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Mom’s couch is getting crowded as youth unemployment soars

By Rebecca DiFede — Anyone with a functioning brain and a TV knows the economy is disintegrating faster than a newspaper in the rain, and this counts double for those out scouting for a new job.

The recent college graduates, that sparkling, eager group of new additions to the workforce are finding it harder and harder to procure employment now that they have received their diplomas. And if by chance they do find someone to hire them, it is usually a job that falls far below their qualifications.

In fact, according to Associated Press, 50 percent of recent graduates are under- or unemployed.

Unfortunately, this statistic isn’t very surprising. As a recent college graduate myself, I know that a lot of my friends have struggled to find jobs, and many are still searching.

It’s quite disheartening to come out of the secluded world of college and fight tooth and nail trying to find a way to support yourself, and the times are only getting worse.

An astonishing amount of recent grads have even had to move back in with their parents because of the fact that they are unable to afford their own place without a stable job.

The majority of available jobs that are above the “Do you want fries with that?” category are being fought over by not just recent college graduates but masters and doctoral graduates who were fired or are looking to make more money, and so the pool of available work is getting smaller by the day.

The most interesting part of this situation is that the very people who were Obama’s biggest supporters are the ones who are suffering the most from his mistakes.

The young adult demographic, who once held up our illustrious president in the highest of regards, now have started to lower their standards as their hearts, wallets and gas tanks are running on empty.

Maybe in the coming months, with the election hot on our heels, Americans can stand up for what we need and demand results. Hopefully they can find enough change to take the bus to the polling place on election day.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

  • Jmortensen

    Yep! our kids have followed the “Pied Piper”
    He took them right over the Cliff ..”We the People” need to get it right this time .. Vote Folks .. we can’t take another 4 years of this Nation busting administration ..

  • It’s not just the economy. The economy is bad thanks to the government but, also thanks to the government, our kids don’t expect and don’t have a desire to have to work.  We now have the worst government in the world which has destroyed the best and most robust economy in the world. That uia quite a feat but, they  did it.

  • bob570

    I’ve hired more then a few College grads in my time, it used to a good thing. However anymore you spend the several years re-educating them with such minor things as, Businesses are not normally run by criminals, they work for us not the other way around, what ever we do is not destroying the Planet, sexual assault in the work place is taboo, even if you are qualified, you still have to work for to keep the job. In the free enterprise system we can’t force our customers deal with us, we have to earn their trust. And last but not least we’re a business not an employment agency.

  • DocFreeman

    What can anyone expect when we the people allowed the
    government to take over our schools.  They
    are brainwashing our kids daily.  Have
    you read through your kid’s school books?  You will find that our nation’s history has
    been so altered that you would never know it was the history of America.   The books are written, published, and taught
    by progressive/socialist.  Until we the
    parents demand our State government stands up tells the federal government that
    the State is repealing it’s authorization for the federal government to take
    over education we will continue down this deep hole of socialism.  Remember we have a government of the people,
    by the people and for the people.  Write
    your governor and State congress people and tell them to pass a law protecting
    our kids from the federal government and its socialist ways.

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