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Big Government Bozo: Tennessee’s Bob Corker

By Frank McCaffrey — This GOP Senator has decided that he doesn’t want to follow through on his campaign promises! ALG wants him to know that he is a Bozo!

  • Isn’t there a mechanism in place in Tennessee and all of the State to Recall or Impeach a Sitting House member or a Senator who goes back on his/he word, his/her pledge to the people of this/her State that can be initiated by the citizens of his/her State. This mechanism should be in place in all of the States. A politician gets elected because of what they tell their Constituents, and if they lie to their Constituents and then go back on their word as soon as they become elected their Constituents should be legally allowed to Fire their elected officials just like a business can fire their workers for lying on their application for employment. The very same situation should apply in both public work as Private Company work.

  • Will

    This “politician” is a jerk in the worst sense. He should be impeached.

  • LittleDon

    Bob Corker,You are a Big Jack As’s and a Lier You should be fired! God Bless America!!


  • Don39

    Corker is just another RINO hack, no more and no less! Until we clean out the Senate of these traitors that allowed Obama to come to power by their ignorance and willful betrayal of the Constitution, we are lost!

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