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K Street Republicans’ war on Palin

NRD Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared at TheHill.com.

By Rick Manning — I’m getting sick of the rewriting of 2008 presidential campaign history as K Street Republicans continue to assault Sarah Palin in the fear that a similarly conservative Republican will rise to the top of the VP sweepstakes.

It has been so fashionable in D.C. Republican circles to bash the Palin nomination as a mistake, ill-conceived or even disastrous, that even Dick Cheney has gotten into the act.

These self-serving attempts to change history are nothing more than a smear campaign designed to influence the Romney VP pick by obscuring the truth that the choice of Sarah Palin to be the vice presidential nominee was truly inspired.

The McCain campaign was in the doldrums. Unable to match the youth and enthusiasm of the inexperienced but expert campaigner from Illinois, McCain needed to shake up the race, and Palin accomplished just that.

Her incredible acceptance speech, delivered in spite of a faulty teleprompter (try that, Mr. President), gave the nation a new face and voice for conservative principles just when it was desperately needed.

That same energy from the convention rolled over into the 2010 election, embodied in the Tea Party movement and leading Republicans to a historic victory.

History shows that it was the McCain campaign that blew any chance at election when it suspended its efforts fully three weeks after the nomination to come back to D.C. and rubber-stamp the TARP bailout.

Having agreed upon the legislative actions that socialized losses by too-big-to-fail banks, McCain lost all ability to differentiate between himself and the big-government policies advocated by Obama.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen reported on Sept. 20, 17 days after the Palin pick, that his daily Presidential Tracking Poll “shows Barack Obama with 48 percent of the vote and John McCain with 47 percent. While Obama’s lead is statistically insignificant, it is the first time he has held even a single-point advantage in a week and a half. One week ago today, McCain was up by three points.”

For the mathematically challenged, this means that less than two months from the election, McCain and Palin were leading in the polls.

Rasmussen goes on to say, “Obama’s gains over the past week came as the focus shifted from the momentum generated at the Republican National Convention to the economic rollercoaster ride that played out on Wall Street. Few agreed with McCain’s initial statement about the economy being fundamentally sound and neither candidate has yet convinced voters that he will bring the needed changes to the financial markets.”

Now, four years later, those very architects and apologists of “too big to fail” policies desperately seek to dissuade presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney from making a similarly bold conservative choice for vice president.

Let’s hope Romney remembers history, because if he does, he will know that the choice of Palin was one of the few things the McCain campaign got right. It was McCain’s and President Bush’s abandonment of limited-government, free-market principles that were the ultimate culprit in bringing us four years of Obama — not Sarah Palin.

Rick Manning is the Director of Communications for Americans for Limited Government.

  • Brabado

    To those that continue to critize Gov. Palin, including VP Dick Cheney:

    Republicans/Conservatives/Independents should MAN-UP and keep their mouth shot and go after the real enemy Barack Obama. At least, Gov. Palin try to do much more for our Country than all of you put together.

    Gov. Palin, and her family had more courage, and “cojones”,   than any of you, by taking in so much garbage from the Left and their friends to now, have to listen to you.

    If you can not stand by our own Canidates, leave and join the Democrats!


  • Bernaldo

    “It has been so fashionable in D.C. Republican circles to bash the Palin nomination as a mistake, ill-conceived or even disastrous, that even Dick Cheney has gotten into the act.”

    Not only fashionable, but also accurate.  It was a terrible mistake, ill-conceived, and disastrous!  Sen. McCain certainly didn’t help himself when he left the campaign to go back to Washington and sit on his hands during the economic crisis in September but at the same time, voters were getting a long look at Gov. Palin and accurately determined that she was in way over her head and that she was completely unfit and unprepared to be vice-president – let alone the proverbial “one heartbeat” from the presidency.  She may be an excellent campaigner but when she speaks, she proves over and over that she lacks the intellect, the moral courage, the compassion, and the temperment to be anywhere near the presidency of the United States.

  • Jdpf87

    The Republican establishment just doesn’t get it.  There is not a whole lot of difference between the old line GOP (McCain,  Mcconnell, possibly Boehner) and the piece of work that is in office now.  We need Palin,  Trump, etc. speaking at the convention and pushing these old farts into changing their ways, or the election will be lost.

    Palin excites the conservative crowd and pulls in some of the women vote.  Trump gets a whole different group of voters.  McCain is just boring as hell, and gave away the last election. 

     If you keep doing the same thing over and over, can you get different results?

  • Topeka

    It was McCain who was in over his head. 

    It was McCain’s campaign staff- upper middle class twits who are the “conservatives” out of the Lib-tard’s central casting room of Mental Retards With an R by their name – who were responsible for all the serious gaffes.

    Gov. Palin had NO Gaffe comparable to any of Obambam’s gaffes – or McMush’s own mentally deranged comments on conservatives, illegals, the economy or anything else.

    Try re-writing history on your own time.

  • Topeka

    The GOP is afraid they may set up a Conservative for a Presidential Run. 

    Obambam should be tossed overboard… and then the establishment should be walked off the plank behind them. 

    Palin is a better Man than Cheney any day of the week.


  • nontonite

    McCain’s numbers didn’t go down until the crash and he went back to DC.  McCain crashed because he stank as a candidate; he wouldn’t have even taken the lead if it weren’t for Palin.  So quit lying.

  • Pierre Legrand

    Thank you this is exactly what really happened. But of course the establishment must try and defend their embrace of trillion dollar bailouts of their crony capitalist friends…as Andrew Codevilla so eloquently wrote this truly is not a battle between Republican and Democrat rather this is a battle between the Elite and those who pay the bills, everyone who has a job.

  • Pierre Legrand

    BS and Governor Palin’s accomplishments since then show it to be BS. McCain has had no influence in the affairs of this country, well except for his fervent desire to go to war again, while Governor Palin has again and again shown her power. First in the fight against Obama care which we lost of course but she, more than almost anyone else framed the argument in such a fashion that we had a chance. Then her efforts at electing Tea Party Conservatives have been far more successful than McCain at electing anyone. She has long range vision and McCain is a senile old man…btw I didn’t donate any money to McCain until AFTER he nominated Palin. I was not going to participate in the 2008 election because I hate McCain’s stance on illegals.

  • reggiec

    I believe the reaction of the left to the beginnings of limiting government, forced on congress through the influence of TEA party activists Is pure unadulterated fear. The establishment, elite GOP is also feeling the pressure. Their bluster, name calling, primary shenanigans and dire warnings of disaster are evoked by fear of ghosts from the past reincarnated in the Tea party movement and people like Sarah Palin. Their fear is real, it is part of the liberal and go along to get long RINO elite cell structure; it has been embedded in their brains for decades.
    It is the fear that the American people will realize that our Founding Fathers really had it right. The modern liberal rhetoric is completely destroyed when stacked against the ideals of those grave yard ghosts in the form of our Founding Father’s spirits. The Liberal/RINO fear is that we have finally awakened and have had enough. They are beginning to realize their Waterloo will be the 2012 elections and they are whistling past the graveyard.
    It may take a while but vote Conservative for every level in government.

  • I heard Cheney’s statement and I don’t think he critized Palin.  I think he critized the process that McCain used to pick VP candidates.  I think the lamestream media is making an attempt to bash both Cheney and Palin.   

  • CapitalG

    Palin gives one hell of a speech. I’ve seen her speak in some smaller forums in NorCal and she was very well versed on the local issues. She has done this all over America and has a personal rapport with the American people that most politicians will simply never achieve.

    Sarah Palin is feared by the establishment types who have made careers out of feeding off the taxpayer. It is sad they have to fight dirty to defeat somebody who is above all their pettiness and greed.

  • ” Now, four years later, those very architects and apologists of “too big to fail” policies desperately seek to dissuade presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney from making a similarly bold conservative choice for vice president.”

    The thing is, “a similarly bold conservative” vice president has no power — other than breaking ties in the Senate. Say McCain/Palin had won in 2008. Say McCain was for the auto bailout and Palin was against it. What exactly could/would Palin do? If she was too public with her stand, McCain could have asked for her resignation.

    That would have been very destabilizing, to say the least.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Sarah Palin is sitting on between 18 and 20 years executive experience. This is more than almost any other President we have ever had.Palin’s record includes a term on the Wasilla Council, two terms as Wasilla, AK Mayor, a stint as Chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and gas Conservation Commission (which she left to almost single-handily take down the corrupt GOP Establishment in Alaska. She served as president of the Alaska mayors association and as chairman of the Republican governors. As governor she accomplished more in two years than most do in eight years. Alaska has the largest national guard and they are always on active duty with the governor briefed daily.     
    The Governorship of Alaska, as defined by the Alaska state Constitution, is the most powerful in the nation. This has left Sarah Palin uniquely qualified to go from being the most powerful Governor in the nation to being the most powerful national leader in the world. 

  • bob570

    I can understand  why the K Streeters hate her, she’s more popular with rank and file Republicans then they are. Go Sarah, Go Tea Party.

  • CapitalG

     True…. but the connotation is had she been properly interviewed they would have known she doesn’t play along with the GOP elite games and should have been passed over.

    Instead she electrified the base like few have and inspired a movement that challenges the very establishment that gave her a national spotlight.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Sarah Palin was the best part of that ticket.  McCain was a total loser there. I don’t think I have seen such a poorly run campaign since Bob Dole ran, and I think McCain’s campaign was worse.

  • Wallyworkswell

    I said it before, I’ll say it again, there was some considered thinking about this on Gov. Palins part! She said so herself! The McCain team doubled up on offering her support! Gov. Palin accepted! The rest was political pinochle! I was unhappy we didn’t win the Presidency! We had a War tried and true Patriot, and an Alaska Governor who wowed the country, and would have made headlines of positive impact! The political hand didn’t get the draw we needed!  Lets not not miss out this time! The bottom line: Mitt Romney makes his choice! We applaud it, and move with positive support for the win! wallyworksell@yahoo.com

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