08.21.2012 12

Clear Choice

Cartoon by A.F. Branco

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  • We can’t rely on mere men to save us, but with God behind them He can use them. Prayer is the answer. 2 Chr. 7:14

  • What a disaster Obama is, clearly he wants to transform America into a Communist, poor and defenseless nation.

  • Absolutely love this! And there’s too much truth in it not to share!

  • Ant Sr.

    Obama is transforming this nation and he must think we are stupid. He might be able to shut off some of the people that are stupid and listen to his lies. People that think for themselves and do their own research know this country cannot take another 4 years of his Presidency!

  • Claudia Karina Baya

    You have to be blind not to see this truth! Thank you for the honest humor.

  • Clarice

    Love it!

  • DR300

    Stupidity. Only Republicans would believe this crap.

  • James Maxwell

    Now that one makes sense for sure. My plan for saving Medicare is to remove it from
    the General Hog Trough called Congress. Before Kennedy raided it for the Space
    program with the promis to repay it and then Lying Blowhard Johnson signed it over
    to the General Fund Medicar paid for itself and was solvent. As soon as Politican,
    from both parties, got their nose in the trough the fund was done for. The spend
    like crack heads on a binge and have not stoped yet.

  • Dell Hill

    Me? I love me some Joe “Plugs” Biden hair. Tony Branco misses nothing! 🙂

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