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Obama’s disapproval rating threatens to swamp his campaign

By Rebecca DiFede — In a nation consumed by the upcoming election, leading GOP candidate Mitt Romney is coming ever-closer to overcoming the campaign king, our illustrious incumbent President Obama.

And according to a Fox News poll, he may be closer than expected.

The poll was pretty extensive, and gives a specific look at how the country is feeling about the president versus the projected GOP nominee. But the general consensus is that despite his previous lead, Obama might have some competition from the Governor from Massachusetts.

The poll has reported that Romney is leading Obama 46-44 percent nationally, which is only the beginning.

Obama’s loudest cheering section, the mainstream Democrats, only report an 80 percent support of his presidency, down from 86 percent last month. This is a fascinating development because despite his faults, Democrats had always been completely infected with Obamarama.

However, perhaps when they look at their dwindling bank accounts, and borderline useless stock projections, they have begun to come out of their daze.

Another group that is important to focus on in this upcoming election are the Independents. Because of the polarization of this election, it’s pretty much going to come down to a popularity contest, and the Independent vote is going to be crucial in deciding a winner.

The Fox News poll reported that 43 percent of independents back Romney as compared to 37 percent who back Obama. With the economy drowning and gas prices soaring to terrifying heights, this collapsing of support is becoming all too common.

In the craziness of this process, Mitt Romney has become a serious contender for the presidency in spite of himself. With Rick Santorum dropping out of the race, and Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul not gaining too much steam, Romney has found himself in the driver’s seat for the GOP nomination.

As a whole, the nation has not been totally sold on Mitt Romney, given his reputation as a flip-flopper, and his seeming tendency to shape his opinions to fit the audience he’s speaking to. But as Democrats slowly pull away from Obama and Republicans begin to realize that there is blood in the water, the anybody-but-Obama enthusiasm grows.

After all, there is no other way to oust him, so in contrast Romney becomes a relatively attractive option.

Ultimately, the November 2012 election is a referendum on Obama. And if those 67 percent of Americans who are unhappy with the direction that the country is going vote to fire him, perhaps they can finally get them some of the change for which they were hoping.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing writer to Americans for Limited Government.

  • DocFreeman

    This is no surprise to all of us that did not vote for
    Obama we knew he was bad news when he never would tell anyone how he was going
    to “Fundamental Change America”.  Now
    everyone knows how and they do not want it. Examples follow:

    •With a national debt of $57.6 Trillion and rising

    •The number of unemployed persons (12.7 million) was “little
    changed in March.”

     •“Among the major
    worker groups, the unemployment rate for adult men (7.6 percent), adult women
    (7.4 percent), teenagers (25.0 percent), whites (7.3 percent), blacks (14.0
    percent), and Hispanics (10.3 percent) showed little or no change.”

     •“The number of
    long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) was essentially
    unchanged at 5.3 million in March.”

    •865,000 discouraged workers in March alone

    •To put this in perspective, if the labor participation
    rate had remained the same during Obama’s tenure in office as it was in January
    2009, there would be 4.7 million more people counted in the workforce.

     If these 4.7
    million people had not dropped out of the workforce in the past three years,
    the unemployment rate reported by the Labor Department would be 10.8 percent.
    Somehow, I don’t think that the Obama campaign would be too excited by this

    •Energy policy gas prices have doubled

    •Budget policy President Obama’s FY 2013 budget plan
    delivers massive tax increases and a fourth consecutive annual deficit
    exceeding $1 trillion with spending that rises from $3.8 trillion to $5.8
    trillion in 2022. That’s no way to plan for the future, especially as America
    faces a near $16 trillion debt and a budget crisis that will cripple Social
    Security and Medicare, while foisting an unbearable tax burden on future

    • Obama’s Economy Has 88 Million “Not In Labor Force

    •Prior to the rather anemic 120,000 jobs created in March,
    the media has been going on and on about the over 200,000 jobs that have been
    created over the previous three months, the actual number of jobs was falling –
    yes, that is right, falling, dropping by an average of about 290,500 per month.


  • Dualfours77

    you are so right he told everyone prices would go up and these idiots still voted for him but also a bunch of fraud voting went on

  • ONCE THE DUST SETTLES IN rEPUBLICANVILLE IT WILL BE  Conservatives 60% liberals 40%. Obamthe Imam is toast. America hates him except for the welfare votes and libtards.

  • Frank629

    obama is a commie enough said . they (liberals) don’t know when to stop!. they will defeat themselves because they don’t know when to shut up .It is happening already . Just let them keep talking LOL.

  • julian8

    We all know the MSM does everything they can to make him look good, his numbers must be really dismall for them to not be able to dress it up more than this.

  • Celia J.

    The only time Obama wins is –  if the election results are tampered with and he has his CHICAGO THUGS and the BLACK PANTHERS  strong arm people during election. I hope the REPUBLICAN PARTY has a plan in place to counter this CRIMINAL ACT. Also watch the GRAVE YARDS – for the DEAD come out to vote.

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