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Ohio spells trouble for Obama

Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Ohio spells trouble for ObamaNRD Editor’s Note: As always, you may reprint this cartoon anywhere you please, but we ask that you provide a link back to this source. To see more cartoons, click here.

  • I hope the people in Ohio realize that Obama has already thrown them under the bus and, if re-elected, he will back the bus up an run over them again

  • Guest

    Not only Ohioans but so many other workers who would have had jobs with the keystone Pipeline if accepted. The natural reserves held up by this dictator. BUT, millions to Brazil to develop THEIR OFFSHORE RESOURCES, instead of the the US. Then he will buy energy FROM BRAZIL????
    aND aMERICANS? Sorry, no work for you! He! He! he says gleefully!
    What a jerk.

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