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Obama’s Blunders: Manipulated Unemployment Numbers

By Frank McCaffrey — Team Obama wants you to believe unemployment is below eight percent. Ha! Yeah right! Look around you, America is still in a world of hurt. Here is our look at this blunderful display!

  • All I can say.. The Pied Piper is the greatest of all REGRESSIVES, always blaming and justifying. It’s someone else’s fault. Typical behavior of being a Chicago gangster… “COOK THOSE BOOKS, we can fool ‘me, they idol worship me, they are lazy, and clueless”. I think bo was correct saying we’ve gotten lazy, and when he said this it was to divert the thought to outrage because he knows we’d be too lazy validate everything he says or do. He wants us to pay attention to his flute playing on TV talk shows and lead the blind mice into the Hinterland of Make Believe which turns into the pits of hell, and of course it won’t be his fault. OMG OMG OMG (Obama must go), bo stinks!

  • Of course, if you start from the religious belief that Obama must be bad, you believe the good news is a conspiracy, while the bad news is obviously true. In that case, you don’t need news at all. Anyone can see that if they were going to fudge the numbers they would have done that way before now. A lot of people have already started voting. More regrettably, there are some, like the leaders of the Republican party, who have made it clear that they want the country to suffer because they want to win power for themselves. Looks like a lot of people fall for that. I guess it’s hard for some to see the hypocrisy.

  • AlowleyBS

    Anyone who adds Phd after their name is as impressed with Obama as well themselves. So let us all turn a blind eye to the failure Obama has become, and believe Phd’s, movie stars and union leaders.

  • Remington 870

    James..your Phd must be in communism. You vote for the communist and I will vote for the capitalist.

  • Euclic

    Team Obama now blames Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan for the debt mess Father Obama is now trying to solve. If Lincoln hadn’t emancipated the black southern Democrat controlled south, Obama would never have been destroying this country of Freedom…

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