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Global gun ban on the horizon?

By Bill Wilson — If a new United Nations (UN) treaty governing small arms passes the U.S. Senate with a two-thirds majority, it will directly regulate gun owners in the U.S., warns acclaimed constitutional attorney Michael Farris.

“[I]t is aimed not only at arms dealers — it is aimed at every ‘end user’ of firearms,” Farris wrote in a Facebook update, pointing to provisions in the treaty that define small arms, a requirement that all gun purchasers be put into a federal database, and even new powers in the treaty for the government “to prohibit the transfer of arms from any location under that State’s jurisdiction and control.”

Currently, there is no federal database compiling information on every gun owner in the country. And there really is no reason for there to be one — other than to confiscate firearms.

In the past, gun registration was a key Jim Crow law in the South. Such requirements had little to do with enforcing the law, and everything to do with confiscating firearms.

Now with such a database, the federal government would suddenly have the ability to take away everyone’s firearms if it chose to do so. This is dangerous.

And the problem is that the treaty would supersede current protections under the Second Amendment, endangering the rights of every gun owner in the U.S.

“If anyone thinks that this UN treaty would never be used against private people — but only against arms dealers and terrorists, they need to read the following decision of the Supreme Court of the United States,” Farris wrote, pointing to the 2010 U.S. v. Bond decision.

That case involved a woman who was prosecuted under the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act of 1998 — a treaty whose provisions were supposed to be enforced against terrorists.

In July, National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre recently testified in front of the UN Arms Trade Treaty Conference that his organization would oppose any treaty that includes civilian arms.

Now that the text of the treaty is available, it is clear as day that is exactly what it does.

The treaty itself gives House Republicans with quite an issue to take advantage of. Namely, if this treaty proceeds, the House could refuse to fund the United Nations. Every year, taxpayers give more than $500 million to that body for its regular budget, and over $2 billion for its peacekeeping budget.

While their Senate colleagues fight against this treaty, House Republicans should begin the process of scrutinizing the UN budget. Republicans could — and should — make the UN’s budget a referendum on this gun control treaty. Unless the treaty is withdrawn, then the U.S. should withdraw from the UN.

After all, why should the American people be forced to fund a body that seeks to take away their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms?

Bill Wilson is the President of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Bill on Twitter at @BillWilsonALG.

  • the commies are coming already in the black house

  • mwood13

    i cant believe anyone would want to start our second revolution. the bill of rights is not changeable by any means. it was put in place to get the states to ratify the constitution. any change would nullify the whole constitution

  • Boy you are so right. I will never give up mine.

  • Patriot

    That guy would presently be sitting in the White House.

  • BUD


  • pduffy

    One must understand that these rights are not granted by men, but from God. The constitution does not grant any single human being a single right, but is merely a statement that MAN shall not infringe upon those rights. The right to bear arms puts the common man on the same plane as the government, but when the government is the only entity that has the arms (THEY will never give them up), you have a guaranteed formula for tyranny. This is the true test of tyranny, and we are on the brink.

  • The United Nations should not be in the U.S., much less than funded by us. Remove their funding now!

  • craig

    i have nothing to do with un they need to fold they are a p o s

  • Remington 870

    The Obama nazis will identify individual gun owners and raid their homes in the middle of the night, and send the gun owner to a FEMA camp for reindoctrination. We are at the mercy of the cowardly RINO Congress and that is not good. Time for Congress to give Obama and his thugs the middle finger.


    This is the way Germany went they confiscated all firearms from the citizens and then the hanmmer came down..Just another brick in the wall of tyranny..The rage of the machine of communism and the new world order are only at bay because of the civilian armament in our country…No is the time for all good men to come to the aide of our country for the enemy is with in along with being in bed with the enemy from out…..Just one man’s opinion

  • Phillip_in_TX

    I wonder if they have calculated their “life expectancy?” It would probably be that of a t-bone steak thrown into a pack of starving wolves.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Great! We can kill two birds with one stone. Refuse to fund the U.N. and “Obamacare” at the same time. I love “two for one” specials!

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Amen to that!

  • Remington 870

    Their strategy is much same as Nazis rounding up Jews in the middle of the night..make a lot of noise, scare everyone else and make examples of their victims. Hope you are armed up Phillip. And I bet you are. I am tooooo.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    You bet! Plus, they can’t confiscate what they can’t find.

    I did read an article written by one of the Holocaust survivors. He said, looking back had he known what was going to happen “I would have purchased every weapon and piece of ammo I could get my hands on.” He said they had propaganda telling the people “only criminals would buy guns off the black market.” They had already implemented “gun registration” to make everyone SAFER.

  • crusty

    The UN can shove it!

  • Why don’t we charge the UN 2.5 billion in rent and call it even?

  • relax, pduffy . . . if your right to own a gun is God-given, I’m sure he’ll look after you when that big bad UN comes to take yours away. Keep the faith, man! Plus, in a pinch, if God decides to make your case one for an object lesson – that there truly is Evil in the world, and it is the UN – you can always shoot it out. The world is watching: Praise God and keep your powder dry.

  • Mike

    Get out of the UN!!!

  • myfordtruck

    I am for kicking every thing to do with the UN out of the United States and cut all funding all they have ever done is try and being America down voted against us on every thing I say let them move all there crap to china or russia and quit giving them any money or send them any military help and to get there troops off American soil now

  • ginger

    Does anyone really think the Congress will stop this??? They have sold us out and we will be on our own. Only the government and criminals will have arms…the better to control the masses…an unarmed citizen is not a citizen any longer…he is a subject.

  • ginger

    According to their agenda we are criminals already. True criminals don’t register their guns ….gee what a concept.

  • ginger

    Don;’t you wish…obama has more “executive orders ” ready and waiting. He does not want the Constitution or the Bill of Rights period…no dictator does.

  • bobmann101

    If we were not able to stop Obnama before the election it is too late now. With
    The Bilderberg Group, UN, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Court, Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation, islam, CAIR, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Communist Party, Socialist Party all backing Obama gives Obama the power and the money to stay in power for a long time. After Jan. 2013 he will fundamentally change the America. In time blood will flow in the streets of America.

  • ginger

    Who will help us??? we citizens are almost powerless.

  • ssilv48

    Remington, congress is one of the problems American people have. When it’s time to work, there off on vacation, When its time to do their job, they sit with their thumbs up their buts. I never in my life time have see such incompetence in the American system, but it’s easy to tell when you have a criminal government and until people are held accountable for not doing their job, the crimes will continue.

  • ssilv48

    Ted, because America would have to pay for 2.475 billion of the rent. We get dumber by the hour.

  • topeka

    piled higher and deeper,

    bwah, ha, ha, ha…

    Everything you post is a lie, if not a Big Lie.

    meat head: What do you do when you are drunken as a skunk and you are driving slowly up the freeway ramp and you see headlights coming towards you?

    jMeatheadphd: Hit the gas! Teach that guy a lesson!!


    You made day!! ;-))

  • topeka


    this is much worse than guns.

    They already know they can rule by fiat, auto-de-fa, and terror. But the COTUS gives them a treaty power (as modified by Scotus decisions) allowing them almost complete dictatorship if they want to use it.

    What are we going to do if they pass a Global Tax, Lost, Kyoto, or Durban II? Or cook up something worse?

    If they go to your coal power plant and shut it down – and do nothing to you except register your weapon? You’ll be sitting there paying through the nose for electricity to their friends, while they’re laughing their elbows off!! What will you do?

    Multiply that by dozens of times … their only weaknesses are their own hatred, and impatience.

    We need to learn from them – fight their hatred with laughter, and taunt their impatience.

  • Kukye

    We do not have to obey our leaders if they do not follow an oath to defend the Constitution. Instead, you impeach them out of office. The law of the land is supreme not their g*****n opinions. And they are opinions if they refuse to follow the oath they have sworn to uphold the Constitution. If they do not and refuse to be impeached then you just have a fickle dicktator wagging his *ick at everybody. That’s why they are dicktators. I don’t know about you but I’m not into political porn. Lots of that on the internet already. I don’t want to see that in my daily life.

  • stealth101

    There WILL be a civil war if they try…..

  • Mike11C

    If anyone wants to take guns away from law-abiding Americans, let them come. There is no way they can do it if we don’t let them. I will stand with those who will fight against it. In fact, if they start such a thing, I will not likely wait until they get to my door before I begin to fight. There would be an insurgency right here in the USA and this 22 year veteran of the US Army Infantry would be right in the middle of it. I swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic”. If you try to disarm law-abiding Americans, YOU ARE the enemy. It’s just that simple.

  • Dually

    Funny iit said you can’t sell your fire arm if it goes though there will be a lot of guns that will be filed as stolen!

  • Brabado

    ” Congress does not need to have a reason”, to stop funding the ANTI-AMERICAN Circus called, the United Nations. A worthless body FILLED WITH FREELOADERS, AND HANGER ONS, just interested in milking the U.S. Taxpayers for their endless parties, escort services, and corrupt-worthless Agendas.

    NO NEED TO WAIT ANY LONGER! By all means, close the darn thing, ASAP and send these corrupt-freeloadeers packing, back to their Countries! Enough is enough!


  • seal88

    Kick the UN bastards out of the US. They will never take our guns.

  • They can try – -they will NOT succeed!

  • bob570

    You have to understand that 2/3rds of the UN membership are Dictators, and they, like Assad, need protection from their people.

  • Amen James & God bless America

  • very poor reply to excellent post by James H Walters

  • amen Phillip you have my vote now if we just have the votes of all the obama free loaders & traitors

  • FloridaJim

    The Obama government has 25 agencies that have guns and can arrest citizens. Read John Stossel’s book “No, They Can’t” and be prepared top be shocked at what we have given up. Step by step Obama is becoming Stalin.

  • JuneUSA

    Don’t people understand that as soon as this is passed we will have foreign armed troops in our country and we will not ever own anything again. It will be given to others and if we resist we will be herded into fema concentration camps. Our so called government is not doing their jobs to protect us.

  • DEAN


  • Jefferson

    Come and take them…it will be a cold day in hell. Just try it.

  • chris

    in the words of the late great chareton heston “from my cold dead hands”

  • craig

    the un has no control over jack they cant fight their way out of a paper sack ..no american will ever give up their cars, guns an woman,,

  • Robert Mo

    If the UN comes to take my weapon. I will not have to worry about shooting my neighbor.

  • Robert Mo

    Will said.

  • phil

    STOP FUNDING THIS OUTFIT. Wow what a savings that would be.

  • the whole world needs to buy 3-d printers…then we can just PRINT out guns at will. The lower receiver for an AR-15 (among others) can be found HERE: http://www.cncguns.com/downloads.html

    Gun control becomes OBSOLETE.


    I agree with Erik. UN is taking advantage of our nation and its people.

  • phil

    NOT IN AMERICA. The U.N. Can go to hell. We are under the United States CONSTITUTION, NOT the U.N.

  • Brer Fox

    It is very difficult to “herd” 100 million plus gun owners. I certainly do not wish to try it and neither will they – for more than a few minutes.

  • jay

    The real power is the (FED) banking system and military industrial complex. Unless you abolish these systems and restore the constitution, it doesn’t matter which party controls Washington. The American people needs to come together and change this country. The only problem is you got half of them that likes socialism big gov. And the other half for free markets and personal liberties. So I don’t believe we will end these systems. So best thing is to get ready, believe in the Lord, and pray we won’t become the next Greece. God bless America.

  • And US is genociding people all over the world with the help of Americans soldiers and the support of American idiots that don’t realize that US is nder the most Nazi regime ever.

    Wake up You can be the next NDAA victim. Behave or…. JAIL

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