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Vice Presidential debate wrap up

By Frank McCaffrey — Our Vice President was, by most accounts, rude. He laughed and interrupted his opponent several times. ALG’s Don Todd provides analysis of the Biden-Ryan debate.

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    I saw just about 30mins of this ridiculous show.
    The smirking, sneering Biden totally irritated me with his smirk for everything, his totally rude behaviour and his constant interruptions, He was so rude that often Ryan was not allowed to finish his comments. Such rudeness was helped by the moderator who DID NOT STOP HIM AT ALL, if anything, she was as bad.
    After a while, could no longer stand this.
    If I had been uncertain before this display of arrogance, I certainly know which way to vote now. As a matter of fact, it was never for the demoncraps!

  • Wake up, folks. Biden did what he was supposed to do. He diverted the conversation away from his and his president’s failed policies unto a subject that could not be used in the campaign – him. He is a master at changing the subject to irrelavancy. He won the dabate because the end result was what he came to do. You don’t have to like this or even agree, just think outside the box for a moment and think of the reason a seasoned politician (even a mentally challanged one) would put on such a show knowing the “analyst” fallout. He won what he came for.

  • He didnt win, he was a big freaking clown, he didnt win anything, Ryan did!

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