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Media Narratives for Dummies

Cartoon by William Warren

Media Narratives for DummiesNRD  Editor’s Note: As always, you may reprint this cartoon anywhere you please, but we ask that you provide a link back to this source. To see more cartoons, click here.

  • Jrockjim

    Most EXCELLENT! Obi Wan has trained you well. Jim

  • Being a conservative is a Joke to the Democrats.

  • swornsongs

    Are you trying to insinuate that there is a media bias against Conservatives? NAAAAH!!!!!

  • If I were Black I would take this as an INSULT, That he would imply this for a POTITICAL gain to think they are that STUPID to believe this GIN HEAD.
    Really the Democrats don’t have much in the way of Truth .The LIES are going to catch up with them and the people that were Stupid enough to believe them will really be pissed off for making them look like fools.
    Obama’s Presidency is a Fraud and Georgie boy is going to look the fool he is and probably wind up dead like the 3 people he had MURDERED to keep the TRUTH come out about Obama and Himself.(there is proof of this)
    This whole REGIME should be put against a wall and SHOT FOR TREASON.And this is VERY LIKLEY.
    They aren’t as smart as they think they are ,and were not as dumb as we look.
    I read something the other day , a man that had been in service said he would shoot OBAMA even if it cost him his life, The reply WAS When Obama was MURDERED he hoped it would be by a BLACK Man, because the blacks would have an uproar , his remark was” he is as much WHITE AS HE IS BLACK so I’LL just shoot the WHITE SIDE OF HIM.
    That will work was the reply.
    Then What about SOROS well he is all white foreigner I can shoot him with blessing from a lot of AMERICANS.

  • That is because the truth puts their teeth on edge. It give the the feeling of some one scratching a chalk board with you fingernails.
    I think every Democrat that owns a Dictionary has the word TRUTH removed before they will buy it.

  • …have they told you how much your bail is going to be…?

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