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This town ain’t big enough for the government and its people

Photo credit: Tombstone Chamber of CommerceBy Rebekah Rast — Tombstone, Ariz., has seen its fair share of showdowns—Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral among the most famous.  But there’s a new kind of showdown going on and it’s one the whole town—and the rest of America—can’t afford to lose.

In 2011, the Monument Fire ripped through the Huachuca Mountains in Arizona—land belonging to the U.S. Forest Service.  Following the fire, floods and torrential mudslides destroyed mountain spring water lines to the town of Tombstone.

Approximately one year later, “The Town Too Tough To Die,” is still unable to fix its water lines, affecting 1,500 residents and more than 400,000 annual visitors.

Due to the location of the springs being on a government wild land area, Tombstone residents cannot use the heavy machinery necessary to fix its water supply—Forest Service rules won’t allow it.

So far all the residents of Tombstone have been able to do is file a lawsuit against the Forest Service.

How far will a government agency carry out its rules and regulations before the health of its citizens becomes a viable concern?

The crisis doesn’t end there.  Because of the damaged water supply, an element called arsenic is running through Tombstone resident’s tap water at a higher level than allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Arsenic is semi-metal element, which often finds its way into drinking water from natural deposits in the earth or from agricultural or industrial practices.

If consumed in some side effects include: thickening and discoloration of the skin, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting; diarrhea; numbness in hands and feet; partial paralysis; and blindness. Arsenic has also been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver, and prostate.

Because of these risks, the EPA has set the limit for arsenic in water supplies at .010 parts per million (10 parts per billion).

Not only are residents and tourists alike stuck with a damaged water supply but a contaminated one as well.  By EPA standards, the federal government is poisoning its own citizens because they refuse to allow them to fix the pipelines that bring them safe drinking water.

Unfortunately Tombstone isn’t the only example of this government abuse.  Due to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the U.S. Forest Service, a robust and necessary industry was shut down about 20 years ago over a bird.

The Northern spotted owl was once thought to only be able to survive in old forests, overgrown and unmaintained.  So when it became an endangered special in 1990, and even before, great cutbacks were made in the logging industry throughout California, Oregon and Washington states.  Ironically, the Obama administration recently admitted that the owl still hasn’t made a comeback and so has decided to kill a more dominant owl species in hopes of rejuvenating the spotted owl’s population.

But in the midst of all this, livelihoods of those people and communities that depended on the timber industry were crushed under the government’s heavy environmental hand—and to what avail?

Another area pained by an out-of-control environmentalist agenda by the government is the Central Valley in California.

Agricultural production in the Central Valley accounts for $26 billion in total sales and 38 percent of the Valley’s labor force.  Farmers in this area grow more than half the nation’s vegetables, fruits and nuts.

But in order for these products to grow, the Central Valley needs water — and the past few years the government has been withholding that vital resource.

The problem is the government wants water to be retained in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California’s main water source, to protect a three-inch fish called the delta smelt and other salmon species.  However, not allowing water in the Delta to be shipped south could cut water to the Central Valley, by 300,000 acre feet.  Ironically, there is no evidence that flushing water out to the Pacific actually helps the fish.

Because this is an ongoing case, with the federal government using the ESA to protect the salmon and delta smelt, farmers have already been forced to take severe cuts in their water distribution.

Since farmers don’t know one year to the next how much water they will receive, they must make the difficult decision of what to plant and what once-productive farmlands to leave fallow.  This does nothing but leave this region with some of the highest unemployment in the nation, destroying livelihoods and families.

Again, when will government agencies put their own agendas aside for the health and protection of its people?

The government strangling the lives of its citizens is no small matter and is far too prevalent here in America.

“It’s hard to believe that a government would be willing to keep its citizens in danger or out of work in an attempt to protect a species or area of land,” says Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government (ALG).  “You might see this behavior from a corrupt dictator in another country, but it should never happen in America.”

This showdown has come down to citizens vs. government agencies.  The fact that the government has let it get this far is bad enough. It’s time the citizens put an end to this abuse of power.

Rebekah Rast is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government (ALG) and NetRightDaily.com.  You can follow her on twitter at @RebekahRast.

  • Bplayday

    Agenda 21 again…..you will not live there…look it up.

  • colleenf

    WAY past time to clip the wings of the EPA and the US Forest Service.  

  • Absolutely, it is way past time to clip the wings of the government agencies by first cutting off the wings of the person currently residing in Our Whitehouse.  He has appointed, mostly illegally, the most destructive EPA and like agencies in our nations history.   It is time to assert our Constitutional Freedom and bring America back to greatness.    Our people, agriculture and prosperity are more important than fish, owls or the environment.   Contacting our Congressmen and advising them that they will be voted out unless they govern in accordance with the Constitution is our responsibility.

  • margaretbartley

    The spotted owl was not about spotted owls. The spotted owl is an “indicator species” used as a stand-in for the old-growth forests of the pacific northwest, 99% of which have been clear-cut.  Some of those forests were replaced with genetically-identical second-growth tree-farm trees, many of which died shortly after being planted.  But a tree-farm is not an old-growth forest.  The old growth forests create their own environment, an environment that is necessary for it to survive.  They need the tall trees to bring moisture to the ground.  They need the shaded forest land to sustain the mycillea that are the key to geting nutrients up to those trees with tiny root balls, the trees need the “nursing logs” to provide the nutrients for the next generation.  When those forests are gone, which they mostly are, they are not coming back.  Only the most narrow-minded, ignorant, bought-off dufus would trade another year of clear-cutting profits for the permanent loss of those trees.  Please! Let us keep what little is left of those magnificent forests! 
    They are going to loose their jobs anyway, when the trees are gone.  They just can’t stand to see even one tree left standing.  That’s disgraceful.

  • Brad Kruse

    Actually, I think the problem is understated.

    We should return the US east of the Mississippi back to the  old-growth forests the colonies destroyed.  And return Washington, D.C. back into the native swamp it still resembles, politically.

    I contend it would be simplest to only allow individuals to make political, campaign, and political issue contributions, or to promote political or special interests. Require that every donation and political ad be from a voter registered in the local district. Only voters vote; only voters should be contributing money or trying to influence national and local affairs.

  • Abouna R.

    I would like to know why unelected thugs from the various “alphabet” agencies are permitted to get away with righting, enacting and enforcing laws, rules, statutes and regulations and then shoving them down our throats? I thought the U.S. Constitution gave the legislative powers to Congress, so why are we allowing ourselves to be cowed by a bunch of unelected S S wannabes? So I say that it is high time we put them out of our misery.

  • pduffy

    It’s time for the people to take their land back into their own hands by force if necessary. These people have a right to live and repair their own water lines. I suggest that they elect a sheriff that has the balls to stand up to these thugs, and then seige the area until the lines are repaired. Maybe they can ask Sheriff Joe to come over from Maricopa county to lend a hand!

  • idagney

    If I may point out the obvious, it is the state government which should be acting UNILATERALLY to restore the rights of its citizens. It’s called nullification, and should be used liberally by legitimate state governments to end the tyranny of unelected federal bureaucrats

  • Ljpapadak

    In the mean, I learned that by putting rusty nails in with a sand purifier will that arsenic out of drinking water. The arsenic clings to the rust and then the sand traps the rust.

  • I believe the only way to stop this intrusion into our lives by these government agencies is when the people get tired or fed up enough and take to these government agencies with arms in hand and have an all our revolt. A revolt with arms in hand is the only time a government any government of any nation would actually fear repression of the people.
    Simple protests, lawsuits, or marches by the citizens will never work because the government agencies are always protected by the police forces and they know it and will never fear the people or respect what they are saying until the government agencies actually feel threatened for their very lives, they will never give in to the people’s requests or demands because they the government think they are all powerful and nobody has the right to question their motives or ideas especially the subjects (people) of this nation.
    If the people want government to actually listen to their demands, then they must at the very least threaten to throw these government bureaucrats in these unelected government agencies out of power by a revolt, and the people must stand by one another and not give into the demands of the police to disarm themselves, otherwise the battle will be lost before it even begins.

  • Seabeebobmu2

    Hey, we’ve got chicago style corruption in the w.h.! worse than any dictator on earth!

  • This is why all liberals should be killed. There should be a huge round up of federal employees and just gas all of them. The USA is just a huge clusterf_ck because of the stupid worthless idiots in government; namely federal government but both elected and public sector employed people. They are all worthless, just like obama and the earth would be well served if we turned all of them into food for maggots.

  • Harold

    There is only one thing to say.   “Hiel Obama.”

  • Jamehrn

    The people need to take back our country from the Thugs in Government and by force if nessary.

  • Citizen1vote

    Either animals or people have to go they both can`t survive on the earth together, thank God the dinosaurs are gone. Can you imagine if dinosaurs were alive today and were endangered. I suppose some nut from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) would want to keep them around. The EPA has to be defunded, abolished. States do their own environment. 

  • Projecthiker

    Because we continue to let them, get their asses out of congress and put someone in that will get the job done. I dont know how many times I have said it. But those who complain and whine that nothing is getting done is their own fault. the constitution gave us the right to vote, quit Whining and do something about it.

  • Stella

    Government politics. get rid of everything so the public will have to depend on them. Power grabbing politics. Both of our parties are to blame and this administration is the worse.

  • Stella

     It will take another Civil War and what will that accomplish?

  • 1Mike

    Their water lines are already there which means they have a right of way, they don’t need permission to replace their water lines. I would guess that Tombstone is republican

  • daveveselenak

    I’m with you, pduffy. The time has come for the people to stop the punk*ss communist bureaucrats from bullying us around. They have left no other means to resolve matters civily as they are imposing tyranny down the peoples throats and up their *sses! There comes a time when you have to take the bully on and give him a bloody nose. How hypicritical of them to enforse bullying laws against the decadent queers but have no problem bullying the God fearing and hard working Americans! You are experiencing the rise of the new Hitler, believe me, continue to bend over and expose yourselves and you’ll see the results. People have to start identifying this reprobvate for the MUSLIM MARXIST that he is. How telling is it that they are going to lynch Zimmerman as fast as they can while the killer of about two dozen of America’s finest in the name of Islam has not been brought to justice! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  • Mthammer36

    Why don’t you go ahead and use the heavy equipment to repair your water supply, why do you have to rely on quoting the EPA on arsenic in your water supply. Forget the EPA the forest service ,these people work for us not the other way around. If you need help in holding the forest service or the justice department back ask the governor. You guys are already being sued by the justice department for enforcing immigration reform. What is the government going to do to enforce you guys not allowing you to fix your water supply, ask for volunteers if the gov’t threatens you or the workers using heavy equipment on forest lanes ,these are our lands how dare they tell you know. I am a former Arizona resident if you need my help to assist just ask me and I have many friends who will help you.

  • pduffy

    What did the Revolutionary War accomplish? Not all wars have a bad outcome. If it takes another war to refresh liberty, then so be it. In then end, it will take Jesus Christ, as it is written, “He makes war in righteousness”, and most people believe the founders did the same when they rebelled against the tyrant king of England.

  • Mthammer36

    Freedom thatsvwhat Stella ,why do you think we threw the British out for the same thing. That’s why we have a constitution and the declaration of independence, this government is by the people and for the people not the treasonist in Washington like Congress,Obama and The Attorney General Holder. If the people in Washington all 534 of them plus the 2.7 million government employees have a problem with honoring the people in the states we have over 130 million NRA members with quite a bit of firepower,plus I think the military tired of being in War the last ten years would even help us. Arizona has their own National Guard ,I doubt that the government ,CIA or FBI have a chance against the people of Arizona . The people in Arizona remember about the Justice department selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels ,I really don,t think any citizen will forget that.

  • Greencarman2000

     Hitler would be proud of you.

  • Mthammer36

    Where do I sign up , I am behind you 100 percent ,plus I would say I have at least 5 thousand friends are ready to go ,have been all stocked up and ready to go . How s the government in Washington going to stop 130 million gun toting patriot tax paying citizens. I just wrote the check today to the government for my taxes so theObama administration can give it to the GSA so they can go have another conference in Navada. This president and his administration have spent over 5 trillion dollars in the .last three years , that means instead of being 11 trillion dollars in debt we are now 16 trillion in debt thank Obama for that along with his buddies in Congress Pelosi, Reid , Dick Durbin, Schumer and Eric Holder the most racist attorney general in American History.

  • Mikey

    “Still, if you will not fight
    for the right when you can easily win
    without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure
    and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to
    fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for
    survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is
    no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as

    Winston Churchill


  • topeka

    “water out to the Pacific actually helps the fish”

    No, but it hurts a community that leans to the Republicans. Demanding environmental damage to the humans without any proof of benefits to the non-anthropogenic biosphere is an old trick.

    And the moonbats are out – spouting off about everything from water chemistry to silviculture. Have you guys read a NEPA report or an EIS on any of these topics? That is if you can?

    The EPA has been replacing its staff: Eliminating the old-school people who learned their science with political tools schooled in “science” – meaning “memorization of politically correct drivel” – and now this garbage affects everyone because the laity has no idea what any of these pronouncements on the environment means. And that’s a feature to them.

    No one should trust politicized science – and when a town cannot get its water – only a fool would think there’s any good reason for that.

    What is happening in Tombstone is what’s happened across the 3D world for decades: Deliberate policies by elites for only one possible reason – to punish their “enemies.” In Tombstone’s case the specific objective is ethnic cleansing as well.

  • topeka

     Why complain to Abouna?

    When I show up at political events I am surrounded by Liberal-lites who are GOP because the Dem’s have a very small ideological tent, and/or by Paul-bots spewing conspiracy theories.

    I would like to see more conservatives show up – anyone who is actually interested in practical political activity to save the nation’s “Baby.”

  • Greg137

    The spotted owl is an endangered species that can be Found anywhere AND everywhere, but is too damn lazy to assert dominance by numbers(Too lazy to breed)… Meanwhile, the Government on the other hand is too damn lazy to even care who is hurt or killed by their policies! So then it is found that when the owl can’t dominate they apparently hire the government to kill their “owl rivals”…. So then is the spotted owl a democratic campaign contributer???? Sigh… CHEESE for everyone!( yes, we live in a ctrazy  world) And here is another reference to ponder!! I blame our schools!!! Thank you Madd world and sheogorath!

  • Public_Citizen

    Tombstone gives us an important lesson from the past on how to deal with people who have gone feral and turned predator.
    The EPA and similar agencies [including the Forest Service] have gone feral and are not looking after the interests or common good of the American People.
    Those in charge, with the willing support of their minions dependent upon psychotic leadership for their daily sustenance, will sacrifice anything and anyone on the altar of their mis-guided “earth first” agenda.  This has gone beyond the bounds of prudent public policy and taken on all the attributes of religious fervor, of the most virulent and fanatic form.
    The citizens of Tombstone in the past have had  to “take matters into hand” and deal with the intractably lawless.  Lets hope that somebody with authority to act will have an epiphany and see what is in the public interest before this situation gets bloody.


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  • The County Sheriff does have the authority to arrest any Federal Agent from any Department that is breaking the law or endangering the residents in his County or Jurisdiction as the County Sheriff is the highest ranking LEO in the united states because of the County Sheriff being the only elected LEO in the united states. Now the County Sheriff just needs to muster the courage to do so.

  • The only way for the people to retake control is for all of the people to put their petty differences aside,stick together, and refuse to comply with Federal Agents demands and support and defend each other if and when Federal Agents attempt to arrest individuals.

    When the arrests begin to happen and sooner or later they will, all of the citizens must refuse to comply as well as refuse to allow any arrests to occur, this can happen if and only if the people refuse to back down no matter what the Federal Agents threaten them with, threats of arrests can only happen if the people allow the arrests to occur, otherwise the threats are just idle threats, and if necessary the people with the aid of the County Sheriff should be Deputized by the County Sheriff and  arrests the Federal Agents.

    The Feds must not remain in control in order for the people to retain Control, which is where control should be to begin with. The people should never have allowed the Federal or State Governments to control them, they the people should be controlling the Federal and State Government officials because State and Federal Government officials are our public Servants, they should be serving us not controlling us. We should be telling them what they will do, not the other way around.

  • Great points MT hammer 36

  • It is because we the people have been taught not to, and fear getting involved in other people’s problems and that is the way the government agencies like it. If the people came to each others aid like they did in our past, it would be much harder if not impossible for these rogue government agencies or individual Agents to enforce their many rules, or regulations onto individuals because the neighbors or friends helping their neighbors would not stand for it and would not allow any arrests or incidents such as Ruby Ridge or other assaults onto the individual people to happen at all.
     That is the very reason why the government has been teaching the people for many years do not get involved in other peoples problems claiming they would be interferring in an “official investigation”, while at the same time the government agents are interferring into the lives of the people, it has been subtle suggestions but it has been taught over the many decades and it was taught to us for this very reason, it makes it much easier for these rogue government agencies or individual agents to attack and control individuals because this way the individual people have nobody to back them up when the government agents come a calling.  

  • pduffy

    Well, in this world all authority is derived from force, so if the fed’s decide to crush the rebellion, having the written authority is meaningless. Later in this post Stella wrote, “It will take another Civil War, and what will that accomplish?”. Actually, I agree with Stella, it will take another war, and either locally controlled freedom will win (states rights = local control), or the repeat of Lincoln’s war will win (the Fed’s won that one). Now if there is a conflict, don’t expect the media to label the people, “innocent civilians”, but rather “terrorists”. Unlike the case of Libya, Egypt, and now Syria, those rebelling are labeled “civilians”.

  • Well topeka, tell me how many of those so-called “Conspiracy Theories” that you claimed “Paul-bots” are spewing out have turned out to be Conspiracy Facts? Just about all of them from where I am sitting. You can place all of the negative labels you want onto people who believe in individual Freedoms and Liberty, but in the end we “Paul-bots” as you like to call us turn out to be right after all.
    Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Libertarian leaning Judge wrote a great and enlightening book titled “It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong”, You should take the time to read it you might just learn something about the so-called “Conspiracy Theories” we have been as you call it spewing out all these many years.

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