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Obama Can’t Name Supreme Court Case For His ObamaCare Argument!

By Frank McCaffrey — In a sad moment, our President could not come up with a good example to back up his argument that the Supreme Court can’t strike down ObamaCare! This so-called legal wizard ended up looking unwizardly.

  • Conniek31

    Gotta GO … the big O!!

  • rbblum

    Beginning to believe that it is ‘most plausible’ that what was published while at the Harvard Law Review under the name ‘Obama’ could very well have been written by a ‘ghost writer’.

  • a g

    It is high time the American people be given the pleasure of viewing Obama’s school records.

  • Don39

    Obama can not offer any honest justification for anything he does. He gets by with it because the media is in his and his supporting financiers pocket or has their collective heads up their behinds, I firmly believe mostly the latter, since the inept accidentally get it right on occasion!

  • Don39

    They can not produce what does not exist, and what does is such obvious frauds as his so-called birth records.He is barely educated and intelligent enough to play the Soros/leftist puppet5 that he is. Everytime he does something on his own it is a circus and a collosal mistake!

  • My understanding is , he was not a constitutional professor, but rather a guest speaker.

  • elmerck1

    He is pitiful.He cannot speak without his prompter,  his teleprompter.

  • 1harry1

    Fire Obama If my lawyer made as many mistakes as he does I would find another and that is what we need to do ASAP

  • Mr. McCaffery is dead wrong, it’s not a sad moment, IT’S AN OUTRAGEOUS MOMENT!

  • WhiteFalcon

    Obama can’t name a Supreme Court case to support Obamacare becuuse there isn’t one.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Yeah, but it is getting closer.

  • Ricardo36


  • reneeca

    Obama has been exposed as the impostor he is! Show me your school records President Obama! What a phony!

  • turtleman2222

    Have you ever seen anything that was published uner his name? I sure haven’t!

  • Greg137

    Does Obama have a brain? or did years of drugs fried that gey-matter of his? Either Naruto or Ash Ketchum(both are morons) would be better qualified for president than Obama…  Is Barack Obama even his real name? How do we know if the real Barack Obama didn’t die from a drug over-dose? Or maybe Obama Bin Laden hired some one else to go to school for him? We know he has no soul, because know one has seen it lately(like Bill Clinton)…  How do we know if Obama is human or a robot, I mean he can’t even put a sentence together without his teleprompter! Who came first “Mooch”ele Obama or the teleprompter? I am, thinking his teleprompter!

  • Dualfours77

    what else would you expect from americas first black house clown

  • gwedem5995

    He is just another educated idiot.

  • Robertg24744

    Let’s face it…I am sooooo ashamed to admit that Obomber is our president. He is as illegal as the O’Care bill he has “pushed” through. This Kenyan and the First Bitch are total assholes and are a total disgrace to this nation.  

  • JLM

    I think you are being a bit tough on the community organizer and constitutional scholar.

    First, he does not have much real world experience and you should understand and reflect that in your harsh views. What can you expect him to know?

    Second, the notion that he is some kind of great scholar — constitutional or otherwise — is unrealistic. He was an adjunct professor of law at Chicago University. That is not a tenure tract nor is it where one would place the best legal or teaching talent. It is a “heat in the seat” position. So, you are being ugly and mean to suggest he is a scholar.

    Third, he is a ruthless politician of the Chicago machine school. He was able to unseal divorce records of his opponents after taking a thrashing at the hands of Bobby Rush. He is a political thug, so the notion that he would not resort to his core values when dealing w/ the SCOTUS is not realistic. He will run against them, bash them and beat them senseless particularly because they will not and cannot fight back.

    Fourth, he cannot run on his record. Even his most ardent supporters recognize that. Who wants to discuss the economy, deficits, budgets, taxes, gasoline prices, jobs, pipelines and other dreary subjects on which he is wrong and wrong headed. Even he cannot defend himself — certainly not w/ the truth but even with lies, it is tough.

    Last, the guy gives a great speech and he has some considerable command of the Internet, social media and messaging. So, you are going to hear a lot of “visionary” stuff because the record stuff is very bad.

    Give the guy a break, he is working with what he has. Lighten up on him.

    What are you SOBs looking for anyway — integrity, truth, competence? Go bark up another tree because Pres Obama is not going to deliver on that stuff. Get realistic.

  • Scottsheffer

    He is a stupid man. Totally ignorant about moral conduct and ethical behavior tha president must have, This is the first and foremost attribute a citizen must look in a man running for office. Ron Paul is the man.

  • jeb37

    I agree with the sentiments here, but good spelling and grammar would probably demonstrate a little more believability.

  • Whitneyforever

    Big on general, small on specifics…. The United States Constitution does not explicitly establish the power of judicial review. 

    This is th efull text of Obama’s pronouncement:
    “Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.

    “And I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.”

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