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Inheriting a mess

Cartoon by William Warren

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  • Don39

    Obama will do all that any left wing failure can do, but more spectacularly, FAIL some more! The failure of leftist of every stripe is well documented in history, as is the proclivity for the ignorant who fail to heed history to fail even more spectacularly!

  • stopspending4

    We are still hearing that it is Bush’s fault. I heard someone say that Susan Rice might have lied but it was OK because Condelesa Rice lied about weapons of mass destruction. Evidently, they have not heard the childhood guidance that just because someone else jumps off a bridge, it is not OK for you to jump off bridge.

  • JonathonGalt

    Republicans need to correct the language, we’re not about to go over a fiscal cliff, for decades now we’ve been standing at the edge of a debt chasm which is being dug deeper with each defict spending budget they’ve allowed to take place. The only fix is to begin cutting spending drastically, and instil some long term certainty on taxes so that prospective employers can determine their costs of hiring the unemployed. Jobs are what will bring about recovery, not the extension or expansion of social safety net programs. More than anything we need a budget, and preferably one which begins from scratch, based on projected tax revenue collections. Our debt is already unmanageable, and needs to be reduced. Raising the debt ceiling first, only allows for greater spending to be introduced into the budget, which only grows larger each year costing us and our future generations more until which time the dollar becomes worthless and THEN we will actually go over the fiscal cliff into the deep chasm our government has dug for us. Consider each dollar of Federal debt equal to digging a hole encompassing the American citizens 1 inch deep. We’ve acquired $16 trillion dollars of debt which would equate to our growing population eventually having no where to stand and a chasm more than 250 million miles deep in which to fall.

  • JonathonGalt

    Obama can honestly say that he is inheriting a mess from his predecessor this time. The car he claimed Republicans ran off the road is now on fire, and the Democrat majority Senate seem content to pour gasoline on it. I guess that’s what Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally change our government.

  • I believe this crises began under B, [willie] Clinton.
    I believe the term fiscal cliff thirty years ago. The nation went off the cliff as a super power when it went rogue. The nation has been at war somewhere in the world for over forty years. We have diddled in some or a lot of countries infrastructures over the years since WWII. In the name of freedom/democracy the USA has destroyed millions of people and trillions of dollars of foreign property. Yep, all in the name of “We know what is best for you”. Anyone read the book ‘Blowback’ by Chalmers Johnson? Will open your eyes, We are about to experience the hatred of the world for the USA. When the nation begins to fall, it will bring in total Chaos. Remember the game we played as kids, King of the mountain? Everyone want to be the top dog. China is now the top dog, China owns the USA, whether one knows it or not.

    Don’t believe, take a walk through any major retail store, Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Dollar stores even Sears, pick up a piece of merchandise and read where it is made. China is nr. one, then comes India, Indonesia and other eastern nations. Very little is made here in America or in Europe. Oh yeah a little made in Mexico, big items such as refrigerators, freezers, A/C & heat units. Tell me that the fiscal cliff is looming on the horizon if congress and Obama doesn’t raise the debt level yet again and I will tell you that you are already at the bottom of the cliff. No federal budget for four years. Approx. 1.2-1.4 trillion deeper in debt each year. Most people don’t realize what a trillion is so it doesn’t matter. One large question looms in my mind. Why is China building all these huge ‘Ghost’ cities around the world. Maybe they know something we don’t know. Put that question in your daily book and search for the answer.

  • Kathyconserv

    He’s still going to blame Bush – you just wait and see

  • tarheel T party

    I’m so tired of Obama blaming Bush! I mean yeah, its been several weeks or maybe months since W’s name was brought up by Obama, but then cartoons like this serve to remind me that we think it happens more!

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