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The Truth Behind Unemployment Statistics

By Frank McCaffrey — We are hearing that unemployment is at 8.3 percent. But there is more to it…a lot more to it. Here’s ALG’s Robert Romano to explain.

  • moose2moose

    If you need the truth, DO NOT ask or read anything from your US government where lies, deception and corruption are their “SOP” STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for their power, money and greed at our expense.

  • Carlee44

    He is right. The common man on the street knows this. We may not know the numbers but we knew the govt numbers are bogus.

  • Counting every jobless person no matter how long he or she has been jobless the real
    jobless according tp Skousen is 23%. Thats a lot more than 8.3%. Obama loves to use FUZZY MATH!!!!

  • JessAsking

    How are these numbers calculated any different from how prior terms unemployment rates were tallied? There not. Its always been bogus data and now unused metrics are used to sandbag the current statistics. So what’s your point for providing the your data? How about the data for all past GOP’s and Dems that sat in office? People in glass houses…

  • Nellgreen

    will obama ever learn how totell the truth? dont thank so he has lied so much i dont thank he even knows the truth.  oh yes he knows the truth he juist thanks the public is so dum that they dont know the truth.  we are going to have to let him know we are not dum.

  • DocFreeman



  • Frank629

    anyone who believes the figures that come out of this admin. is just plain gullible and very stupid.

  • Harold

    If they told the truth, most of them would be ushered out of Government except those kept in office by the moochers who don’t work, haven’t worked, and don’t plan on working as long as they can get welfare.

  • Chuck

    Bogus numbers? You betcha.  Bogus President, you betcha.  Is there a solution?   YES!   Vote Obama out of office and start rebuilding the economy and clean up the bureaucratic cesspool that pumps out any kind of information the democrats need to continue their march to a socialist government.

  • Celia J.

    Don’t worry –  THOUSANDS of JOBLESS  AMERICANS  will not believe this . They can publish all sorts of  DATA but they won’t be able to convince a HUNGRY person

  • FloridaJim

    All numbers from Obama are suspect. Obama and his 60’s radical professors, with tenure, in his administration are cooked to give the answer they think Americans want. Unemployment  they say is at 8.3% , no President has been reelected with unemployment over 7.8% so they are “working” the number down to that magic number. they are doing that not through actual job creation but by changing the calculations-they have removed all “unemployed and no- longer- looking” with those added the unemployment number would be 11.3 %! Obama doesn’t do anything honestly he is a “chicago politician” and will stop at nothing using Axelrod, Emanuel, Jarrett and Holdr to accomplish his goals at our expense.

  • It’s time to report real numbers…not just the numbers that are registered and getting a claim no.  It’s time to say, there have been so many claimed for benefits and so many claims that either didn’t or no long qualify for benefits.  THAT would be an accurate number, but they have lied about the figures for so many years they probably are too afraid to admit the real numbers.  It’s like we are too stupid to know that 1 out of ever 5 are not working. They think because they say it we are all dumb and blind and believe what they say….. WRONG!

  • Lrevalee

    The mass national media, including the one on the Right, FOX, keep citing the figures that the White House puts out, when I’m sure that they all know that the figures are not accurate.  A total of 227,000 new jobs were said to have been created in February of this year, and the unemloyment rate remained steady at 8.3%.  No one bothered to mention that a total of 1,427,000 new (initial) claims for unemployment insurance were filed.  That is common practice these days, and we are never told the truth by those we depend on for accurate information.  Besides the fact that they never reveal the number of new jobless claims, they do not count those who have used up their unemployment benefits as being unemp;loyed.  They want us to believe that those poor souls who have nothing, have just faded away.  What has happened to our once great country, and what has happened to We The People who don’t seem willing to do anything about it.  Don’t those who support the present administration realize that they will be nothing but slaves, the hoi poloi, to the elite ruling class, should Obama be reelected and succeed in his plans?

  • Don39

    You are wrong! The Obama administration changed the perameters! Granted the usurper administration does not have a lock on misinformation. But when the Republican administrations tryed the same tactics they had the socialist media to call them out. They are now all in the tank for the urper!

  • Don39

    Getting rid of Obama is just a start. Cleaning the Senate of intrenched socialist to include RINOs  is critical!

  • Jmanomoly

    learn to spell if you expect to be taken seriously

  • Jmanomoly

    It is not just Obama that likes “fuzzy” math. Every President the U.S. has allowed in office uses “fuzzy” math. Blaming the current administration does nothing. Democrats are not the only group to blame. Democrat or Republican, it does not matter. Obama is a puppet but so were the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, the Reagan’s, and all the rest. 

  • Jmanomoly

         The numbers keep changing because unemployment benefits keep running out. When my benefits ran out I was not allowed to call in or log in to claim anymore, thus I was not an unemployment statistic. This system keeps unemployment rates artificially low. The sheeple of this country (yes, I am talking to most of you) fall for most of what they hear on T.V.. Everyone blames the President… like the President of the United States of America has ever had any real control over policy, give me a break. 
         Furthermore, it is not about listening or ignoring the media; it is about reading between the lines and analyzing the information from multiple sources. This is the only way to get to a clearer picture of what is going on. 
         Most of the postings portray the ignorance of the populace by laying blame at the feet of politicians they do not like with rarely a thought to the root cause of the issue. It is the capitalist hypocrisy that has manifested all of the current economic issues. If thing do not change unemployment is going to be the least of anyone’s worry. Ever hear of Imperialism?


  • Jmanomoly

    So… you are saying that since the government of the U.S.A. accepts the Theory of Evolution then one should follow the ideals of Creationism instead?  Your ignorance and animosity flows onto the screen like runny baby fecal matter.

  • Jmanomoly

         That is a good recommendation, but it will only work if the citizens of this potentially great nation do the same. The people have handed over all their power to the creditor. Creditors now have the authority (in most locations) to determine if you get a place to live or if your eligible for employment. This balance of power gets even more one sided when people refuse to use cash, although cash has its own issues. The key is to stop borrowing money. Stop buying stuff with credit, debit, or check. If you cannot afford to purchase an item by paying in full then you should not be buying it. 
         When I was young borrowing money was considered irresponsible as many of the older crowd can attest to. Now it is considered irresponsible to not borrow money. I am 37 years old and while my credit is technically good it is virtually nonexistent aside from renting (“owning” a house is idiotic because home “ownership” is a illusionary concept) and the student loans I have procured. I have been turned down for jobs because of my lack of credit. There was no check for criminal history at all, which I feel is of more importance.
         It is nice to know that while I am at work my co-workers pay their bills on time but they may be a thief, rapist, pedophile, or just some person who gets angry and beats up their employer. Wonderful criteria for employment. 
         The moral of this story is that as long as you pay your bills on time you can still be a low life A55h01e. That is the “American Dream” right? To consume as much as you can regardless of consequences to others.    

  • Jmanomoly

    Blame game again. Ignorance at it’s best.

  • Jmanomoly

    “Usurper”? Really? Do you even know what that word means?

  • Jmanomoly

    It is also nice to know that many of those created jobs are temporary. I do not consider a construction job to be created when it is strictly temporary. Furthermore, how many of those jobs created had a living wage attached to them? How many jobs were lost by creating those jobs?

  • Jmanomoly

    You ignorance impresses me. Name one thing about capitalism that has brought about anything good for the average joe other than debt? Blame goes both ways. While a Democrat may be to blame now but what about last term? Republicans and Democrats are like professional wrestlers. It is all blood and spit in front of the camera but behind the scenes they are lounging together smoking Havanas, sipping 50 year old scotch, and laughing at YOUR ignorance. Get a clue and an education and off your high horse.

  • Jmanomoly

    You must be looking in the mirror

  • pbrown85355

    Every time you post, ignorance is being shown by you. Just another, not smarter than a 1st grader, and that is a dig against the 1st grader. Yo
    moma no’s better, even if you don’t.

  • pbrown85355

    There you go again, total ignorance on your part. Anything impress a fool. What about last term, ” lower % of unemployment than obozo and 4.5 trillion less debt than obozo, 14 million less unemployed than obozo, that’s right let’s talk about last term. Was it great? NO, but was it this bad? Hell NO.

  • pbrown85355

    You must not own a mirror, or you wouldn’t be on here.

  • pbrown85355

    What the hell are you talking about? When you were young – 37, you are young butthead. It isn’t about having credit, it’s about paying you bills when they are due. You haven’t a clue about home ownership, obvious from you rambling. 37 and no credit, you must learn to pay as promised or this type of thing happens, oh my. So from your post you are a low life A55h01e, right.

  • pbrown85355

    None of them has spent 4.5 Trillion in only 3 years, that’s right none.

  • pbrown85355

    Your one to talk, that’s like calling the kettle black. Then again, you probably don’t know what that means anyway.

  • pbrown85355

    Clean your pie hole.

  • Don39

    Your ignorance speaks volumns for itself. I have no words to waste on you. The readers can decide. I do sauggest that other readers click on your profile to review your recent prolific posting activities. It is rich with clues!

  • Rollonne

    It is the “capitalists” who paid you to not work, you stupid idiot.

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