go more right, every single vote must go to the Republican nominee.

  • Celia J.

    THE NEW YORK TOILET PAPER  is on its way out. I wouldn’t even use it to toilet train my puppy.

  • Scooby200245601

    We can fax Congress, Supremes and Whitehouse notice that WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT COMPLY regardless of their ruling. 

  • Scott

    Amen to that, everything this administration is doing is calculated just like trayvon being killed, the blacks need to wake up and understand thet are being used as pawns in the liberals game of class warefare and race baiting, but I digress this administration would be singing a diferent toon if the Supreme Court would have sided with them. If you resist the left they attack you, demonize you, ridacule you, discredit you, all part of the SAUL ALINSKY  blueprint look it up. They are so transparent  please take these clowns for what they are evil, morally bankrupt, soldiers of socialism and the must be stomped out now or never, this is truely the tipping point for America and these leftist loons know it.

  • Scott

    I will say this to you Ssilv48 it is true that the Republicans are partly to blame but where the real blame lies are the democrats they had control of both the Senate and House and it was their job to investigate Obama and McCain and they did investigate McCain exstensively just not Obama do you know the congress tried to change the laws something like 7 to 10 times prior to the 2008 elections of the citizenship requirements to be President why do you think that is? Because they new this was coming and they were going to get this evil socialist in their by hook or crook, if you don’t belive it look it up. My point is they are all wothless and there are only a few in office whom have any real morals and values the time has come to take what is ours and put an end to this madness that is the Government and show them what we do with traitors. I better stop here im sure big brother is watching!

  • Scott

    So true I have been getting Time magazine by no fault of mine through the mail for about a year know didn’t order it just started coming to my house. The first thing I do when I open the mail box and see the new  liberal magazine Time filled with liberal BS is take it with both hands, and tear it in two, and put it the recycle bin and fight the urge to wipe my butt with it!


    Liptek is, of course, playing the old coin-flip ruse, “Heads-I-win-Tails-you-lose”  Kagan should have recused herself from the Obamacare hearing because of her involvement in the bill draft.  Ginsburg has an agenda that is, well, one-armed:  the left one.  She is above her head, and out of her league.  I wonder what she did to whom to get the position.  Sotomayor is giddy with the rare air of the Court.  HOW DID WE LET THE HIGHEST COURT OF THE NATION GET TO THIS STATE?  Thank God — Who gives ALL power — there are wise, intelligent heads present to keep the tantrum children from getting their unconstitutional way.  May Roberts, Scalia and Thomas be well and prosperous!


    Quit complaining and take the fight to your elected officials and get the job done. I propose and so can you use this to send to your elected official: 

    New Article XXVII:  Anyone, attempting to remove, modify, alter or make less effective or take away the “Bill of Rights or any Articles from I to XXVI” of the Constitution of the United
    States of America will be charged with the crime of Treason.

    If you can make this proposed amendment any better than I can please do so and get your trustworthy elected official to put this in our Constitution of the United States.

    I have been trying to get this proposal to Ron Paul but have no luck in doing so. No address.
    He is a Constitutionalist.

    Regards Ladies and Gentlemen, let the fight begin!

  • Londis1

    If  the constitution is not legal that means the Present is not legal
    so we don’t have to obey him or his directives. That will lead to  disorder
    which will have the Arm Service step in and take over the goverment till we

    can organize anew goverment

     E. J. Kues

  • Then I would say that it is time for us Patriots to stop being so nice and start attacking back.  Step on the Progressive’s as you would a cockroach!

  • Sclasson

    FANTASTIC NANNY,you have hit it on their heads,it is time for the GOD fearing majority to do away with this democrap communism and get the MAJORITY back doing something instead of sitting on their ass,these damn humans we sent to congress are SCARED to do anything or they are with those communists.
    it seems to us that those repubs are sitting in the corner of their room and deficateing in their pants because they are to scarred to get up….
    we will have to change this damn communist boys our selves,this damn illertier doj won’t prosecute those damn little panthers for the threat of bounty ,if it was the KKK you can bet he would do something them.


  • Citizen1vote

    If the supreme court judges were not corrupt and supported the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they would demand and force kagan to recues herself from the obamacare case. They are not honest so there for I think obamacare will pass, then we will be way down the road to socialism to far to turn back. If obama is reelected he will be your ruler for the nexr 30 to 40 years.

  • ginsburg will be dead and briar will be insane in a few years…we just need to block obama from retaining the presidency and line the court with strict constitutionalists. that’s the way we need to roll…

  • Dlarochellemd

    The Progressives have a disdain for our Constitution. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, and now Obama have tried to shift our country to the Marxist left by giving away our values for more socialism.

  • SUSANM621


  • specialops01

    Well Susan, their families probably could care less because they are also part of the problem.  As the saying goes, “when you sleep with dogs, you get fleas”. And just to clarify some of the comments i have heard, I don’t have anything against a person in OUR country LEGALLY. However, those in OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY, regardless of where they are from, need to be rounded up and deported immediaately. Additionally, if thill; have one helluva job to do trying to striey are receiving any type of public assistance, that should be stopped because they are receiving it ILLEGALLY since they are in the country illegally which is a federal crime, which should prefent them from receiving anything from the taxpaying citizens of America. obama has made a mockery of our established immigration system and laws. And I suspect the reason he wants to change them is because that would make him a “legal citizen” from his current status.  He is a threat to the freedom and security of America and the sooner he is gone the better off we will be. And whoever gets elected as POTUSA will have one helluva job to do in order to clean up his mess.

  • SUSANM621

    2ND. TIME I WROTE THIS?.. ok i’m ready to take our country back, what , where, how are we going to get this off the ground…..we need a leader…….NOW……START IT AND WE WILL COME.

  • Hold_Politicians_Accountable

    All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Recommend it on Facebook, Tweet it. Ask everybody you can to do the same. We need all the signatures we can get.
    What we need is http://www.petition2congress.com/6195/congressional-reform-act-to-fix-congress/

  • Obama is Woodrow Wilson in blackface.

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