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New Report Says Reid’s Senate Is Lazy, But They Have Had Fun Too!

By Frank McCaffrey — The Secretary of the Senate has released an embarrassing report on our Senate. We have found that these guys are apparently immune to embarrassment. Check out our take on Harry Reid’s U.S. Senate.

  • TeaBag vote

    Why should Reid get in the way of the presidential edicts and Czars.   The Senate’s job is to contain the House efforts to do their business.

  • Hold_Politicians_Accountable

    All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Recommend it on Facebook, Tweet it. Ask everybody you can to do the same. We need all the signatures we can get.
    What we need is http://www.petition2congress.com/6195/congressional-reform-act-to-fix-congress/

  • Why is it so hard to get Reid out of the Senate, as well as Dick Durbin. Both of these men need to go and never get involved in public office again as they are a detriment to our nation and the states they allegedly represent.

  • Include Sherrod Brown of Ohio in that list too.  I have looked up his record and about the only thing he supports is giving taxpayer money away.

  • Mahunnicutt

    Our House of Representatives and Senate are negligent in not passing a budget,
    and they are doubly negligent in allowing any US president to make their political agenda into laws that give them dictatorial powers over US citizens…by Executive Order! 

    Congress would do better if they focused only on “balancing” the power of this  president and his Czars and ended all law-making by Executive Orders and prevented the Attorney General of the US from his frivolous pursuits of initiating lawsuits against states who don’t want dictators in Washington (of any branch of government) to run their affairs!

    The job of Congress and the president is NOT to TAX so that they can SPEND and DICTATE to citizens.

    Further, the job of Congress & the President is NOT to enable and legislate themselves and prospective voter / non-citizens to have more rights, privileges & protections than the citizens they are sworn to serve. 

    The first thing that should be cut is lawmakers and presidential benefits and perks — right along with cutting and preventing the replacement of ANY CZARS, by any name!
    If Congress can’t or won’t do the job, then let them work without pay or quit!  They currently do far more harm than good anyway!

    When a president’s lawyer effectively & daringly argues away a forged birth certificate & his legitimacy as a president in another version of “It depends on what IS is!”,
    and when the judge presiding allows it,
     we should know we’re again mired in deep trouble with yet another “man” who’s addicted to the Power of his position–and all those he buys through “benefits” and “rewards” of catering to him. 

    SHAME on HIM, THEM & on US for allowing these parasites to make decisions for us.

    Lazy?  Not when it’s to their own advantage!  Parasites breeding parasites?  Undoubtedly!

  • Don

    If you will look at all of this SOB Dirty Harry Reid you will find that he does less work than most even though he is the leader of the Senate but he makes sure to be there when it is time to vote for another pay raise for congress. He takes kick backs and bribes from the Lobbyist’s he does insider trading in fact he made most of his Multi Million dollar bank accounts after he became a Senator and there is no doubt that some is in off shore accounts and Swiss Bank Accounts. Dirty Harry can’t seem to find the time to pass a budget in order to know jest how Broke our Government is he never try’s to balance the check book he jest keeps writing the checks and has never even looked at the check book register to see how much he has been spending at any time because he feels that the checking account of We the People has an endless spending limit so when he sees something he wants he jest takes out the credit card of We the People and charges it and he has never looked at the statement at any time to see what he is spending. 

  • Amen thank you

  • yes he needs to go

  • del

    Old reid was illegally elected by phony voting machines and ovomit’s thug union idiots

  • frankiealtsman

    To Mahunnicutt:  The House of Representatives DID put forth a budget and Harry Reid refused to bring it before the Senate.  Blame many of the woes of Americfa on Harry Reid.  He is an evil looking old man who cares nothing for this country.

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