11.08.2012 12

The lamest generation

Cartoon by William Warren

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  • The sacrificial, dumb-downed sheeple that voted for this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, petulant, Godless ghoul, mendacious, narcissist will rue the day for their suicidal stupidity!

  • cool aid drinker

    How is it that there has been nary a glimmer of suspicion on the vote counting?
    If it had gone the other way the libs would have platoons of lawyers yelling “foul”.

    With all of the late campaign hype and the hugely attended stadiums by
    Romney supporters, even the libs were looking defeated. Now we like sheep accept that a foreign country counted our votes and we accept that it was a fair and honest vote.

    Well, again, Obama using dirty underhanded tricks stole the election and we sheep are good with that.

    See ya in the detainment camp.

  • GilaMonster

    Is there not going to be any Congressional investigations over Benghazi or the many cries of foul play during the election? What about the people who were told they couldn’t vote because they were dead or just not on the voter rolls or that they had already voted. What about the NAACP “helping” at various voter polls and not to mention the New Black Panthers stationing themselves outside polling site, swinging their nightsticks? GM

  • MR2

    Looks like I’m coming down with the flu.






    So I went down to the local Democratic Party HQ to congratulate our re-elected Congressman and shook hands with everybody…

  • Patricia Wheaton

    Yes, everyone wants “free stuff” & don’t care about the future.

  • Lorri Miller

    Great cartoon! I found it in my Google+ stream but your signature didn’t make it easy to track down the original source. After practically standing on my head and using my camera as a magnifying glass I gave up trying to decipher your name and Googled the two sentences at the bottom instead. Glad to have finally found you. 🙂

  • Losstarot

    Yeah, the Greatest Generation would *never* vote for a deficit-spending, welfare-state-expanding, high-taxing, stimulus-loving liberal Democrat.

    And they *certainly* wouldn’t do it four times…

  • Sea Dog

    So the dumb-ass Republicans put up Draft-Dodging Romney who didn’t even have the leadership skill to get any of his five sons to an Armed Forces Recruiting Office after we were attacked on 9/11…..

    The American Voters were smart enough to see through his shit…….

  • Tripod

    But at least they would vote after they got home from their JOBS. This generation would never even step foot in a voting booth on election day as it would be too much WORK. This is the lamest and laziest generation.

  • Friar

    And what branch was Obama in- of that’s right the Salvation Army getting free stuff

  • I voted against the “War On” Party. The free stuff is just a bonus.

    Vaginas represent 51% of the population. Weed smokers (lifetime) 50% of the population and a majority of the youth. And those favoring med pot? 70+% of the population. Is it wise to make or propose a War On so much of the population?

  • JonathonGalt

    Although it will likely never be proven, this past election was likely the most fraudulent in the history of our country.

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