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Obama Answers New James Bond Film “Skyfall” With His Own Version

By Frank McCaffrey — 007 fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the new installment of the James Bond series, “Skyfall.” Well now Agent 00O wants to get his own version into theaters. Check out this trailer for “Freefall”:

  • MR2

    Hit the road Barrack…

  • George Blumel

    You don’t have to go to a theater to see that movie –it is now in every aspect of life in the US –thanks to that triple zero would-be dictator. OMG! Obama Must Go!

  • going to see http://2016themovie.com this weekend

  • Unfortunately this film is v-e-r-y accurate. For those of us who are avid Bond fans and/or well versed in espionage lingo from the many spy movies over the years, we have all heard of the Mancheurian Candidate, Moles, Sleepers, Double and Tripple Agents and of course the Bond enemy Hydra. Well, now we have the foreign operative and sleeper fully awake in the form of Barack Hussein Obama (at least in my humble opinion) with plenty of Anti-america cronies, support, financers, and foreign handlers such as Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Kagan, Weinstein, Soros, the UN assembly, the nation of islam and their many adherents including the PLO, Hamas, and the muslim sisterhood and brotherhood as well as the Union leaders, students of Alinski and China, and many Muslim nations (including Kenya). Unlike the highly skilled double and triple agents of the spy stories, obama makes a very good tool; an incompetent multi-agent who seems to only have the skills to bungle through everything, make a huge mess by his twisted and false ideologies and convictions and then run around working to undermine and embarrass our republic through repeated and incessant apologies to petty world tyrants, dictators, muslim butchers, and mass murderers; some of the vilest and most horrendous despots in the world. If it were not for his appointees, cronies, willing accomplices and his handlers, obama would likely be the most effective bungling criminal-in-chief and fraud leader, tyrant and traitor (again, in my opinion) and the least skilled and most inept foreign agent in the entire history of humanity. This would be highly apparent to all, even the democrat lackeys, if it were not for the party following the lessons of sick Willie Clinton and providing obama with a decent distrating lapdog (again, my opinion, based upon the constant supposed gaffs and bungling that seem well timed to distract from obama and democrat and even rino political and criminal moves) like Clintons Cheny; obama’s lapdog Biden (nicknamed “Bite Me” by many, including media hosts. As it is, we are saddled with a no talent, unskilled farce of an illegal alien fraud and illegal, unconstitutional would be islamo-fascist inept president operative of foreign powers and traitor who works for seemingly everyone but the citizens who pay his salary. He has no honor, decency or honesty as is aptly proven by almost every act and decision made in his illigitimate presidency. With all the contengencies in place by the democrat party, illegal aliens, criminal support, union leaders, fascist groups and Marxists (communists by any other name) and islamic groups, just to name a few; as well as obama’s buddies over seas contracted to officially count the votes this election, I seriously doubt the election will change much, especially by getting obama out of office. If so, then even the courts will be of little help since they are very obviously coopted and subverted by their master at the White Housee (as proven with Clinton’s crony, Janet Reno during his impeachment sideshow where most of his actual alleged crimes were blocked from investigation by Reno). If obama is thrown out, then we get the obama light; Romney, who was put in place to oppose obama by a combined primaries scam between the dnc, RNC, Rinos, and the media. This was a totally rigged scam with a thinly veilled sideshow to try to distract and hide the truth. The political elites and their handlers have coopted our republic and seized the reins of power. We are not supposed to realize this. Those really in power hope we, the true citizens of this republic are stupid enough or can be distracted enough to not see or understand what is really going on. The most pertinent questions we can answer are, “are we? And what do we do about it if we are not?
    This is what the obama martial law executive orders, government stockpiles of ammo, riot equipment, supplies, rations and chumming up with our traditional enemies, illegal aliens, and islamic terrorests and their home nations, including Kenya, are all about. If the class warfare and division in this country promoted by this regime actually works and this rogue government misleading us manages to incite the civil war they keep pushing and talking about, I would suggest that the only way our nation’s survival can be and will be assured after the infiltrators, people inciting such a war and those fomenting the hostilities (including the islamics, union leaders, fascist and marxist 99% leadership, and black panthers, etc… are beaten and our government returned to the citizens of this republic and shrunk to about 8-10% in size, authority and power, is to then remove the enemies and the UN that is helping to create this situation in the first place. At this point, I am not recommending any kind of decisive or violent actions. I am only offering my own personal observations for consideration.
    Personally, if I were president after the likly coming government and division induced hostilities were settled, I would advocate total removal of terrorist groups, supporters and adherants and leadership such as the islamic groups, radical leaders of the hate groups like the Klan and black panthers (i.e. Jessie Jackson, Farrikahn and White Supremist leadership (those who advocate hate and violence) from our nation permanently or their apprehension, investigation and prosecution for any connections they might have or have had with inciting and/or aiding in any hostilities against the U.S. citizens during this regmie. Then I would see every government leadership of every foreign entity involved in or supporting these hostilities in any way. As far as the supposed efforts to push the creation of a muslim islamic caliphate through undermining and subverting the USA as a part of this and with this regime or any part of it in collusion, I woud push to dismantle the efforts for this caliphate and any and all leadership and adherents to the same in such a way that it would be at least another 50 billion years before it would ever even be drempt of again. Personally, I am sick to death of the hate crimes committed against people with one side seemingly always blamed and punished, while the other sides are judiciously ignored when they commit these crimes, no matter how horrable or abhorant they are, and especially when the obama (in)justice department has adopted the stance of not prosecuting people for these crimes if they are of a certain race or belief (i.e., Black Panthers and islam). It is time that all such criminals are prosecuted and for the political ties that got the supposed New Black Panthers released for their crimes and that permit them, Jackson and others to threaten people with death, offer bounties on people, and to threaten death and violence against others for any reason (especially race) without consequence or to threaten for political reasons, and have those responsible tried and convicted for accessory to potential murders and as the principles under the Rico Act for organized crime charges and any other charges that may apply. Then I would offer an official apology (not for the USA, but for the criminal and unconstitutional scam of an illegal alien criminal islamo-fascist fake president being put in offfice with the efforts and complicancy of several criminals within the halls of governent (federal and otherwise) in these United States, to be rooted out and publicly arrested, jailed without bail, investigateed and prosecuted without shows, scams, or government manipulations or media games). Then I would assure our allies and friends, especially Israel and the UK, of our continued friendship and our enemies, especially those helping this current regime and the White House, the assurance of loss of all support, our continued and heitened annimosity and reprisals for their interferance and efforts to help destroy our republic. This would be followed with immediate eviction and loss of all support and diplomatic immunity for the UN as a whole with all properties demolished on US soil or turned into pig farms and full defunding and loss of support of every kind for all enemy nations, for Kenya and for all islamic nations. Again, this is what I personally would do if I were President under such a situation, along with working to re-empower the individual states over Washington and with the re-establishment of all state rights and state and personal sovergnty without federal interferance, with single limited terms with drastically permanently reduced pay and no benefits above civilian and single vote limits on every bill regardless of how it can be reworded to try to re-introduce it and permanent full transparency with no bills or other agendas or desired measures hidden in any other item being voted on forever. If such efforts are used, then the whole bill would be void and violators sanctioned and possibly tried for attempts to undermine or to work toward seizing control of government in the long run in such a manner as those of this regime and their predicessors in creating this situation have worked together and done. .


    Odamna will indeed be in a FREEFALL

  • hankster6

    Obama will answer all the easy questions! The questions that the PEOPLE want answers, he ignores, just like a dictator!! Only the irrational thinkers need him!



  • WilliamSpires

    Perfect designation for Obama 000, triple zero !

  • Ryan

    What a bunch of crap!!

  • BobM001

    He’s a friggin TRIPLE “ZERO” alright!

  • oilfart

    sorry, the idea is good, but the ad is stupid

  • Michaellaborde

    Think Sandy was bad for the northeast? Look out if he is reelected.

  • Jack Parker

    Anybody who votes for Odumbo is anti-American.

  • JonathonGalt

    You have to t least give Obama credit for all the money government has made since he took office. There was only about $1.7 trillion in existence when he first assumed office, with about $800 billion of that created just before he took office and spent inder his administration, and since then government has increased the money even more to a current $2.661 trillion. With QE3 adding another $40 billion a month it won’t be long before every American will have more money than they will know what to do with.

    What previous President has created so much wealth in so short a period of time?

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