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Congressional Republicans were elected to defend limited government

Reading the ConstitutionBy Rick Manning — Lottery mania swept the country once again as millions of normally rational people voluntarily contribute millions of dollars into state coffers all in the hope of taking home a couple hundred million dollars.

The dichotomy between the scenes of people lined up to buy a one in 171 million chance at being wealthy beyond their imaginations, and an electorate that voted for a President who is desperate to confiscate the income of those they consider to be rich through higher taxes is almost impossible to reconcile.

But it is not as difficult to understand as the majority of women in the electorate who seem to swoon when Bill Clinton, a misogynist of the first order appears in spite of his sexual harassment of an intern while he was president, but reject a man who appears to be as in love with his wife today as when he met her forty years prior.

It is not as difficult to imagine as those who denounce racism, but vote for a candidate because he is of a certain race.

It is not even as difficult to understand as those who claim to be devout in their faith, yet vote for a candidate who specifically attacks their church with the threat of jail.

Perhaps the truth is that voters are irrational, and in the same breath can support limiting government while arguing for keeping or expanding a program that they personally benefit from.

The same voters who elected Barack Obama to a second term, also chose for the House of Representatives to be controlled by Republicans.  Yet, somehow in the national argument on the so-called “fiscal cliff,” the media and others act as if the House majority with their pledges against raising taxes, and in favor of cutting spending, did not exist.

Each member of the majority in the House was elected, and I would bet no more than five of them campaigned in favor of raising taxes on American households.

As pressure mounts on House Republicans from inside the beltway media sources to violate the principles they enumerated in their campaign, it would be wise for them to go back in time a few months and review their campaign websites.

Review the lofty language about their dedication to lower taxes and smaller government, and compare it to what they will be asked to vote on to avert the “fiscal cliff.”

They should imagine what an opponent might say about their support, remembering back to the treatment those who voted for the bank bailout received, or even the ridicule President George H.W. Bush had heaped upon him after he violated his “no new taxes” pledge in 1990.

The last thing any of these Republicans should want is to have to go from “read my lips” to “read my hips” as the former president did on the way to being defeated for a second term.

It is a long two years between this lame duck session and the next election day, but the actions taken by Republicans in the next few weeks are likely to irrevocably set their course for whether they get to return in 2015.

I hope they remember that it is always easier to defend a vote that was made on principle, than to attempt to explain it away later.

Rick Manning is the communications director of Americans for Limited Government.

  • Still confused, huh, Rick? My way or the highway isn’t going to work here; these elected officials are going to have to balance competing considerations. To defuse just one of all your supposed “inconsistencies”: Clinton may have been personally immoral in his behavior but “the majority of women” might have been able to see that “legitimate rape,” a pregnancy from rape cast as “God’s gift” and attempts to class most forms of contraception as murder are a terrible alternative. So they didn’t want Ryan a heartbeat from the Presidency, especially with Romney the spineless in charge. Guess what? Not everyone is a religious fundamentalist, even those who are devout. We can get “Sharia law” type thinking from Islamist radicals if we want it. No need to get it from the right wing here on Main Street.

  • JonathonGalt

    The Republican party seems incapable of recognizing that when their candidates get elected after campaigning on conservative values they only reduce their own and other Republicans chances in future elections when they try to increase their base by governing as Democrats. American government was not intended to be a majority or a minority ruled form of government, but a Constitutional based limited Federal government empowered to govern only by the consent of the governed as spelled out in the Constitution.

  • topeka

    piled higher and deeper,

    ha, ha, ha…

    buddy, do you have a brain?

    Everything you write in your post is a lie, if not a Big Lie.

    Except the things which are just plain wrong.

    Question to meat head: What do you do when you are drunken as a skunk and you are driving slowly up the freeway ramp and you see headlights coming towards you?

    Meat head phd answer: Hit the gas! That stoopid conservative is going the wrong way!! Teach him a lesson!!


    You made day!! ;-))

  • topeka


    As the picture has become clear, the GOP campaigns against us.

    They give away a mile and then blame us for because the Demokkkrat’s took an extra inch.

    “Perhaps the truth is that voters are irrational”

    No the voters are rational. You are confusing the ability to reason with rationality.

    Remember that hating us for being Satan-worshipping, baby-eaters from Mars is completely rational, and provides them with numerous psychological benefits in addition to the fact that it pays. To them, we should be hated b/c we are Satan-worshipping, baby-eaters from Mars. And to the extent we claim to be bitter clingers who love everyone’s babies and we live in fly-over country, that just makes us liars and hypocrites in their eyes.

    The fact that they hate our country, hate us for not paying for baby murder, hate us for living up to our Church, and hate us for fighting tyranny and evil, practice Big Lies, and never feel compelled to practice what they preach… is entirely irrelevant.

    Consider Piled Higher and Deeper, a toilet wipe who loves Death, Murder, and Violence, and comes here on occasion to post his gibberish. I am quite certain he does so for the egotistical possibilities. He knows he is causing damage and like a vandal, or a convenience store robber, or a heckler, he gets a rush spewing his vomit on our Combox’s.

    As long as there are malicious people who take pleasure in harming other people, there will be a rational explanation for such seemingly irrational behavior. To see phd’s behavior as irrational, you have to actually be a decent person who cares about other people’s lives and families and homes and success.

    In other words… you have to affirm the culture’s underlying, Christian morality (regardless of whether you accept their religion).

    Just sayin…

  • pduffy

    The GOP swearing to uphold the constitution is the same as the Children of Israel swearing to keep the commandments of God at Mt. Sinai, but then they immediately built a golden calf. What a joke, these people don’t even know what the document says, they only said the words to get the cushy job and federal pension that came with it.

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