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Should public sector unions be abolished?

Big Labor is Fighting UsBy Robert Romano — Should public sector unions be abolished? One governor seems to think so.

“I think really government works better without them. I really do,” said Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace on June 10.

He’s right. Public sector unions really serve no purpose other than to suck up dwindling taxpayer resources to pay for lavish pension and health benefits that threaten to sink state and local governments into insolvency.

Consider the facts. States have combined debts reaching over $4.2 trillion nationwide in 2011, plus another $2 trillion to $3 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities, and trillions more in untold health care liabilities.

It’s hard to argue that much good at all has come from allowing public employees to collectively bargain. Except it’s no bargain. All taxpayers have to show for it is a bill that cannot be paid — even with exorbitant taxation, as California is learning.

Daniels’ comments came after Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker’s crushing victory over Tom Barrett in the June 5 recall.

The vote there was viewed largely as a referendum on his policies to rein in government worker benefits. His plan requires public employees to pay more into their own health care and pension packages, guarantees recertification elections for the unions every single year, and prohibits state agencies from collecting union dues.

After abortive attempts in recent years to rein in such excesses in states like California and Ohio, Walker’s win in Wisconsin might be a turning point in the battle between taxpayers and their governments.

Daniels too has quite a track record of reining in the unions in Indiana. In 2005, he restricted collective bargaining for state workers. In 2011, he did it again for teachers. And now he has signed a law giving all employees public and private the right to decide if they wish to join a union.

Such reforms, taken together, are helping to restore the consent of the governed. No longer will taxpayers at the state level be enslaved to pay for the level of government that the government demands.

For that’s all collective bargaining in the public sector essentially is. It creates another branch of government, and through the process, locks in ever-higher levels of benefits for public employees.

Often, collectively bargained union benefit packages cannot even be amended. All state legislatures can do is vote to approve the final budget that includes the benefits. Does that sound democratic?

So, really, the only solution was to put those benefits back on the table of things that could be cut or modified by legislatures. People’s elected representatives should be making these decisions, not Big Labor.

Limited taxpayer resources are not to be bargained with, and certainly not by politicians and the unions that then simply funnel the money back into their political coffers. It is hard to think of a more corrupt practice in our Republic.

But perhaps if Mitch Daniels and Scott Walker have their way, those days are coming to an end. For government to keep its legitimacy, it must maintain the consent of the governed, and that will not happen while taxpayers are viewed as mere conduits to transfer their hard-earned money to corrupt union bosses and politicians.

Robert Romano is the Senior Editor of Americans for Limited Government.

  • Michaelmccarthy

    The public is clearly and obviously harmed when government employee unions extort
    unwarranted benefits and pay from citizen funded government. 

    Government employee unions must be outlawed to protect all citizens.

  • I also believe that the worst thing about Public Sector Unions especially in Democraticly controlled States such as Illinois, California, and New York is that the unions have lawyers representing them at the Negotiating table attempting to get everything possible for the Union workers yet at the same time the Taxpayers have absolutely nobody at the bargaining table representing the taxpayers.
     These Democratic Governors always give into the Unions demands for better pay, benefits, or  pension promises, yet we the taxpayers have nobody telling the union negotiators No, you can’t have this or this part of the contract must be re-negotiated down. Nobody defends the taxpayers in those Democratically controlled states and the taxpayers are the people who pay the salaries for the Unions and the Democratic Governors, this one sided representation is unfair and should be illegal.
    The Governor is supposed to represent all of the citizens of a state, not just the Union workers. Alarmingly also  these 3 states which are Union and Democratically controlled are the 3 states that are in debt the most, Coincindence? I think not. 

  • marineh2ominer

    YES  !!!   No one paid with tax payer monies should be allowed to hold the taxpaying citizens hostage to their demands

  • It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to abolish public sector unions. All citizens have a right, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, to associate in groups to advocate their interests to government. The problem with public sector unions is that they have been given monopoly bargaining privileges and in most cases the right to compel support. Take away the monopoly and compulsion and public sector unions might even serve a valuable role.

  • Joe

    The public sector should have never been allowed to have a union, and they should be fired too.  There are a lot of them that just milk the system.

  • George Meany thought that there should not be government employee unions.

  • danandsis

    Absolutely! They are the prime reason the public school system is in tatters. And good old “Joe Taxpayer” would love the have the access they have to our political representatives  who have a for sale sign posted on their doors welcoming them as their main bidder for their support. I believe this is covered  under legal “lobbying”  which instead should be termed “buying votes.”

  • Glenns

    Somebody had to agree to the Union’s .

  • Hold_Politicians_Accountable

    All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Recommend it on Facebook, Tweet it. Ask everybody you can to do the same. We need all the signatures we can get.
    What we need is http://www.petition2congress.com/6195/congressional-reform-act-to-fix-congress/

  • After working 44 years in the private sector, I worked 2 years for a public agency.  What an eyeopener!!  The salaries were on the in house internet for all to see, most were 150% to 300% of private sector salaries.  They could retire after 37 years of service at 100% of their last salary along with huge lifetime benefits.  And where in the private sector we worked to be financially responsible; they were not.  All public unions should be abolished and they should only receive Social Security benefits, like the rest of us.

  • Yes get rid of the low life. They are destroying our country, town, city, state, and nation, not necessarily in that order. They have gotten too much control over this nation. They try to change laws that they don’t like even after the people has spoken at the ballot box. These scumbags are public enemy number 1 just like the days of big Al. 

  • Mcknnyrb


  • Dualfours77

    hell yes get rid of the unions

  • FDR was right… government workers SHOULD NOT be allowed to join unions…. JFK signed the exec. order that allowed them… Maybe we can PUSH Romney to sign an Exec. order OUTLAWING them… that would be change I could believe in.

  • What is wrong about public sector unions is the monopoly. They have taxpayers over a barrel. In the private sector, unions extort so much from the companies they work for, those companies are forced overseas, or out of business and you get your product or service from another company. But, what if you don’t like, and cannot afford, to pay your local police officer? Call the police in a neighboring town? NO, your choices are removed and you are FORCED to pay for service that you can’t get, or is sub-standard with NO recourse. Sucks…

  • Evie

    Get rid of unions.  At one time useful,now just greedy

  • RonyG

    Biblically, Unions are considered to be an Abomanation of Desolation by usurping the Free Will of other people in the community and forcing their own version of Social Justice upon all the people!  That, ladies and gentlemen is a form of Marxism!

  • Wamarillo

    States with Right to work are growing their population and economies. 
    States that require joining unions to work are loosing population.
    Bottom line, the union establishment is the problem, not the solution.
    The same is true for public sector unions. 

  • Edward C. Weygand

    The more Obama and the liberal/socialist/communist left wing, being euphemistic, grow the government Public Workers unions in any area including police and firemen and teachers the more power in the hands of the “giveusthemint ——oops !  rmeant, of “curse” government at every level and, ergo, more incentive to for them to vote to continue the largess flowing from the poor taxpayer into their wallets. 

    We are on the brink of destruction as a nation between the power of all unions, public and private. Obama,if he had the power and he will get it if re-elected, unionize childcare operations b edict from the EPA with a 5 year old being the “shop” union steward.

    Wake up patriots and the rest of you as well. Within four years, if Barry Soeto is re-eelcted, this country will be in greater poverty and salvery that robert Mgawbe’s Zimbabwe.

    Congratulations those who “as you sleep, wake up to a world in cains.

    Ed Weygand  

  • Absolutely!  Public sector unions exist to pit the interests of their members against those of the public, and are thus hostile to public interests. In addition, the unhealthy relationship between these unions and politicians have all the characteristics of organized crime racketeering.  Government should be run based on the interests of ALL, not just public employees.  These unions can’t be eliminated quickly enough.

  • Gee, I never realized forced unionism was a religious matter.  Can you please identify the book, chapter and verse of the Bible that addresses unions?

  • Edward C. Weygand

    Of course I dropped the “H” in chains. Obama plans to send us to “H”  as soon as he restarts his dictatoship if elected 11/6.

  • Newgen1

    Union’s need to go..They have ruined our Country !! Gotten way out of hand.!! Obama need to be in Git Mo..+ some others

  • pduffy

    Actually, all unions should be abolished. There is no purpose for a union other than to limit the suppy of labor with force and thuggery. Every free human being should have the right to work at any wage that the market will bear, without interference from government or a group of mobs. Without government, there would be no unions because the democrat machine in state goverrnments.

  • Pixielou55

    government employees should not be allowed to join a union – kind of like people in the military can’t either. It’s just different when they are paid by the public instead of for a company where you might need protection (well, they served a purpose years ago but I’m of the belief unions for anyone is passe). Get rid of them all (unless they could possibly go back to being there to stand up for the people who pay dues to belong to them – that will never happen).

  • Edwars C. Weygand

    I can spell Zimbabwe ans Mugabe I hope that’s correct . My old fingers are not as nimble as they should be. An idea that would, absolutely sove our problems. One four year term for a President, Three 2 ear terms in the house, and 2 four year terms n the senate. Only one problem with that formula. It would destroy the ambition of hundreds od thousands of lawyers.

  • Yes. Get rid of them.

  • Lindy

    I believe that all people, whether private or public, need representation in the workplace. I have yet to see an employer or workplace that puts its workers first before company profits, bosses who are fair and objective, coworkers who will work together for the benefit of all, but I do want organized union bosses to be eliminated. Each company, or department should elect a representative to bring forth grievances etc. to represent the workforce. In a perfect world, no one would get fired because Sally doesn’t like Mary or her hairstyle, or Freda is sleeping with the boss and wants George fired, etc. Until then, representation is needed.

  • AKalafat

    YES! Unions had their time and place,but it really is time for them to go.

  • Mat

    It has become a case of union before country, before non union people, before children, and before God!!!  Yes, we would be better off without t6hem.

  • Jamespenglase

    I think public unions should be abolished or only allowed to negotiate on working conditions. The big problem is they are on both sides of the bargaining table as opposed to a private industry union. For them its a win-win every time. We also seriously need to start reclaiming some of the power we have granted to state & federal officials.

  • billkoch

    The Obama Admin wants to take away our weapons and then let the police unions go on strike and then declare a national emergency.  Be very wary of this administration.

  • RonyG

    Brother Sapient,

    I Am a Messianic Jew and have been studying Ancient Scripture for over 25 years as a Graduate of Orthodox Judaism 1977, I have a unique perspective of the Laws of the Torah Or, and the Bible as we know it! I also have several other degrees in Science and Engineering as well as have taught at college level and in the Church!!
    It all started with King David in I Chronicles, Chap 28, when David decides to Build a Sanctuary (Or Temple) to house the Ark of the Covenant requested by the Lord G-d YAHWEH Jehoovah! He gave the plans to his son Solomon to proceed with the building task! And in II Chronicles, Chap 2 King Solomon starts the process where he hires 8,000 Stone Cutters along with all the other laborers!
    Now these stone Cutters were later referred to as “Free Masons”! Sound familiar? As they started into the building process the Stone Cutters formed a Union called the “Free Masons” so that they might have Social Justice in their working hours and other misc. benefits!
    The Free Mason Union was the very first organized union to organize in written history!! Later in History the Union became very popular especially during the early 1900’s here in the U.S. The original intent and the first Union Charter was to barter with management for equal rights for workers so that they were not abused by the Straw Bosses! But, the movement has grown and gotten out of hand as demonstrated by the Unions of Today, especially in the Public Sector, have gone beyond individual rights and as a result they are usurping your hard earned Tax Money of the average citizen for outlandish benefits that are too many to list! The Charter of the Unions today incudes the redistribution of wealth and in my Book that is a form of Marxism!
    I trust that I have been able to shed a little Light on the subject!

    Respectfully, Rony G

  • Wambowabbitt

    If you have noticed all communist countries have and love unions! It is another control factor of the people, they(unions) control the people and the governments control the unions!

  • Jimcochr

    Thirty years ago when the Unions first made a push into the public sector, my research showed it would be BAD. The key thing besides the taking of tax payer money as they do from any employer is the loss of control of the taxpayer service. Now you have a non elected entity telling or demanding how things are to be done and most of that boils down to the union teling the gov employer how it is going to be done.  If you have ever traveled in Europe, you can never count on anything that has a union in public service.  Airplanes, trains, buses, taxis and all the rest are hit with one or 2 day strikes whenever they want to let management know who really is in control. Socialism at its best – are we just as dumb????? 

  • Don

    I don’t think Unions should go they do need to be busted and start from the beginning where they would fight for the workers. The biggest problem with Unions now are they are jest another big corporation that is more concerned with there wealth than they are about the workers. The best thing the workers could do is to fire every one of these big labor bosses and get rid of the corporate headquarters and let the bosses know they are the same class as the workers are and start from scratch and make the Unions mean something again.

  • JimNoblet

    For a number of years now, the voters/tax payers
    have been upset with and have had a desire to, and made efforts to change the
    politicians who are elected to office in the U.S. There is little doubt that
    many, if not most deserved that attention. However, quietly operating in the
    background have been public sector (Government sector) employees. With their
    immediate access to the powerful and the influence created by their vast
    numbers, they have created a working environment to die for, compensation at the
    top of anyone’s list and health benefits & retirement packages you couldn’t
    even dream about and that would take generations to pay for, even if they
    could. Talk about the Fox/Hen house deal, why even their godfather FDR warned
    America that the results of Gov’t employee unions would mean the downfall of
    our country. The proper questions should be; why were they ever allowed and
    how soon can they be outlawed.




  • Billy

    All the forced Union dues go right to the Democrats/communist PAC monies! Thats what keeps them in office!

  • Mayonsepult

    lindy has the right idea. A representative for employees to mitigate grivances. During my years working (no union) I had seen so many unfair practces by bosses.
    Any way, I agree that goverment and public employees should not have unions.
    Lindy I completly agee with your posing

  • Patriot

     Good for you, Ronny G. You told it like it is. More people need to learn the FACTS.

  • sooner4ever

    How were the ever allowed in the first place should be the real question.  They’re nothing more than criminal enterprises legally stealing the money of honest taxpayers.

  • Miguel

    It looks like you maybe can’t get a job because you have all of the writing skills of a mediocre 4th grader.  And what’s with all of the shouting?  Sorry, Marie, but perhaps it’s time to go back to school…

  • Jaycee47

    Not only should Public Sector Unions be abolished , they should have NEVER been allowed to organize . This is nothing more than well organized crime . Maybe 100 years ago there were so called abusive labor practices by private sector employers. BUT , I don’t think any Govt. entities were taking advantage of employees . Unions are by and large a huge expense to economic development , employment, employers, & Commerce in general . To say nothing of the public discourse they provoke .

  • Mathematical certainty

     Marie, when you develop, master, and become capable in delivering a cogent thought re-post, it should only take the rest of your life, based on your current attempt.

  • Overbeagle

    all unions should be abolished,,,when they were first introduced they made a difference,,now there time is done,,,they have destroyed the manufacturing prowess of this once great land,,
    between the illegal banks and the Unions,,this country is on its last legs,,,
    wake up sheeple,,time is almost out

  • Freeper7

    Of course! Public sector unions should never have seen the light of day!

  • CCblogging

    Absolutely they should be abolished. The public sector unions reward the corrupt lib politicians that pander to them with big contributions. These same corrupt lib politicians reward the public sector unions with whatever they demand. The tax payers fund both sides of this back scratching corruption. The tax payers have no seat at the table or any say in these so called negotiations. I have said it before and I will say it now, “Collective Bargaining Is Extortion Against The Tax Payers Of America”

  • as big of a nutbag progressive as FDR was he knew they were bad news.

  • Get rid of Obama will help a big deal

  • Get rid of Obama will be a big help

  • TrueBeliever

    Sorry RonyG But your explanation bears scrutiny. The Stonecutters formed a Guild against members of their own trade that would claim privilege not earned. There were different levels of proficiency among stone masons, starting with Apprentice, Fellowcraft, then Master Mason.  The Guild was formed by the tradesmen to keep integrity amongst the workers in the craft. Not to gain “Social Justice in their working hours and other misc benefits”.  They did not Unionize against the Kingdom’s interests to benefit themselves, they united to protect the integrity of the Craft, thus forming a Guild.
    Big Difference.

  • WVF

    Yes, public employee unions should be disallowed.  I used to work as a civilian for the U.S. Navy, and all six of the unions with which I had to work were worthless.  They have no real power.  They cannot strike, which is the ultimate weapon in a union arsenal.  Employees of the public sector are so protected that it is shameless!  They can’t bargain for wages, but they can just be a nuisance.  They should not exist!

  • WVF

    Don, unions should not exist.  Employees are protected by so many laws that there is no need for unions.  This is not 1900 when working conditions, safety, and pay needed to be negotiated.  Unions came into this country through Communism.  Read a little history and you’ll quickly see that’s the origin of unionization.  Union bosses are as corrupt as our politicians!

  • WVF

    Lindy, why don’t you do a little research on the usefulness of unions?  They grew out of Communism!

  • WVF

    Mayonsepult, Lindy doesn’t have a clue.  Read a little history on the modern day union.

  • WVF

    Edwars, old fingers or not, that is the answer–TERM LIMITS!  I agree with Shakespeare, kill all the lawyers!

  • dj

    In one word — YES!!!

    When the public sector employes make more for the same job as their private sector peers, then, it means that the guy with the lower income is being cheated,

    Average government salary, $71,000 per year.. average private sector $46,000.  When the guy paying the salary is making less than the guy he has hired, there is something grossly wrong.

  • dj


    See my post above!!!

  • dj

    I agree with term limits but differ on the length and breadth.  Twelve years max in either house or senate with 2 six years terms in thee Senate and 3 foour year terms in  the hoouse. NO one allowed to move from one houe  to the other without a three year minimum break between positions.

    I’m also cocerned with the bureaucrats working just below or for our politicians in office.  Shorter term limits could allow them to gather too much power unto themselves.  Look at Great Britain’s political structure as an example.

  • Tbeacham

    Absolutely… there should be NO collective bargaining for government jobs.

  •  Bingo!

  • Conniek31

    It has been predicted n the 1800’s that Unions will destroy America’s economy!!

  • topeka



  • Rls2103

    You are damn right they should be outlawed.  It turns out that the so called representatives that are supposed to represent the tax payer, end out being reps for the damn unions.  Outlaw them and now

  • topeka


    but as it is unlikely to happen overnight…

    I would settle for

    1. allowing Unionists to organize against their union – union dues are routinely “stolen” and abused to pay whopping salaries to the management, democratic political campaigns, and strikes (like the one we have in FW … over health insurance that I would give an eye tooth for)

    … plus their pension plans are being abused … when the faux recovery fails, and the stocks and bonds are worthless and the POTUS de jour (lib or lib-lite) lets the pension funds go belly up (as they must – the young cannot pay them) … Unionists will cry foul and tho they will blame others – they’re the ones whose plans bought all the rot Wall Street had to sell – and paid for Dem-Politicians to juice the economy for their Overseers.

    … Union’s should have no standing employees higher than an administrative assistant; and term limits on their leadership and pay caps… i.e. the members should control the union bosses, not the other way round.

    2. Apply RICO / Racketeering statutes against unions – to stop the Dem’s from embezzling for campaigns, and to stop the leadership (don’t step in it) from just embezzling

    3. Outlaw Union violence – no more special privileges for Unionists who can sabotage, mug, threaten, and assault with impunity.

    4. Right to No Strike and Right to Scab … if I hear one more story by a union member of their whacky national leadership ordering a strike – and destroying the local …

    Over the years I’ve had many friends whose unions have gone on strike – destroying employers, good jobs, and the hopes and dreams of the rank and file (yeah – usually my friend) over nickels, or dimes, or b/c the national union wanted to send a message, or the Union bosses wanted to throw a tantrum, … or the Unionist morons outnumbered the normal people and voted for a job-suicide strike (rare, but I know of one).

    Those who don’t agree should be able to just go back to work. Especially in the many cases where the strike serves only the bosses or the whack jobs – the union members can vote their feet – in this case by going to work.

    5. Gut the NLRB – and replace it with a temporary non-partisan, non-Unionist agency with law enforcement teeth to regulate unions… I know this is not ideal – but you will never get rid of unions with the Unionists having their own Govt Agency to enforce special rules and laws – the FBI can’t touch a union unless someone dies and they cannot connect it – a nearly impossible task.

    6. Outlaw partisan contributions to political campaigns – Again, a reverse – generally we should outlaw law on campaign contributions; these all violate the First Amendment. But as long as unions can take Other People’s Money and use it against us and them, they need to be regulated – a good idea – Union members can voluntarily contribute to any corporation for political representation of their choice, or none at all. That’s a double – b/c they get

    – Choice of representation
    – They will “GET” Citizens United

    Just to be clear – this is not a limit on the member’s contributions to any pol, regardless of party or affiliation – which should be opposed – but a regulation of unions that prevents the union bosses from spending OPM collected from their serfs to buy  Politicians of the Union Boss’ choice.

    …. I am sure there are others – but this would be fair to the 60% of union members who are not Unionists, and the large number of tiny little unions representing cops and firefighters, and miscellany.

    … and allow us to “De-Leverage” and “unwind” the beast…

    Remember – the institution is obnoxious b/c it is an unnatural one born of Lefty Envy and Greed, but there’s a lot of folks who can get a job no other way; like all of the Left – it’s embedded itself and poisoned the well – and we cannot just wave a wand and make the nightmare go away.

  • FloridaJim

    Public unions are particularly egregious because their contracts are made between union thugs and politicians with no taxpayer involvement, how corrupt can it be?
    No one starts a company and says “which union do I want” unions fester problems then enter and cause many, many more problems adding people, lowering performance, causing wasted time and energy and contributing only more costs forever.I have dealt with unions for 40 years so I no of which I speak.

  • TrueBeliever

    Lets get the public discussion started in the next logical direction.
    The politicians need to take the lead in relinquishing retirement pensions. How will you ask the people they promised pensions to, to lose theirs, if the Governors, Senators, Congress, etc, do not take the lead. The new mantra needs to be; NO ONE in the public sector gets retirement pensions from the taxpayer who gets none.  It needs to start at the top.

  • TrueBeliever

    Lets get the public discussion started in the next logical direction.
    The politicians need to take the lead in relinquishing retirement pensions. How will you ask the people they promised pensions to, to lose theirs, if the Governors, Senators, Congress, etc, do not take the lead. The new mantra needs to be; NO ONE in the public sector gets retirement pensions from the taxpayer who gets none.  It needs to start at the top.

  • CBRI11

    I would get rid of them but If we have to have Public Unions, they should not be able to endorse or give to any Political candidate and any way. They are funded by the Public – Republicans, Democrats … all parties. To then take that money – MY money – and channel it to one party affiliation (usually the one I don’t support) should be illegal.  

  • James

    Since the US Armed Forces are not unionised, why should any government (local,state or Federal) be unionised

  • Greg137

    The unions are dinosaurs, and they Have seen the meteor… The meteor has a Name… that name is BARACK OBAMA(HMMM… HMMMM… HMMMM…) Now we must be rid of the meteor, so let us all begin by taking it to the landfill…. The landfill also has a name… It is called the unemployment line…  Throw the bum out!

  • Bob Button

    Where people have had a choice about Unions, Unions don’t do well. Do to the Federal government what walker did in Wisconsin Turn the Federal Government into a Right to Work place.

  • sdbroder

    There are concerns other than money. I am thinking of teachers and police officers especially.

    TEACHERS. While Math teachers rarely get into trouble (1+1=2 always), other teachers can have content-related problems: SCIENCE teachers and creationism; ENGLISH teachers and their forced acceptance of sub-standard grammar; HISTORY teachers and all kinds of political correctness issues. FOREIGN LANGUAGE teachers and political issues brought up in class; etc. TEACHERS having to be abused by pupils, supervisors, all of whom are terrified of parents, administrators, and local school boards.

    POLICE. Afraid to be proactive for fear of any number of potential problems raised by criminals, their attorneys, “rights” groups of all kinds, etc. And when the chief gets a complaint, the easiest thing to do is to suspend or fire the cop, if for no other reason than fear of losing his own job.

    Are unions responsible for some problems? Of course. But remember how poorly employees in both the private and public sectors were treated. Fired on trumpt-up charges just before they qualified for a pension (if there was any kind of pension at all); low pay, no benefits at all, 12-hour days and 6-day weeks, “No Irish need apply”, “If you can’t work Sunday, don’t come in Monday”. 
    No recourse at all, regardless of employer abuse. That’s why unions were formed in the first place. Is reform needed? Quite probably. But don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.  

    Been There.  

  • Louis a/k/a Papa

    according to the constitution, there is but, “one union” (1) and that is , “the united states of america,” and not other unions, wich is contrary to the constitution..
    There are, “we the people,” wich are the, “masters of this house” and there are the, “servants of the house,” wich are, “they the government.”
    wich are supposed to, “preserve, protect, and defend,” the constitution of the united states, and not their own personal interest..
     The constitution, is a, “spiritual document,” wich is inspired, by “GOD” and written by man.. It is meant to act as a barrier, (wall of protection) between, govt, and the people, and not as, “toilet paper,” for government..

  • Louis a/k/a Papa

    Unions have outlived their usefulness, since govt regulates everything in the workforce today.. there is so much regulation, more in favor of the worker, than the company, wich is why, most companies are packing up, and going elsewhere, and leaving the jerks that think that they own the company store behind to fend for themselves…
    First companies went to mexico, then taiwan, then to other countries in south. and central america, and now, India, and china..
    Remember, that companies are in buisness to make money, and not to spread the wealth to those that want a free ride, it’s called, “capitalism” it has worked from the biginning, and the only people that resent it, are the liberal socialists, who love to take over and spend other peoples money, and make promisses they can’t keep, till they run out of other peoples money, and every one becomes ‘poor and misserable.”
    Ask any dictatorship, or socialist nation, and they’ll tell you all about it…
    Does “the soviet union ring a bell?”
    Why dont you open up your own buisness, and see what a buzzaw that govt has waitting for you, and if you succeed, the other buzzaw you’ll get from the unions…

  • Mayonsepult

    I agree with you government employees not allowed to join Unions

  • Mayonsepult

    You are rigth, but Governors, Senators, CONGRESS etc wlll not give up any benefits only increased it for themselves?
    Poiticians are the one senbing the wrong messages to the people. Too much special interests to satisfy.
    Realy democrates look more helpful than republicans. I see democrates more for the people tha repulicans are on the side of the rich.

  • TrueBeliever

    Your skeptical attitude will not help.  It can happen if we want it to happen.
    Currently there is no public discourse on the topic of politicians pensions. But the seed has been planted and it will grow if the public waters it with their voice on forums like this one. Eventually public sentiment will grow to understand the need.  Once it becomes public discussion and light is shown on the topic we will be on the road to change, whether the politicians like it or not. 

  • Arial

    Right now, me and 239 of my Union (Private Sector) brothers and sisters are locked out of work since our contract expired.  We told the Company that we would be willing to work while negotiations were ongoing, but they nixed it and now we’re walking a picket line because the LA Headquarters of the Co. only allotted a very small amount of money for the Contract and even the Site Management has said “they refuse to present this offer again as it is unfair and would be an insult to the Union members”  Yes, there is Corporate Greed out there and while this Company’s CEO is in the top 75 of US highest paid CEOs, he doesn’t mind low-balling the people whose sweat has made this company so successful not to mention all the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries missed at home because this plant runs 24/7 EVERYDAY.  I’ve worked for Union shops and non-union shops over my lifespan and though I hate to admit it, SOMETIMES  Union Representation is a NECESSITY but I feel that there should be NO PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS that extort and threaten the very Taxpayers that pay their exorbitant salaries, healthcare, and pensions!  Even FDR was quoted as opposed to Public Sector Unions! 

  • Arial

    Right now, me and 239 of my Union (Private Sector) brothers and sisters are locked out of work since our contract expired.  We told the Company that we would be willing to work while negotiations were ongoing, but they nixed it and now we’re walking a picket line because the LA Headquarters of the Co. only allotted a very small amount of money for the Contract and even the Site Management has said “they refuse to present this offer again as it is unfair and would be an insult to the Union members”  Yes, there is Corporate Greed out there and while this Company’s CEO is in the top 75 of US highest paid CEOs, he doesn’t mind low-balling the people whose sweat has made this company so successful not to mention all the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries missed at home because this plant runs 24/7 EVERYDAY.  I’ve worked for Union shops and non-union shops over my lifespan and though I hate to admit it, SOMETIMES  Union Representation is a NECESSITY but I feel that there should be NO PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS that extort and threaten the very Taxpayers that pay their exorbitant salaries, healthcare, and pensions!  Even FDR was quoted as opposed to Public Sector Unions! 

  • Arial

    Ed, did you ever work at Hanza, Okinawa in the Navy circa 1970’s ??

  • Arial

    Ed, did you ever work at Hanza, Okinawa in the Navy circa 1970’s ??

  • Arial

    God Bless the OATHKEEPERS.

  • Arial

    While I don’t support Public Sector Unions, I belong to a Private Sector Union out of necessity.  I am in the Energy Producing Occupation and unless you have worked rotating twelve hour shifts in a plant that runs 24/7 Everyday of the year and have been denied spending holidays with the family or called in with two hours notice because this thing or that is not operating properly and you are placed on-call for any major emergency as well as being randomly alcohol and drug tested per Federal Law and no other job in the area pays as well…then you are stuck, and the Union Representation as well as the NLRB is the only thing keeping the Company from chewing up any and all humanity left inside you to shuffle off this mortal coil at an average of twenty years earlier than equivalent townspeople in your area.

  • The democrats care about no one but themselves. Look at the President we have, he could care less about anyone . Maryland has a democrat as our governor, wanted to put the 6% sales tax  on our gasoline. Said need to put people back to work, ok but instead of the money going to repair bridges and old roads, Wanted to build new roads. Lucky for us this time the democrats in the state said no. 

  • gigarath5

    If teachers don’t want to teach the subject matter that the school board wants them to teach, then they need to find another job. Police Officers have cameras everywhere at this point. So to say that someone can make crap up in this day and age is retarded. If you don’t like the working conditions then you should find another job. Who are you to tell someone who they can or can’t hire or fire? It’s their money! If you don’t like it too bad.

  • gigarath5

    No where in the constitution does it ever mention God. If on the other hand you’re speaking of the Declaration of Independence it mentions “Creator” but then again if you are an atheist you then believe that cause and effect created you. That is to say your parents having sex is the cause, and you are the effect. Therefore your parents because they love you want you to have life, liberty, and to pursue happiness. If you are a theist then “Creator” is your God, Gods, Goddess, Goddesses, fairy, magician, whatever you believe in. The whole point is that government has boundaries. That doesn’t mean that God wrote the f***ing constitution.    

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