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Politically damaging regulations held until after election

Anti-EPABy Rebekah Rast — Call it an election strategy.  President Obama is sitting on numerous regulations, coming from the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA), Agriculture Department and even those concerning worker safety that will likely have to wait for approval until after the elections.

While it’s common to back off from pursuing controversial legislation or regulations during an election year, it creates a troubling outlook of what we can expect if President Obama wins a second term.

The Washington Post lists some of these idling regulations “as cracking down on junk food at school bake sales, another banning children from dangerous work on farms and one setting federal standards for disposing toxic ash from coal-fired power plants.”

A particularly harmful regulation specific to Florida, which happens to be an important state in this upcoming election, would require water in the state’s drainage canals to match the same EPA standards as its rivers and streams.

In a joint press release with Americans for Limited Government, Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck said postponing this outrageous Florida EPA regulation doesn’t make it any better.

“Postponing a bad idea does not qualify as a solution,” he said.  “The EPA’s nutrient rules for Florida would require that the water in roadside drainage canals match the same standards as pristine rivers and streams.  These nonsensical regulations will be as scientifically baseless and as economically devastating next year as they would be this year.”

Fighting against this EPA regulation, Free Market America noted that this, “so-called ‘Water Tax’ will cost Florida’s farmers, taxpayers, businesses and consumers billions each year.”

Houck continued, “The Administration should do the right thing and scrap their proposed federal regulations before they leave Florida with fewer farming jobs and higher utility bills.”

The Administration should consider taking this advice and applying to more than just this EPA Florida regulation.

From a campaign standpoint, does postponing these regulations help President Obama? Why would voters, especially in key states like Florida, be supportive of this Administration knowing what kind of government regulations are headed their way come January?

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson said that, “by delaying these regulations the Obama team is pointing out how harsh their election will be.

“They think they are not poking the hornet’s nest before the election but in reality they are telling all voters in the affected states ‘re-elect Obama and this is the nasty, abusive rules that will be imposed on you.’ ”

Houck points out that since 1960, federal spending on environmental regulations has skyrocketed.  “The cost of environmental regulation exceeds 281 billion each year and costs the average small business owner more than $4,000 per worker.  That’s more than four times greater than the average large business,” he said.

Whether President Obama sits on these regulations for another few months or if he approves them now, they are nothing more than a dagger to the heart of the U.S. economy.

ALG’s Wilson concluded, “Obama is holding off on these regulations now because he knows the devastating effect they will have, and he doesn’t want to bear the political fallout.”

Rebekah Rast is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government (ALG) and NetRightDaily.com.  You can follow her on twitter at @RebekahRast.

  • Zardos

    Fire this dumb ass come Nov. !!!!!!!!!!!

  • NCBigmouth

    The EPA needs to clean its own drinking water in D.C.  It is polluted with liquid Dumbass!

  • WVF

    This fraud, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, and America Hater in Chief must go!  I can hardly wait until January 20, 2013 to see this creep leaving the White House.

  • You can bet your bippi that you haven’t seen nothin’ yet!!

  • 1gentready

    I know this is the same thing again and whatever new laws that Barrack Obama wants enforced will waite for a better time to pass them so he has a better chance to get reelected. But the same thing will happen he will blame it on Bush that he had to pass new laws and he does not want to do it but Bush forced his hand and made him do it.

  • MontieR

    I hope you wont mind my borrowing this it took me 5 minutes to stop laughing

  • FloridaJim

    These cowards should all be ousted in 2012 and we should elect those who do our bidding not theirs. Term Limits, Balanced Budget, Fair or Flat Tax eliminate loopholes and redo the pensions of all those in congress and government work since 1995 because they have caused the current debacle and we should not reward them for their malfeasance.

  • Topeka

    Obama will promulgate these regulations if he wins. … the way Clinton and Carter promulgated slews of “midnight”  skwrel America regulations just before the other team arrives.  Probably just before they rip the M’s off their keyboards.

    Whether Mittens Rombama withdraws them (the way Obambam withdrew the Bushies reg’s, delays them for review or funding, which Bush did, or issues them, which Bush did… the MSM will scream that Mittens is Hitler destroying the Planet and shooting Bambie and the cause of all Cancer.

    and what’s really bad is that half the so-called “Libertarians” and “conservatives” and all of the RINO’s will believe it.

    Who will stand up and stop these regumalations and point out that the sky hasn’t fallen, and announce a program to “Roll-Back” the reg’s and free our children for a prosperous future?

  • MAC49

    More like solid Sh-t!

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