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Raising Reds: Pictures of Camp Kinderland

Camp Kinderland 1920'shttp://www.kinderland.org/sylvanlake/pictures/1920s/images/1920s.jpg

By Robert Romano

Judge for yourself if a picture is worth a thousand words.

After Americans for Limited Government published a special report detailing the communist background of a summer camp in Mass. that Obama Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner nominee Erica Groshen sent her children to, several prominent media outlets ranging from MSNBC to The Atlantic to Esquire to Gawker to Comedy Central went out of their way to downplay the Marxist origins of the Kinderland camp.

Are you going to believe the mainstream media, or decide for yourself?

You’ll want to sign this petition after you see these photos of the camp through the years, and for good measure read this New York Times piece, “The Little Red Summer Camp,” by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s granddaughter who attended the camp, extolling the leftist virtues that are still taught there.

For additional reading, you might also consider Paul C. Mishler’s “Raising Reds,” available on Amazon.com for $27, which according to the book’s description, details the history of how American Communist organizations, including Camp Kinderland, “established children’s organizations, after-school programs, and summer camps with the aim of developing ‘revolutionary consciousness’ in the minds of the younger generation. Mishler examines how radical parents’ ultimate social and political goals — and their sometimes contradictory desires as parents — were reflected in the education and upbringing of their children.”

Would you send your kids to this camp that Groshen did with such a history? The New York Times article from Rosenberg’s granddaughter says they actually locked kids up in their bunks and led them into communal gas chambers to emulate Holocaust extermination techniques, refused to accept packages sent by the children’s parents in solidarity with some truckers who were on strike and even considered lighting their lake on fire to protest the bombing of Hiroshima. Does this sound like a normal camp?

What does this say about Obama’s nominee, who claimed in an interview recently that “I have a very non-political, non-partisan background”?

Is that believable? Based on the camp’s background, only a dedicated leftist would send her kids to such a place. Groshen should at least have the opportunity to dispute such a conclusion when she is vetted by the Senate. But that will not happen unless she is asked the question.

Note, although many of these photos are not contemporary, since Kinderland’s own website still maintains that “Camp Kinderland is true to the vision of its founders,” and many of the photos are posted publicly on their website by its own alumni association, they are most certainly proud of their heritage. A fact that Erica Groshen is undoubtedly well aware of.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson offered this perspective, responding to the apoplectic reports of MSNBC, The Atlantic, and others: “Consider for a moment if a GOP nominee had a similar relationship with a fascist summer camp, one that sang fascist songs and directed youth into fascist prone ideology, the left would be going insane. But somehow a camp that celebrates a philosophy and system of government that murdered 20 million or more people is okay. This says more about these so called media outlets than it says about us or Groshen.”

Indeed. Why is what, by all appearances, has a long history of being a Marxist indoctrination camp getting a pass from the mainstream media?

Here follows some of the more obvious photos, including a statue of Lenin, a prominent “Vote Communist!” banner, and even red diaper babies.

Lenin Statue at Camp Kinderlandhttp://www.kinderland.org/sylvanlake/pictures/1930s/images/1931lenin.jpg

Vote Communist, Camp Kinderland http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/assetserver/controller/view/EXM-P-S-COM-US-1931-1933-004~1


Camp Kinderland Communistshttp://www.kinderland.org/sylvanlake/pictures/hopnobbing/fefferandsaltzman.htm

Camp Kinderland Communistshttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134756909062&set=a.134752449062.107285.545759062&type=3&theater

You just can’t make this stuff up. Nor should members of the U.S. Senate ignore Groshen’s radical ties. This should be vetted. Especially for a nomination whose background even Groshen concedes needs to be “very non-political, non-partisan”.

Is Groshen telling the truth about her own background? If due diligence is not performed with this nomination, with radical associations this obvious, the Senate will be nothing more than a rubber stamp assisting Obama’s crusade to transform America.

It is high time for the Senate to do its job and examine Obama’s radical nominees, even if it is controversial.

Robert Romano is the Senior Editor of Americans for Limited Government.

  • Ldrussell

    Why do these kind of places exist in the Unites States?
    Because we allow them to.

  • Heartreatlybob

    Most everyone knows that obuma is a communist, so what is the big surprise that he is wanting to appoint more like him…. we will soon be at a point that we will be fighting on the streets against obuma rules…he is just another hitler…. and has gotten into power because he is black and that is the only reason….

  • jasKir5984

    Our self-serving congress, does nothing, because they want to float along and live  in luxury at the expense of USA tax payers.  They get real friendly about election time and remain rogue the periods between.  Obama and other communist have only filled a void that our compromised congress and senate have allowed to emerge.  It is time to vote out all incumbents in government, impeach about 60% of the liberal judges, abandon the United Nations, and return to our Christian Judeo founding principles.  We have resources to drill our own oil, grow our own food, manufactur our own products, and free ourselves of the dependent dictators around the world, who steal our money and burden us with debt.  

  • Citizen1vote

    Socialist, communist and marxist must be removed out of our Federal, State and Local governments if we the people are going to keep our freedom, we are at the end of freedom.
    For this is what we are fighting freedoms oldest enemy the passion of the few to rule the many that`s what is at stake it`s us or them one must die one must live.



  • spidermike

    “It is high time for the Senate to do its job and examine Obama’s radical nominees, even if it is controversial.” Huh? let’s cut to the chase. . . get to the root of the problem. It’s Barack Hussein Obama, stupid.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done the heavy lifting. The heck with vetting Groshen, we got a president who forged his birth certificate, forged his selective service registration, created an entire false background in his memoir and sealed all records of his past. We need to find out who THIS guy is. 

  • Troll2001m2

    Also remove them from our school systems from K. thru college

  • mischa

    I’d like to ad one more to your list to be wiped out, ISLAMIST, needs to be left out of our government as well.  It is a shock to know that we even have this kind of stuff in the US, it definitely  reminds me of the Hitler youth camps. My sadness goes to young parents who do not know where their kids are going to camp and what goes on there..

  • mischa

    I totally agree, what ever happened to America the land of the free and innovative??  these kind of camps breed sheep, baaahh!!!

  • mischa

    Amen to that.  I am a firm believer in our founding fathers who founded this country “UNDER GOD”

  • mischa

    He is everything he claims Romney is,  “show more tax returns”  but Obama does not even show his birth certificate, school records, passport, etc.  Please, I can not stand any more lies. He has to go.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Fool me ONCE, shame on YOU!  Fool me TWICE, shame on ME!

    Barack Obama was born of Marxists; mentored by a communist writer and activist during his formative years; 
    spent college days associating with Marxist professors & activists; 
    worked as a radical community organizer, using the radical tactics of the communist, Alinsky; 
    attended a radical church; (20yrs! “G-d dam America”) was introduced to Chicago politics by a communist in the home of two communists; 
    and now lends his political skill to the international goals of radical activists. 
    Had radicals on his campaign, and has them in his administration. 
    The simple fact is, since the age of 12, the people closest to Obama have been active, radical Marxists, and dues-paying members of the Communist Party USA. (USCP endorses BO for reELECTION!)

  • pearl87

    FASCISM IS A VARIANT OF COMMUNISM. They are BOTH leftist in nature, both based on socialism. There is no comparison between this and if a “GOP nominee had a similar relationship with a fascist summer camp” !  Why do you validate this old and misleading piece of leftist propaganda? There is no parallel on the right for totalitarian ideology, because the further right you go, the less govt there is. SO STOP REINFORCING THE FAVORITE “PROGRESSIVE” LIE THAT HITLER WAS RIGHT WING!

  • Barbann

    Please read the book, Bonhoefer. The story of Pastor Bonhoefer parallels much of the insidious creep we see going on in the U.S. at the present time. Scary stuff!

  • DwightAsh

    To spidermike, we know who Obama is, he is a marxist/socialist phoney. The picture of the kids in kinderland reminded me of the Hitler Youth photos from the 30’s and 40’s as they were performing the Hitler/Nazi salute. Joe McCarthy was correct in his witch hunts for commies in the 50’s but we are too PC for this today. If we did the first to go would be the POTUS BHO.
    God Bless America and Semper Fi 

  • I haven’t believed the mainstream media for years now ever since they put Obama on a pedestal.

  • Petryss

    I fully agree but who’s going to do it? That comes down to you, and me! How I percieve it to happen is not pretty. What are your plans?

  • Petryss

    Again I say! Who is going to make this happen?

  • Petryss

    It’s all in the numbers! Think 357, 30-06, 270, Nothing but numbers!

  • Petryss

    I still say, it’s all in the numbers!

  • Petryss

    Who allows this? We do. Think 357, 30-06, 273, and we could make a difference.

  • Petryss

    Why wait? He has been proven to be not legal but what does that matter? Think 357, 30-06, 273!

  • Petryss

    I agree with you, The whore bitch has to go. Think 357, 30-06, 273!

  • Petryss

    The current senate is not going to do that. Osama has them in his panties. They will squirm and wiggle but he still calls the shot. They are shit and they need to be wiped out. Think 357, 30-06 and 273. All good numbers to remember.

  • Petryss

    I am tired of wasting my time on you people. I have made my comments to no avail. Everybody wants to piss and moan but nobody wants to take the “BULL BY THE HORNS” and I am guilty as guilty can be because I don’t have the balls either. The only way this sh– is going to stop is when a bullet enters the right place and “THEN” maybe, the Senate and the House will get their shit together.

  • FloridaJim

    Obama surrounds himself with Marxists and socialists search for A CLASSMATE OF OBAMA’S SPEAKS OUT to see more information on Obama and his friends that the lamestream media won’t tell us.

  • Greg137

    You have to see the cancer before you remove it… Let us pressure congress to stop her!
    Pass this article around to your family! These people aren’t even hiding it anymore! Let us hit them where it hurts!!

  • Dennis Prochazka

    Prepare for a rubber stamping…. this congress is more worried about their own jobs than what is right for the American people.  Fire them all and start over.

  • Mas2426

    I read all the comments and am Terribly shoketed by the bigotery, hate and overall ignorance. Shame, shame. Your comments could lead to violence.
    President Obama is presently our leader and he deserves respect.  He is black (so what) smart, educated and American elected him. The repliers are probably extreme rigth, out of touch “tea party”  Please open you hard the the miseries around. THe manufacturs felt the country, wars began, arrogange in Wallstreet and banking, realestate down, deficit etc….. all these stated during 8 years of REPUBLICAN president.
     I am not an American.  SHAME SHAME

  • dorcus

    If you’re not an American, then YOU don’t know what your talking about! The president only deserves respect IF he has earned it! NOT because he demands it!

  • Reagan

    O maybe because it’s a free country.

  • Reagan

    If Ms Groshen sent her kids to this camp in the 1920s, her kids must be about 90 by now.  How old is Groshen?  

  • Vijiva

    Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Do you mean there are, or are not, enough votes, or noncommunists, to prevent America from becoming communist, or what? And “who” is going to make “this” (what) happen?

  • Vijiva

    Ah, that’s the rub. “Free” for what?  Free to destroy freedom?

  • Vijiva

    HE may not be legal, but what it sounds you are suggesting is ALSO illegal (unlawful).

  • aghast

    You misunderstood. Groshen sent her kids there recentlly, not in 1920’s. Other kids, including Rosenberg’s grand-daughter, were sent there.

  • Jfbirnbaum

    Are you crazy? I’m a product of Camp Trywoodie, an outgrowth of Camp Kinderland. I couldn’t be prouder of my “RED DIAPER BABY ORIGINS” My Russian communist grandmother, sent my father to law school from her wages as a factory worker in the garment center. I am a hardworking mother, who’s been married and faithful for 23 years. Both my children are straight A students, have part-time jobs and are helping to pay for their current and future college expenses. You as an educated journalist should show tolerance and respect to people of all races and with views different than yours. Although, I am an extreme lefty, I listen and I am friends with people whose views are to the right. Realize, Mr. Romano as human beings we are less different and more the same.

  • And this has been happening for ninety years, people!  You have to look at the faces of those innocent children- giving the raised fist communist salute- and wonder what became of them afterward.  Communist parents plus professional communist indoctrination equals… what?

  • J Grivois/patriot

    Dear Jfbirnbaum. Either you’re putting us on or you’re an idiot. Meaning simply you are not using the God given brains you were blessed with as a child.
    Let me tell you what this 68 year old gentleman thinks about communism/fascism/socialism and all other lefties. Yours is not a peaceful group of “just people” who happily gets along with everyone of different viewpoints. Perhaps you personally are able to treat those who disagree in an amiable manner, but history very sadly attests to millions of people visciously murdered by maniacs who are filled with hatred. They don’t want to live and let live. They want to wipe out entire populations and destroy their history. Why? Because these sick, twisted people think theirs is the only way and by God, they will kill us if we dare oppose their evil. Islam is the very same type of sick ideology posing as a peaceful religion. Their allah, solely created out of whole cloth by Mohammed, tells them to force people and nations to convert to Islam or die!
    In short, that’s why we need to oppose and rid ourselves of any active C/F/S and L. They are a grave danger to a free society and must not be tolerated. They DO NOT preach tolerence and love. They preach hatred and murder. Finally they are not interested in reasoning with anyone who thinks differently so they shout you down every time. WHY? Because they know they can’t present a logical and truthful argument.
    If you don’t know this stuff, shame on you. You can find their videos and speeches all over the internet. Show me one thing they say that sounds anything like peace and love and tranquility.
    If we don’t deal with these evil people legally and correctly, soon we will be a third world dirtbag country just like all those dirtbag countries where most of these commies came from. Funny how they hate us but want to live here.

  • Big Momma

    Comming from a military based family who for generations have fought for the freedom of our rights to not live under the control of these kinds of people, it makes me sad to think that all of the blood shed and the lives lost for our freedom seems to be for not.What ever happened to our pride? What ever happened to working hard to get what you want out of life?What ever happened to our right to vote in whom we want in office? So many have lost thier lives to make this a better FREE country and so many more have lost limbs or have been injured so that they can’t go back to a what we call a normal life,for what? So some outsiders can come in the back door and ruin what so many have fought for so long to protect! As for me and mine we will believe in GOD until the day we die! Those of us who still care enough about how this country should be need to fight to get our country back on track!

  • FloridaJim

    I did not mention blackness that shows the liberal hypocrisy of your “white guilt syndrome”. I was proud  America elected a half-black person although I knew of Obama from Chicago and doubted that he was anything but a fraud. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Alan Key es, and many, many others were better suited with true experiences and accomplishment. Shame on you for bringing his color when what bothers me he is inept.
    Wall Street, Bankers AND the liberal congress elected in 2008 are huge causes of our debacle along with George Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” which added trillions to our debt , less than Obama but  trillions.

  • Momof3

    Oh, Mr. Grivois, do you read your own words? You are the one calling (in your own post) for “getting rid of” people who disagree with you — the very thing you accuse your opponents of. Furthermore, your apparent inability to distinguish the ideologies of communism and fascism, let alone radical Islam, would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening. And if you want to claim that they all deserve to be put in the same pot because of their common desire to wipe out those who disagree with their ideologies, well then I would add a few more to the list: the Catholic Church during the Inquisition and the Crusades, for example, some radical right-wingers and so-called “Christians'” even today, and more. Study history, folks: If you look at the dates on those inflammatory photos in the article, you will see that they were taken in the 1930;s. I hate to break it to you, but in the early 1930s, during the depths of the Great Depression, MANY thoughtful and concerned people thought communism might be a better alternative to the apparently-broken capitalist system under which so many were suffering hunger and privation. Camps like Kinderland today have tried to keep the best of the values they espoused in the 1930’s (brotherhood, fairness, empathy, concern for the poor — by the way, the same values as those of the Jesus that most Americans supposedly worship), while rejecting the extremes and real horrors to which zealots have sometimes taken those ideals (just like zealots have sometimes perverted Christainity.)  Oh, and no I never went to Kinderland.

  • a1NannaGail2u

    Petryss:  What do those numbers mean.  I did learn about Hitler in my country of origin, but that was many years ago and I just don’t remember and am not sure what those numbers mean.  Are they numbers like those stamped on the survivors back then?

  • a1NannaGail2u

    Petryss: Never mind, I think I justr figured it out.  I am just in shock over everything an went blank?  Which these are not.

  • a1NannaGail2u

    DALEFISHER250:  From what I am hearing, we CAN’T wait until November.  He will declare Martial Law and then Dictatorship, before then.

  • a1NannaGail2u

    mOONbEAMwATCHER:  To top it all off, is lowliness and the wicked WITCH of the EAST, BOTH had the same ALINSKY CLASSES.

  • a1NannaGail2u

    Florida Jim:  Actually, I read a couple of weeks back, that  Bush added I believe it was THREE TRILLION, (Maybe FOUR). But, obama has added SIX POINT FIVE TRILLION.  That is a lot more than Bush.

  • a1NannaGail2u

    Mas2426:  He may be YOUR president, but he sure as heck isn’t MINE.  He certainly doesn’t deserve any respect from anyone who is a patriot of America.  He has done NOTHING FOR AMERICA, EXCEPT TRY TO DESTROY IT.

    Also, you say you are NOT an American.  This makes me wonder why you even call him YOUR president.  Do you even LIVE in the USA?

    If you do, for heavens sake, open your eyes and look around at the devastation he has caused and continues to cause for the true citizens of this wonderful country.

    I am not one to advocate war, but if that is what happens, so be it.

  • Robert Romano

    That is fine, Jfbirnbaum. We are not calling for these camps to be banned or discontinued. You can be proud of your heritage, and one of the advantages of a free society of course is the freedom to associate. But when it comes to government service, those choices do in fact have consequences. Groshen claims to be “non-political, non partisan,” and accurately notes that such a background is a necessary qualification for the position to which she has been nominated, but then this radical association emerges.

    You went to a similar camp, and are proud to be an extreme leftist. That’s fine. You’re entitled to your own opinions. But that does not qualify you, or anyone else, to serve in government positions that are supposed to be objective, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the surface, it would appear Groshen is being less than forthcoming about her views on politics, which may even be quite radical if she shares the leftist views of Kinderland.

    We are a tolerant society. We do not arrest people for their views on politics or economics. But I would not hire a Marxist economist, for example (if that is what Groshen is), to run the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nor any other important position at the Fed, Treasury, etc. Marxism is not merely an alternative perspective, it is a wholesale repudiation of free enterprise and liberal democracy and, particularly, property rights. As a philosophy and system of government, it is as repugnant to liberty as fascism.

    We do not need those with a totalitarian worldview, left or right, working for the government. Period. As such, in the context of Groshen’s confirmation, this should most certainly be vetted. Does she share the leftist views of Kinderland?

  • AverageRandomJoe

    And Bush more than Clinton, Clinton more than … Spending buys votes, Frugality loses them. It is easy to start spending money, hard to curtail it. Regardless of party. They are all crooks.

  • 213angelic

    AveraRandonJoe:  Yes, I have to agree with you.  They ARE ALL CROOKS. also, they have NO IDEA just HOW to be FRUGAL.  They are too used to living off of OUR BACKS.
    Seems like no matter which way we go, there are going to be HARD TO EXTREMELY HARD TIMES ahead of us.  Depending on WHO gets the Presidency and how many CONSTITUTIONAL, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE Conservatives we can get into office to replace the worst Dems and RINOS.
    I just hope we ALL survive this mess and can start to get the FINANCIAL MESS the last several GOVERNMENTS have made CLEANED UP.
    I don’t have that many more years on this earth, but am trying to make it until my grand children are eighteen… another fourteen years, and I would like to have things cleaned up for mine, yours,(if you have any), and everyone elses grand children.
    At this point in time, I don’t think it will be done for the baby boomers and not even sure about their children, but hopefully it will be a lot better for their children and if we are lucky, the following generation.
    We will ALL have to be prepared to pull together and work at getting the country SOLVENT again, if we can get someone FOR THE PRESIDENCY,who ISN’T going to beat us down with GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE, and as many in CONGRESS itself, who will also PULL WITH “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  • Guest

    I would like to point out to this amazing interview with a camp participant… http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/video/spanish-civil-war-and-peace-olympics-at-kinderland 

  • Tray

    It takes a sheep to know a sheep stay away from all that koolaid you have been drinking

  • Jim

    What the fuck were you doing all day in school when they were teaching important things like reading writing arithmetic and history?

    All that crack smoking and taking it in the ass really put a dent in your intelligence.

  • communist

     Well actually, Bobby Fischer, who later became a very eccentric chess champion, attended the camp. So did Marisa Tomei, a great comic actress. I did, too, and I am known for being creative, and innovative. I was voted “best sense of humor” in my high school in Santa Barbara, for example. Camp Kinderland produces very creative, intersting, and in some cases, quite wealthy people, thank you very much! You conservatives are the sheep, being led by ideological morons like the people who run this site.

  • Scofi

    You simple kinded fools are unbelievable. Lemme give you a little puzzle to work over. I am a counselor at camp Kinderland and you know what I think is the most important thing you should know about me? I love America. I love our government, our history, I love this nation

    The thing that you sheep can’t seem to understand is that you cannot let your love blind you. At camp we don’t talk about turning America into Soviet Russia. You would b hard pressed to find anyone at this camp who would argue that. What we do do at camp is open up and facilitate discussions with our campers on how they can make America and the world as a whole a better place. If you think that’s unamerican then you should probably take a good hard look in the mirror and check which side you are really fighting for.

  • GrumpyOleMan

     Brainwashed are ya Scottie?

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