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Twitter suspends Free Market America’s account; Thousands of freedom fighters stand up to suspension!

TwitterORIGINAL POST UPDATED on April 24, 9:00 AM Eastern: By Adam Bitely — In the past 4 years, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook have become a dominant force for spreading messages and rallying causes. Through Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of millions of people are connected in a way that Earth has never seen before.

Whole governments have toppled through the power that a group has that can harness its message through Twitter. The sheer ability to post a message and have it seen by millions of people is a powerful tool.

In the summer of 2009, hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets in Tehran, Iran to protest the phony election results that showed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning re-election. The world was able to watch these protests unfold over Twitter and the protestors themselves were able to use Twitter as a tool for coordinating their activities.

People all over the world were given a front row seat to watch a protest through the eyes of the protestor. In early 2011, protestors took to the streets in Egypt and toppled their government. This happened in Libya as well. And Tunisia.

In all of these instances, Twitter has served as a powerful tool that allows people the ability to communicate with each over and spread a message far and wide. And Twitter has prided itself on being a key tool for enabling people to engage in their society and foster democracy. After all, Twitter bent over backwards to make sure that it had the capacity to carry the revolution over its servers with minimal interruption.

Yet, for some strange reason, Twitter silenced the official account for the new Americans for Limited Government project Free Market America. The account, @FreeMarket_US, went live a few days before Earth Day and was slowly picking up steam.

On Earth Day, the official website for Free Market America was launched and its Facebook and Twitter components started to come to life as well. The first video put out by Free Market America, “If I wanted America to fail”, got over 120,000 hits in less than 36 hours!

But you would never know that if you tried to follow the Twitter page — it was suspended by Twitter midway through the day on Earth Day!

After numerous attempts to contact Twitter and see what the story was behind the suspension, ALG launched a twitter campaign against twitter.  Urging all of our followers to contact @twitter to ask why the Free Market America site has been suspended, thousands came to our defense.

Led by Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) who tweeted to her more than 270,000 followers multiple times, and wrote a story on the suspension, twitter exploded with demands for an answer from the company for suspending the account.  Many other notables jumped into the fray including Fox News’ Eric Bolling (@ericbolling), talk radio host Neal Boortz (@talkmaster), and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

Finally, at 10:46 pm, the @freemarket_us twitter account was restored with an explanation that for some unknown reason the account had been caught up in Twitter’s automated spam filter.

The remarkable six hours of using a twitter campaign to engage what was, at best, a massive customer service breakdown at Twitter came to an end.  The very system that has been touted as having taken down governments proved itself to be an invaluable resource in getting the Free Market America message out to hundreds of thousands of people.

We encourage you to follow @freemarket_us, @billwilsonalg, @netrightdaily and @limitgovt to get the latest information on limiting government using this 140 character communication dynamo.

Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @AdamBitely.

UPDATE 10:55 PM Eastern: Twitter has officially just “un-suspended” the @FreeMarket_US account. Still waiting to hear the reason for the suspension though.

NRD Editor’s Note: We would greatly appreciate if you could help our cause to figure out why Free Market America is being censored. Please Tweet the following message —> “Why has @Twitter suspended @FreeMarket_US? #Censorship”

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  • Scott Wood

    I notice that the article mentions freemarketamerica.org is a project of ”
    Americans for Limited Government”. 
    Yet, the article fails to acknowledge that NetRightDaily.com is also an arm of the same group. This would mean that this website is run by the same folks that posted the video and thus control the Twitter account in question, yet there is not a single mention anywhere in the article of a reason given by Twitter as to the suspension.
    Didn’t Twitter send you any kind of email information or have any information on their website when you try to log in to state a reason why this account was suspended? If such information was given, why is there not a single hint of it mentioned anywhere in the article? This would seem to be a rather important piece of the puzzle and would not only be useful information, but would demonstrate integrity by the author and this website to include mention of it. (or the lack of it)

  • Zanshi

    I had to get the BBB involved. Twitter’s policy states they need to give a valid reason for suspending accounts when the action occurs, but I wasn’t told until a support rep lifted my suspension.

  • tinker_thinker

    O00000h, communism rears it’s ugly head.

  • Scott Wood

    By the way, I am an independent writer also and also sent an inquiry to twitter for their reasons behind it. If I can get enough information, I will try to get more news out on this one way or the other if there is in fact a story in it.

  • Rabbi Josiah

    personally i would file a discrimination lawsuit as as well as denial of free press just like all the lefties out here

  • John B

     The header of this website says it is owned by Americans for Limited Government. I wouldn’t think anyone would imagine that this isn’t an arm of ALG.

  • beancrisp

    If any moderators from Twitter ever read this I promise to give you $10,000 if you can show me evidence that  @FreeMarket_US has violated Twitters terms of service.

  • Ah, yes! In the absence of any rational explanation, let’s just jump to the first one that our proclivity towards Manichaean victimization leads us to: political censorship. Because there couldn’t be any other plausible reason… *rolleyes*

  • JohnFLob

     If there is “any plausible reason” what is it. Why has it not been publicized? Do you have the answer or are you merely shouting ‘look a blue banana!’.

  • JohnFLob

    Maybe the FLOTUS can get the POTUS to lead us out of the darkness surrounding this issue/incident and into the light of knowledge/justification.

  • DaveC

    What’s the problem?  Isn’t that the free market at work?

  • I am very suspicious of Twitter’s unexplained cancellation. Tech billionaires are overwhelmingly liberal.

  • Pronghorn

     Exactly right, Twitter is a free market enterprise, they can silence anyone they want. If it turns out they silenced the wrong person, their other customers will inform them of their error.

  • Jwatersphd

    Boy, with Glenn Beck and Fox News on the story, how much more credible could it be? Why not Rush Limbaugh, or maybe the guy who made the videos that lied… oh, Breitbart . . . he’s dead, out of luck.

  • guest

    I think thats what just happened.

  • topeka

    thank your higher power Twitter still responds…

    … I am sure someone was very frustrated.

    What are you going to do when they get their way?

    seriously, Adam, I’ve seen it – it’s really scary…

  • topeka

     piled higher and deeper,

    … when your team throws you under the bus…

    Don’t call me…

  • Pgstroud


  • topeka

    the spam blocking filters are a real pain… one of my clients had a website go down for a week while IT re-jiggered the thing. And… the reason why may have been deleted when they put it back up; lost somewhere in the machine.

    A minor posting violation could have occurred… that slipped someone’s notice;

     And they could have been attacked by a 3dp group falsely reporting them for posting violations.

    Plus, it was Earth Day – I imagine the staff went to the watermelon and Vegan-clambake. 😉

    Just b/c they are out to get us doesn’t mean we should get too paranoid

    though I understand ALG’s “panic” …

  • Wade Meyer

    I wept because its the truth.

  • reneeca

    The president didn’t invite the hads of Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and all of the big online companies to the White House for nothing recently! What they are doing is in line with Obama’s requests before this next election! He can’t take over the social medium from the public so as is his tactics, he always finds a way around it, in this case convince these companies that it is in their interests to do what they can to enhance his prospects for re-election through censorship!

  • Wayne Petry

    It might be that Twitter has gotten too large for their own good. We the people of the “WORLD” put Twitter where they are and we the “People” of the world can also take them away.

  • snozeanne

    Give me a break, I listened and absorbed and hoped to show it to my significant other and cannot now he gets it, we have no voice…

  • It happens to the little people too. Two years ago, just before the election, I was booted from Fb on the accusation of using a false ID. Coincidentally, I had just published the voting record of Bennie Thompson (D, MS-2). BTW, he’s a member of the Democrat Socialists of America (CPUSA), and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. ‘Nuff said?

  • Gldbrk427

    Better to remain silent, and only be thought to be stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • marylou

    TWITTER…We, the people, made you and we can take you down! There is always someone waiting in the wings to take your place and do the job of serving all people equally…not kow-towing to the the leftist and OBAMA’S directives and agenda!
    No site is indispensable….they come, they go!

  • Doris C

    Oh yeh, got caught up in the Spam filter. I would guess the state dept had a hand in that. I got an email from the state dept saying they had rec’d my message. The thing was I did not send them one. They did not like a post on Disqus and sent me 2 emails to show I was being watched.This is a true story.

  • Doris C

    I believe you are right because I get moderated a few times and I dont know why on most of them.

  • Laughable and pathetic.

  • Max
  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I was kicked off of newsvine and msn for disparaging remarks about oblowhole!!

  • Considering the viciousness of what does get posted, one might think that the people who get suspended must have really gone off the deep end. Maybe those who claim not to know why, like Doris C and Combat Veteran Seabee would like to put their posts up here and let us see them. More likely, it is a random phenomenon, like a lot of things, that people superstitiously begin to believe is meaningful. In any case, considering what is posted, it’s pretty difficult to believe there is some kind of conspiracy to keep people with zany accusations or visceral hatred quiet.

  • I would like to know why Twitter hasn’t suspended the accounts of all those welfare recipients who are threatening the life of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

    There were dozens of such Tweets that threaten to shoot Romney if he wins and they were even threatening to riot all across America. Do you mean Twitter doesn’t take such threats serious?

    We are talking about welfare recipients Tweeting “assassinating the potential President” … and rioting to boot. It was both black and white. It was as if they were trying to intimidate the voters.

    For people like that who threaten a potential President and are receiving taxpayer money, they should have their voting rights removed… after they are released from prison.

  • JonathonGalt

    Speech remains free, but heavily regulated, as is the case with all our freedoms we once thought guaranteed by our Constitution, prior to being reinterpreted, taught , and adjudicated with a bias more compatible in achieving a Left leaning agenda.

  • Sure, Jonathon, there’s never been an attempt to regulate speech or any other freedom “with a bias more compatible in achieving a Right leaning agenda.” We never had the McCarthy era, Bush didn’t press for warrantless wiretaps, and on and on. You’re right about the regulation, but get a grip on the motives. You can be oppressed by the right as well as the left wing.

  • JonathonGalt

    Why are you responding to a non-existent comment? Certainly there have been ‘attempts’ to regulate almost everything, and just maybe we should have listened to McCarthy and acted. Reagan is the only President since the 20th century began that I could even begin to consider to have been Right of center. While I do agree that you can be oppressed by both the right as well as the left, the intent should be to eliminate either from oppressing, not to justify it as one being better than the other.

  • JonathonGalt

    Knowledge is important, and the words that flow from the mouths and pens of others provides knowledge of those persons. Kids used to be told “sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you” but today it seems that our youths are being taught to apply their emotions more openly which only promotes the use of physical response to the words they hear or read, providing justification for the need to censor or regulate speech.

  • JonathonGalt

    People should be allowed to write and/or speak the words they want, but when actions take place harming others, those previously spoken and/or written words should then serve as evidence for which they can and should be held responsible.

  • Chucke27

    Twitter dumped me, too. For postings from

    Free Market America

  • Patriot

    Hey Doris, sorry to hear about that but I think another possibility is that a TROLL did a cut and paste and sent your post to them. Just a thought. There have been Trolls making threats against those posting here.

  • Patriot

    The majority of those posting to twitter are liberal according to a recent study. Most are under 25 as well.

  • Patriot

    Twitter is known to be left-wing. People using it are between 14-26. Nough said?

  • Patriot

    We need a modern day McCarthy!

  • Patriot

    Hey twit, those would be the only credible sources you would need. Now go get a life since you couldn’t hold a candle to any of those people you attacked. TROLL ALERT!

  • Patriot

    The a-hole slug is a Quisling TROLL!

  • Patriot

    Gee, I didn’t know that was possible! What remarks could possibly be disparaging about oblowhole?

  • John Not overwhelmingly liberal they are more like overwhelming new world order that want to STIFLE our rights and RUSH in a massive 1 world govt

  • jwatersphd

    No, it’s not enough said. What’s your point, that people who are 14-26 are left wing?

  • Patriot

    Do your own research. I said what I said and I meant it.
    It’s been the topic of a number of recent news stories.
    Of course not all between 14-26 but the vast majority thanks to our education system that’s mainly engaged in indoctrination.

  • Patriot

    Too late, he’s already exposed himself, and has already removed all doubt! 🙂

  • jwatersphd

    You know, your abusive approach doesn’t contribute anything. If you think name-calling and dismissive comments enlighten us, you’re mistaken.

  • jwatersphd

    OK, I’ll bite, what’s “trolling”? Maybe you can try to respond without the puffery and abuse. As I originally said, it’s easy to get vicious right wing material almost anywhere on the Web, so the notion that there is some sort of systematic suppression seems unlikely. The education system has always had the function of integrating people into the culture, which you vilify as “indoctrination.” One hopes it also instills critical thinking, but without exposure to what’s broadly accepted people are going to be handicapped. For instance, I don’t “believe” the Bible, but I’m familiar with several versions of it which helps me understand the world better. Nor am I impressed with much of what’s broadly accepted; I wouldn’t be on this forum if I were. But that does not mean I don’t want to know about it. Do you have criteria for what would make education free of “indoctrination?”

  • Patriot

    yes jerk wad, but it feels soooo good!!!!

    If you were not a troll, I would have attempted to correct your moronic ways but that of course would be a fools errand in your case. In case you haven’t yet come to the realization, your a hateful despicable a-hole Troll! I can probably say the same thing for most of the other posters here. When you post our collective BS meter goes off!
    Hey a-hole, have you bothered to read any of your hateful posts? Now “F” off. Your nothing but a turd in a punch bowl but I assume you already figured that one out!

  • Patriot

    Put a civil tongue in your head a-hole and I along with others here might consider it but your are not worthy of breathing the same air as those you attack! Your a fricken idiot liberal retard. First thing out of your pie hole is insults! now get back to your bed in your parents basement and finish what you were doing to Obama’s fading poster. You apparently need some emotional release! You wouldn’t know critical thinking if it crawled up your homosexual butt, you low-life turd. There’s some critical assessment for you! In case you haven’t noticed your postings are not appreciated here.

    Puffery and abuse? You arrogant shi$-Head. I’ve had to put down shi$ heads who were better than you. Read your own hateful ramblings. Now go do what you obviously do best and go play with yourself. Something your obviously good at.

  • Patriot

    OK, are you a juvenile? You need to get your parent’s permission to be on this adult site. Have you ever heard of Google? Try it if you really don’t know what a troll is! File this one away while your at it and I’m sure many here will agree; “You just can’t fix stupid”

  • Patriot

    My abusive approach towards you is not meant to contribute anything. Are you that fricken stupid?
    I don’t have to enlighten anyone on this board. Unlike you most know what they are talking about. My comments and name calling are directed directly at you and are not meant to enlighten you. They are to embarrass you you idiot! For some one who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, you have the balls to call me mistaken?

  • Patriot

    They are meant to entertain others here and not meant to contribute anything to you. HEY A-HOLE-who is “US” ? You, numb-nut are not one of “US”! Your just a Troll passing through and getting his daily dose of well deserve abuse. Have you read postings responding to your childish dribble. Get a life will you please? That my friend is a rhetorical question and doesn’t require a response.

  • Patriot

    There’s probably a thousand or more possibilities but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore and discuss those possibilities. Right?

  • jwatersphd

    well, it was a mistake to try to communicate with you, i’ll agree to that. enjoy.

  • jwatersphd

    Try to get a grip, Patriot. You’re going to blow a fuse.

  • Patriot

    “Education system you idiot? Educate yourself and stop making a fool of yourself which appears to be your forte!

    The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality”

    – H.L. Mencken

    You seem to be the product of that very education system!
    Fortunately, I received my education from the Jesuits and Christian Brothers.

  • jwatersphd

    Gosh, Patriot! I wish I was more like you.

  • tiago@montezano


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