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The 127 House Republicans who support defunding ObamaCare

ObamaCare127 House Republicans have signed a Republican Study Committee letter urging immediate action by House Speaker John Boehner to not only repeal Obamacare, but to defund every aspect of it. Below is a list of those that signed and those that didn’t.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson had this to say about the letter:

“On July 11, 239 House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare. Inexplicably, however, only 127 members have committed to completely defunding it. We thank every member who has signed the letter urging Speaker Boehner to support every effort to defund Obamacare. But we are left to simply wonder why other members appear reluctant to actually do something to stop the implementation of the law by cutting off its funding.

“There should not be a single piece of legislation that passes which funds any part of Obamacare, and the House must demand that this liberty-robbing law not be implemented.”

House Republican members who signed letter:

Name District
Brooks, Mo AL-05
Griffin, Tim AR-02
Gosar, Paul AZ-01
Franks, Trent AZ-02
Quayle, Ben AZ-03
Schweikert, David AZ-05
Flake, Jeff AZ-06
Herger, Wally CA-02
McClintock, Tom CA-04
Denham, Jeff CA-19
Hunter, Duncan D. CA-52
Tipton, Scott CO-03
Gardner, Cory CO-04
Lamborn, Doug CO-05
Miller, Jeff FL-01
Southerland, Steve FL-02
Nugent, Rich FL-05
Stearns, Cliff FL-06
Mica, John FL-07
Bilirakis, Gus FL-09
Young, C.W. “Bill” FL-10
Ross, Dennis FL-12
Mack, Connie FL-14
West, Allen FL-22
Adams, Sandy FL-24
Westmoreland, Lynn GA-03
Price, Tom GA-06
Scott, Austin GA-08
Graves, Tom GA-09
Broun, Paul GA-10
Gingrey, Phil GA-11
King, Steve IA-05
Labrador, Raul ID-01
Walsh, Joe IL-08
Manzullo, Donald IL-16
Schilling, Bobby IL-17
Schock, Aaron IL-18
Shimkus, John IL-19
Stutzman, Marlin IN-03
Rokita, Todd IN-04
Burton, Dan IN-05
Pence, Mike IN-06
Bucshon, Larry IN-08
Young, Todd IN-09
Huelskamp, Tim KS-01
Jenkins, Lynn KS-02
Yoder, Kevin KS-03
Pompeo, Mike KS-04
Guthrie, Brett KY-02
Scalise, Steve LA-01
Landry, Jeff LA-03
Fleming, John LA-04
Boustany, Charles LA-07
Harris, Andy MD-01
Bartlett, Roscoe MD-06
Benishek, Dan MI-01
Huizenga, Bill MI-02
Amash, Justin MI-03
Walberg, Tim MI-07
Bachmann, Michele MN-06
Akin, Todd MO-02
Hartzler, Vicky MO-04
Graves, Sam MO-06
Long, Billy MO-07
Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO-09
Palazzo, Steven MS-04
Jones, Walter NC-03
Coble, Howard NC-06
Myrick, Sue NC-09
Berg, Rick ND-00
Terry, Lee NE-02
Smith, Adrian NE-03
Guinta, Frank NH-01
Garrett, Scott NJ-05
Pearce, Steve NM-02
Amodei, Mark NV-02
Heck, Joe NV-03
Buerkle, Ann Marie NY-25
Chabot, Steve OH-01
Schmidt, Jean OH-02
Jordan, Jim OH-04
Latta, Bob OH-05
Johnson, Bill OH-06
Austria, Steve OH-07
Renacci, Jim OH-16
Sullivan, John OK-01
Lankford, James OK-05
Kelly, Mike PA-03
Marino, Tom PA-10
Barletta, Louis PA-11
Pitts, Joe PA-16
Murphy, Tim PA-18
Scott, Tim SC-01
Wilson, Joe SC-02
Duncan, Jeff SC-03
Gowdy, Trey SC-04
Mulvaney, Mick SC-05
Noem, Kristi SD-00
Roe, Phil TN-01
Duncan, John TN-02
Fleischmann, Chuck TN-03
Black, Diane TN-06
Blackburn, Marsha TN-07
Fincher, Stephen Lee TN-08
Gohmert, Louie TX-01
Poe, Ted TX-02
Johnson, Sam TX-03
Hall, Ralph TX-04
Barton, Joe TX-06
Culberson, John TX-07
McCaul, Michael TX-10
Conaway, Michael TX-11
Paul, Ron TX-14
Flores, Bill TX-17
Neugebauer, Randy TX-19
Smith, Lamar TX-21
Olson, Pete TX-22
Canseco, Quico TX-23
Marchant, Kenny TX-24
Burgess, Michael TX-26
Farenthold, Blake TX-27
Bishop, Rob UT-01
Chaffetz, Jason UT-03
Sensenbrenner, F. James WI-05
Duffy, Sean WI-07
Ribble, Reid WI-08
McKinley, David WV-01


House Republican member who didn’t sign letter:

Name District
Young, Donald AK-00
Bonner, Jo AL-01
Roby, Martha AL-02
Rogers, Mike AL-03
Aderholt, Robert AL-04
Bachus, Spencer AL-06
Crawford, Rick AR-01
Womack, Steve AR-03
Lungren, Dan CA-03
Nunes, Devin CA-21
McCarthy, Kevin CA-22
Gallegly, Elton CA-24
McKeon, Buck CA-25
Dreier, David CA-26
Royce, Ed CA-40
Lewis, Jerry CA-41
Miller, Gary CA-42
Calvert, Ken CA-44
Bono Mack, Mary CA-45
Rohrabacher, Dana CA-46
Campbell, John CA-48
Issa, Darrell CA-49
Bilbray, Brian CA-50
Coffman, Mike CO-06
Crenshaw, Ander FL-04
Webster, Daniel FL-08
Buchanan, Vern FL-13
Posey, Bill FL-15
Rooney, Tom FL-16
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL-18
Diaz-Balart, Mario FL-21
Rivera, David FL-25
Kingston, Jack GA-01
Woodall, Rob GA-07
Latham, Tom IA-04
Simpson, Mike ID-02
Roskam, Peter IL-06
Dold, Robert IL-10
Kinzinger, Adam IL-11
Biggert, Judy IL-13
Hultgren, Randy IL-14
Johnson, Timothy IL-15
Whitfield, Ed KY-01
Davis, Geoff KY-04
Rogers, Hal KY-05
Alexander, Rodney LA-05
Cassidy, Bill LA-06
Camp, Dave MI-04
Upton, Fred MI-06
Rogers, Mike MI-08
Miller, Candice MI-10
Kline, John MN-02
Paulsen, Erik MN-03
Cravaack, Chip MN-08
Emerson, Jo Ann MO-08
Nunnelee, Alan MS-01
Harper, Gregg MS-03
Rehberg, Denny MT-00
Ellmers, Renee NC-02
Foxx, Virginia NC-05
McHenry, Patrick NC-10
Fortenberry, Jeff NE-01
Bass, Charlie NH-02
LoBiondo, Frank NJ-02
Runyan, Jon NJ-03
Smith, Christopher NJ-04
Lance, Leonard NJ-07
Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ-11
King, Peter NY-03
Turner, Bob NY-09
Grimm, Michael NY-13
Hayworth, Nan NY-19
Gibson, Chris NY-20
Hanna, Richard NY-24
Reed, Tom NY-29
Turner, Michael OH-03
Tiberi, Pat OH-12
LaTourette, Steven OH-14
Stivers, Steve OH-15
Gibbs, Bob OH-18
Lucas, Frank OK-03
Cole, Tom OK-04
Walden, Greg OR-02
Thompson, Glenn PA-05
Gerlach, Jim PA-06
Meehan, Patrick PA-07
Fitzpatrick, Mike PA-08
Shuster, Bill PA-09
Dent, Charlie PA-15
Platts, Todd PA-19
DesJarlais, Scott TN-04
Hensarling, Jeb TX-05
Brady, Kevin TX-08
Granger, Kay TX-12
Thornberry, Mac TX-13
Carter, John TX-31
Sessions, Pete TX-32
Wittman, Rob VA-01
Rigell, Scott VA-02
Forbes, J. Randy VA-04
Hurt, Robert VA-05
Goodlatte, Bob VA-06
Cantor, Eric VA-07
Griffith, Morgan VA-09
Wolf, Frank VA-10
Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA-03
Hastings, Doc WA-04
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA-05
Reichert, Dave WA-08
Ryan, Paul WI-01
Petri, Thomas WI-06
Moore Capito, Shelley WV-02
Lummis, Cynthia WY-00

  • pearl87

    Why is BooHoo Boehner on NEITHER list?

  • Seniorsquadldr

    The House republicrats believe the only spending problem is that they are not spending enough. boner is in love with the ONE and will do anything to please him. Get ready, bohika. The demoncraps are what they are, the republicrats are the real enemy. Defeat the the republicrats, crush them. Tea Party Patritots unite.

  • krhealeo

    Folks, The folks at ALG need to be correct in what they put out, but someone is putting out disinformation. This post says that Congressman Nunnelee of MS DID NOT sign the letter. I have a copy of the letter spoken of in this post that shows that Nunnelee DID IN FACT sign the letter. Since I can believe my own lying eyes, do the folks at ALG have THEIR facts straight? It appears that they do not.

  • John B

    Perhaps Congressman Nunnelee signed the letter after seeing this post? Have you thought of that? This post is, after all, 6 days old.

  • STFU

    Exactly. Perhaps krhealeo should check the date that Nunnelee signed the letter against the date of the post. You’ll see then that ALG did not lie.

  • Krhealeo

    The letter that Nunnelee signed was dated July 18, 2012. So, he had to sign it on or before July 18, 2012, if he signed it. Otherwise, the letter would have been mailed without his signature. There aint no “signing later” after the letter was mailed already. Like I said, I have a copy of the letter, with his name appended as a signer. Now it could be bogus (the letter), but he is not such a fool, or a tool that he would send me the letter, and it be a fake. Again, I will just believe my lying eyes rather than what this post says. Okay? 

  • Krhealeo

    See above.

  • krhealeo

    Regarding whether Congressman Nunnelee signed the letter urging the defunding of ObamaCare, I think that the folks at ALG or NetRightDaily should just wade right on in and settle this matter for us readers. How many other signers were maligned (this means slandered, i.e., said to have not done something that was in fact done)? In fact, do we really know if all the said-to-be-signers really signed it? All I know is that one of the did-not-signers DID sign the letter. Again, you folks at ALG or NetRightDaily, just jump right on in. The waters fine!

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