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TransCanada moves forward to build the southern half of Keystone XL pipeline…Obama says “OK”

By Rebecca DiFede

In Jan., Obama made a big show of vehemently denying requests to build a Keystone XL pipeline, which would have created thousands of jobs and helped restore to the sluggish economy.

The funny thing is, Obama only controls three inches of the Keystone pipeline — the three inches that cross the US/Canada border. The majority of the pipeline, existing from the border to Alberta and from Cushing, OK to Port Arthur, TX is out of his jurisdiction.

However despite that fact, he vetoed the entire project because he (and his environmental supporters) believe that those jobs, since they are going to support oil instead of his preferred “green” energy, the jobs are now “dirty”. He refused to even consider it, and even lobbied the Senate against it.

Last month TransCanada, the company behind the project revealed plans to move forward with the southern half of the Keystone pipeline without Obama’s permission. They don’t need his approval to start building in Cushing, which just so happens to be the president’s third stop on his two day energy tour.


On Thursday, President Obama has decided to “approve” the move, and release plans to supposedly cut the red tape and expedite construction of the pipeline. What a sudden change of heart from our illustrious president, especially because of the ardent public outrage he originally displayed for the issue.

As recently as Mar. 8, the president was lobbying against the GOP fast track bill for the Keystone XL pipeline and now, a mere 22 days later, he is giving the green light to the southern portion of the exact same project. One that, as we’ve already established, doesn’t need his approval to proceed.

I suppose in this pre-election time, Obama wants all the attention he can get, and this stunt is surely an attempt to win him favor with some on-the-fence Democrats. By giving a very public thumbs up to this project, he hopes that when it is finalized, he will get credit for making good on one of his promises. As if his too-little-too-late announcement is going to allow everyone to forget how much time and money he spent arguing for this project’s dismissal.

All ploys aside, this is a low move, even for him. President Obama’s seeming endorsement of TransCanada’s decision was summarized best by Brendan Buck, Press Secretary to Speaker John Boehner, who said: “This is like a governor personally issuing a fishing license.” Or a mother telling her adult son not to get a tattoo, only to give her approval when he comes home with one.

Neither has the right to issue such an approval, and knows it, but feels the need to assert dominance anyway, as if to say “I see what you’re doing over there. No, I don’t like it. But hey, since you’re doing it anyway, who am I to stop you?”

The president just wants to focus attention on him, especially in the wake of the primaries, and he figured the best way to do it was to ride TransCanada’s bandwagon all the way to the polls. However this does pose one problem, he has become that which he has always aspired not to be: a flip-flopper.

Sure, he’s gone back and forth on issues before, all politicians do. But never before in his presidency has he gone on such a direct public tirade against an issue, only to give it credence once he realized he couldn’t stop it from being done.

He cannot stand to not have control of every aspect of America, and when TransCanada announced their plans to trudge into Oklahoma without him, waving their tails in his face as he visited the state, he had to fight back. He knew they didn’t need him, and feeling left out he gave them his “blessing”, framed by his ever-present Cheshire cat grin.

After all, in this administration, everyone’s mad here.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

  • Alpha_grower

    That would be the result of Harry Reid’s glasses and whatever the hell Joe Biden is on.

  • Sharr


  • Sharr


  • jpjones23

    The decision to build the Southern portion of the pipeline is a states issue.  The feds have NO say, especially the wanna be emperor-in-chief.

  • RubyBlu

    Arrogance to the highest degree!  He refuses to believe that we are on to him – more arrogance.  He refuses to believe he is a one term president – even more arrogance.  LET’S PROVE HIM WRONG!!

  • Obammer can burn algae in his limo if he wants, but he had better understand that the people of this country will not! This guy is a born loser and needs to be dumped in November. I am just wondering if he will declare martial law if he loses.

  • Dean

    Obama is the biggest fake for a president.  He now takes credit for allowing to build the portion of the pipeline he had no control over.  And people will be stupid enough to give him credit.  He spins everything to the point that everything becomes a lie.

  • Dean

    I hope not.  If he does he’ll screw it up and we will be in 24 hours of darkness.

  • Dean

    I’m sure the martial law idea has crossed his mind.  It crossed my mine already as early as June 2011.

  • Just another arrogant ploy to try to gain votes. I still can not understand why our elected officials that are suppose to represent us have not done the proper investigation to prove Obama was not legally able to run for president. He and the people that responsible for certifying a candidate should be in prison.

  • Hold_Politicians_Accountable

    All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve.
    What we need is http://www.petition2congress.com/6195/congressional-reform-act-to-fix-congress/

  • Hold_Politicians_Accountable

    We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term.
    Uphold Our Constitution. http://www.petition2congress.com/6251/we-people-demand-full-scale-investigation-eligability-requirement/

  • Yoopercab

    It’s possible, Robert G.  The executive orders that he has already declared are incredibly un-American and the media is with him.  We don’t hear any arguments, much less the announcements of it.  The gall that he would say today in Oklahoma (where workers that  put the Alaska pipeline together came from) that oil will continue to be part of energy policy. He took credit for the southern part of Keystone pipeline but has nothing to do with it and just forbid the pipeline from going on, then blamed Republicans and says he wants to get thru the red tape and congress blocking …. blaa blaa blaa.  People really believe the jackass too.   New slogan that should be on bumper stickers.   OIL IS ORGANIC.

  • J42ERRY

    what kind of joke is this ass trying to pull what good is half of a pipe line NONE

  • EdinNola

    Truly a case of “Thanks for nothing”?

    Get out there and work to end Obama’s rein of terror.  Talk to your friends and his.  Take no quarter – this is evil incarnate.

    OMG – Obama Must Go

  • websmith

    So, Canada can sell us more oil. Don’t do us anymore favors.

  • We maybe don’t need the ois but we sure as hell need the jobs.

  • You have got that right, it could be Martial Law and the elections canceled as this guy has a brain like Hitlers.

  • Rich

     Just like he tried to take credit for the actions of Seal Team Six!

  • reneeca

    Obama has no jurisdiction on this pipeline and now claims it as if he had anything to do with it? He couldn’t stop it if he tried! The man is truly delusional or thinks we are all stupid!

  • Remington 870

    Obama thinks we are stupid and therefor he can make an insane statement that he approves half the pipeline, and we the stupid will applaud his greatness. It is obvious by his own words, Obama is a low life capable of saying and doing anything for votes. He will flip flop till the sun don’t rise no mo.

  • Duane Harbeson

    Robert…Don’t you belong to the third largest ARMY in the world? THE ARMED AMERICANS…….Martial law can only work if  – YOU and I –  let him disarm us…..(if not please go buy a gun, it is what keeps our Gov. in line)…..

  • Of course old lying dumbo had to get involved.  The truth of the matter is that this part of the pipeline had already been approved.  Odumbo does not have any control over this area of the building of the pipeline.  Another lie.  This idiot has got to go.

  • Sara

    Just listen to how Obama speaks,so eloquently,so many people just eat this stuff,he has them all so fooled. It will be up to the rest of us who realize pretty words will not make it so.We need to hush this man up NOW, We do not need to wait until Novemeber. He is trying to fool us now and so many others who want some of this easy  money,whether they have to work for it or not. I wish someone in Washington had the nerve to stand up to him.

  • TerryHaryett

    That’s like kicking a door open that’s not even locked.

  • Greg137

    We get to build only only the lower half  of the pipeline???????  Listen up folks!  THIS IS GOVERNMENT MIND AT WORK…  You see why I think they oughta just make a wall around washington, and hang asign on it which reads- WASHINTON D.C. DISTRICT OF THE INSANE! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  • Vjiva

    How can HE declare martial law, if he LOSES?

  • Vjiva

    The company would NOT build it IF it wasn’t beneficial to the company. Private business can’t print and spend money like Obama does. There is oil being TRUCKED from “states” to the gulf area for processing, right NOW.

  • Juncmale

    You can expect a “terrorist” attack (AKA a “false flag”) attack on America to allow him to declare the implementation of Martial law just before the elections. They did the same thing when he bragged about more permits for offshore drilling just before the Gulf Oil disaster which coincidentally allowed him to sell out deep water platforms to South America without even a whimper from the liberal blog-a-sphere or the lame stream media. Hollywood is scripting everything this “President” is doing. My God Tom Hanks is such an ass and democratic butt kisser for doing that propaganda piece for Obama. Watch the Goebels Experiment and you will see what this administration is modeled after. Hitler!

  • Snuffysmith

    I agree with your analysis of the Obama presidency. It is a sham. Regarding Hollywood and communism; does anyone remember Joseph McCarthy?  Hollywood was founded with the funding of the communist government of Cuba, which was a puppet for the Soviet Union. Trafficante provided funds for Hollywood which was already filled with scumbag liberals like Sean Penn to start a propaganda machine that once McCarthy was out of the way, was allowed to run wild polluting the minds of our younger generations. Not only that the teachers unions and almost all of our Universities and Colleges are active breeding grounds for socialist/communist organizers. The Demoncraps are morally corrupt and brainwashed so badly they do not even see they are just pawns in a bigger game. The “cold war” never ended, it just took on a new form called Hollywood entertainment. No wonder the Indy films are kicking their butt in the rental market. America is tired of their propaganda.

  • Celia J.

    Since this project already got started , NO THANKS to him , he wants to get credit for it. All the KOOL AID  drinkers will be praising him  but he under estimates the INTELLIGENCE of the rest of us. What a CON ARTIST !

  • In November they should be able to stand  up to him. I hope and pray.

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