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Obama’s Financial Backers Are A Shady Bunch

By Frank McCaffrey — From those with Mexican drug cartel connections to misogynistic comedians, Obama’s financial backers are an interesting crew. Here now is a look at a few of these money suppliers. Reporter Frank McCaffrey has the story.

  • Monika Murphy46

    They run in gaggles you know!!! Still applicable is the old saying ” you know the birds by their feathers”   You also hang out with people that make you feel at home!! THE SOROS AND OBAMA BROTHERHOOD!!

  • Jantan47

    Kick the scum bag out!

  • Don

    The term of Organized crime has been given to every one but no one wants to check it out so it seems that no one cares that we have a person serving as a sitting President that is involved in organized criminal activity. It odes seem that no one in power could give a damn that the highest office in the land is occupied by organized crime and the hight cop in the land is also a part of the same organization.

  • Oldman

    Hope and Change???? So we’re going from the land of the free to a Marxist Dictatorship. Impeach this clown before it’s too late 

  • Keysclub

    You had me going there until you blamed the Bush financial meldown on Obama. If yall are that blind then I’m going indy. See ya there. How can we win based on hate and delusion?

  • navnerud

    What a load of rubish!

  • Matt

    I – for one – blame the Federal Governmnet as a whole for the meltdown.

  • Coward.

  • Replying to Keysclub below:

    I supose being a community organizer and promotion home ownership
    for people who cannot afford it and backing the Fannies with so much
    cash that the idea can get off the ground and refusing to investigate
    their cash cows in the banks and on Wall Street that gamed the situation
    that somehow that does not make him complaisant in the eventual bust.
    True he was a small part in this mechanism but just like Frank and Dodd
    and all the rest of the progressives in Washington who closed their eyes to
    the unintended consequences of their actions, they all played a roll in the
    financial meldown that took the country to the edge,  And now they are playing
    games at the edge that indeed may push us over.

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