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Pentagon Must Rebuke Advisor’s Attack On South Carolina conservatives

By Bill Wilson — Respected military magazine Small Wars Journal recently published an article co-written by a retired Army Colonel named Kevin Benson.  The article, entitled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future,” was ostensibly written as a training manual for military commanders and general staff.

Benson is a seminar leader at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  He is also the former head of the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies.  In other words, he is entrusted by our government with molding the minds of future military leaders.

In discharging these responsibilities, however, Benson has chosen to aggressively promote a radical leftist portrayal of the Tea Party – and of South Carolina – a portrayal that is inaccurate, incendiary and totally inappropriate for use in military instruction.

“In May 2016 an extremist militia motivated by the goals of the ‘tea party’ movement takes over the government of Darlington, South Carolina, occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council, and placing the mayor under house arrest,” the article co-written by Benson supposes.

Motivated by a “high-profile and vocal minority” which has used “race-baiting and immigrant-bashing by right-wing demagogues,” the Tea Partiers envisioned in Benson’s scenario receive support from “law enforcement officials already sympathetic to the tea party’s agenda.”  Meanwhile a governor who “professed sympathy with tea party goals” refuses to take a stand against this militia.

“The ‘tea party’ insurrectionists in South Carolina enjoy a groundswell of support from other tea party groups, militias, racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, anti-immigrant associations such as the Minutemen, and other right wing groups,” the article continues.

Laced with inflammatory rhetoric pulled straight from the wildest conspiracy theories of the far left, Benson’s scenario is a shamefully narrow-minded, hyper-accusatory manifesto that seeks to masquerade as a blow-by-blow account of how the federal government would quell such a hypothetical rebellion.

Benson’s characterization of the Palmetto State and its people is as disgusting as it is untrue.  And the goal of the piece is clearly indoctrination – not instruction.

Compare this to the treatment of highly decorated armor officer Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley whose classes to fellow officers on the dangers of radical Islam came under fire from groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Now, with the class cancelled and his career sidetracked, Dooley is paying a heavy price for asking a question which dare not be asked.

The startling lesson is that if you want to teach an approved class at the War College, it is better that you hypothesize a scenario where you are killing South Carolinian tea party members than one which poses the question of whether we are at war with Islam itself.

Obviously Dooley’s contention is erroneous, but at least his misguided thinking had its roots in something tangible – the bloody September 11 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans of all colors and creeds.

Benson’s commentary – which is every bit as erroneous and indefensible – is nothing but contrived left-wing smear propaganda, a baseless attempt to vilify patriotic Americans whose only crime is embracing the principles upon which our country was founded.

Every American – whether they support the Tea Party or not – should condemn this insulting characterization of this grassroots, peaceful political movement.  Meanwhile the Pentagon and any contractors who employ Benson should immediately sever all ties with him.

Our military cannot tolerate such shameful teachings – nor can we tolerate such selective enforcement of values.

Bill Wilson is president of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Bill on Twitter at @BillWilsonALG.

  • reggiec

    “Obviously Dooley’s contention is erroneous”
    Just how is it obviously erroneous? There are many portions of Islam, not just the fanatics, that believe that Islam should become the de facto rule over the entire world. They specifically point to western societies as their specific target to destroy.

  • Uncle Sam I Am

    They should fire this guy and make sure he cleans restrooms at a burger chain the rest of his life, and never own a firearm. There are way too many of these nut jobs infiltrating our government, and people need to be aware of it. Otherwise it will continue and our freedom – what we have left of it – will be in serious jeopardy.

  • MEG

    Fire Benson!

  • BOM

    Who do we write to to complain about Benson?

  • pduffy

    “There is nothing new under the sun”. This is a repeat of the American Civil War, where the south was portrayed as ‘racist, evil, slave holders’, and the United States military was used to ‘crush the rebellion’ by the likes of the old southern ‘Tea Party’ which was the Confederacy. The truth is that the south wanted to be free from the shackels of Washington D.C., and we are experiencing the exact same scenario now, as the beast in D.C. has grown so large and so oppressive, the people are once again rising up against it, and it is making a move to suppress it. This is just the beginning.

  • rmwayne

    You’re absolutely right Duffy. I’ve written basically the same thing on other sites and of course the brainwashed imbeciles who think Lincoln is some sort of God hate my guts for it. The saddest days in this country’s history are when Gen. Lee and later on Gens. Johnston and Forrest were forced to surrender against overwhelming odds. If the Confederacy had been successful at winning its independence those of us who live south of the Mason Dixon line wouldn’t be having to put up with communist scum like Obama wanting to tax us into oblivion. States like CA, NY, PA and the New England states would have Obama as their president, but then they were the far left back in 1861 and made their choice long ago to be marxist sympathizers. As far as I’m concerned, the last good president we had, or rather those of us in the South had, was Jefferson Davis.

  • Bernaldo

    Many conservatives and liberals have long feared the greatest threat to our country is from within. America can defend herself from enemies abroad – there is no doubt about that. But the greatest threat remains from right wing groups like the Tea Party and the various militia groups around the country who would destroy the United States and replace it with something like the Confederacy. Confederates were traitors – they took up arms against the United States – and while the Tea Party and these militias infesting the countryside haven’t actually taken up arms, they sure seem to talk like they want to. Colonel Benson understands the threat and what could happen; his scenario – as scary as it is – is well founded and based on a very real, potential threat to U.S. security.

  • topeka

    So the lesson is:

    If you are a Hate-filled, Ignorant, Racist, Bigoted, Fascist Pig … aka a Leftist: It’s all good.

    But don’t you dare question He Who Must Not Be Named.

    Newsflash: And this includes the military.

    Got it.

    So we know what they do to us with respect to

    welfare and entitlements

    So will they shoot us?

    (I know, I know, half of you are wondering why I have to ask… b/c by the time the drones know, they’ll be loading the cattle cars)

  • topeka


    What is the basis of your calumny? Why are you comparing the Tea Party to militias or Confederates?

    Comparing your neighbors want to resist oppression to Confederates who wanted to oppress those of a certain skin color hardly constitutes a valid argument?

    Can you provide any proof that any Tea Party supports militias or vice versa , or that either wishes to impose slavery on anyone?

    As for the anti-Tea Party – the other team wants nothing from me except everything – my life, my doctor, my money, my home, my freedom, and my liberty. How can the two even be compared?


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