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World Bank turns up the heat on global warming debate

Photo Source: World Bank

By Bill Wilson — A recent report by the World Bank has found that the world will warm by 4 degrees Celsius this century, and that the negative impacts of climate change will disproportionately hurt developing, poorer regions.

The report, “Turn Down the Heat,” warns of rising sea levels, less arable land, droughts, water contamination, more storms at greater strength and more, saying it was “likely that the poor will suffer most and the global community could become more fractured, and unequal than today.”

“We will never end poverty if we don’t tackle climate change,” World Bank President Jim Yong Kim recently told reporters in a conference call highlighting the piece.

The report itself is light on details of how exactly the world’s temperature will be reduced, other than through amorphous “international and regional agreements” to substantially reduce carbon emissions, particularly in developed regions like the U.S. and Europe.

But even if the U.S. and other nations were to voluntarily restrict carbon emissions — a questionable proposition in itself — other nations like China and India would certainly fill in the gap to meet the needs of their own growing populations.

From that perspective, the World Bank’s report makes perfect sense. Perhaps the real agenda of those who cling to a belief in man-made climate change has little to do with alleviating global poverty or combating climate change.

The fact is, without enforcement of agreements restricting carbon emissions, which would require a near totalitarian control over the global economy and sovereignty by some internationalist body, agreements will simply fail to reduce carbon emissions. It is not a realistic policy objective.

So, maybe that is not the goal of such agreements. Examining their likely effects, however, reveals they will simply redirect the flow of the world’s energy trade, redistributing energy resources and wealth toward developing economies and away from the West.

That makes a whole lot more sense than these tortured “scientific” analyses amounting to little more than “the gods are angry”-type explanations for the state of the climate.

Besides, if the radical environmentalists ever did manage to substantially reduce carbon emissions and hence energy output all over the world, would we be able to produce enough food and water for 7 billion people? Or would conditions worsen?

Jim Yong Kim in the report’s foreword promises that “many opportunities exist to dramatically reduce the climate impact of development, without slowing down poverty alleviation and economic growth.” The report then subsequently fails to outline what those opportunities might be, of course.

Probably because they do not actually exist. Instead, it appears likely that a sudden, dramatic decline in energy output everywhere would wreck the global economy. Slower growth would lead to higher unemployment and less resources to go around. All of which would create more poverty, not less.

So let’s cut to the chase. This is about who controls the world’s energy supply. No more, no less. The questionable science of man-made climate change is merely the means to that redistributive end.

Bill Wilson is the President of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Bill on Twitter at @BillWilsonALG.

  • Crony Socialism

    The sooner arrogant people like Kim Jong or whatever his name is quit trying to control mother nature and realize thay can’t, the sooner we can put an end to poverty. Wait, I mean, as soon as arrogant people like the pres. of World Bank realize that humans cannot control the climate and also realize that they cannot put an end to poverty… wait… they know these things. As soon as people wake up and stop allowing arrogant, wealthy people from gaining way too much power over a world they cannot completely control, and just leave free markets the hell alone, the sooner we will start to see less poverty in the world. Free market laissez-faire capitalism has done more to decrease poverty than any government program or regulation, especially these god-awful socialist programs disguised as a bunch of “save the earth” nonsense – like Agenda 21. There ya go.

  • SmileyFace

    My husband and I watched a show on the history channel that showed the evolution of the world starting before the dinosaur age. Over the trillions of years, our world changed due to the so called climate change. Back then, there were no emissions to pollute the Earth and yet climate changed then due to Mother Nature…I’d like to hear scientists’ theory on that one. Yes, we should find cleaner energy alternatives and our free market will eventually find something but for now stop it with the blame game on how our energy is impacting the environment. Evolution is exactly that…humans, animals and plant life come and go and adapt to the climate…after all, isn’t that what happened to the dinosaurs? Ah, thank goodness for that one.

  • Paul

    seems to me that the bible already says this stuff is gonna happen and I really don’t believe all the money in the world is gonna change things….buckle up folks

  • Guest

    Absolutely agree with you Bill.
    Even before i ended your piece was already thinking of MORE poverty that would ensue. After all, anything ‘done or proposed’ would cost so much that people everywhere would be so burdened with taxes that poverty will increase.
    What dolts these people are and who is this Jim Yong Kim? Never heard of him.
    Is he some scientist? Doubtful!

  • What a crock !!

  • EastonTexas

    Your summary says it all: “So let’s cut to the chase. This is about who controls the world’s energy supply. No more, no less. The questionable science of man-made climate change is merely the means to that redistributive end.”

  • Graywolf12

    Time to push USA out of UN, and UN out of USA!!!!! call, write, and email congress to cut ALL funding to the UN. All their policies I know about are against the USA. They want our freedoms. guns, and cash. Tell them not only NO, but HELL NO!!!

  • Simon Jester

    I’m tired of the ridiculous global warming crap.

  • The World Bank report is absurd and should raise questions about the competence of the entire organization . There is no evidence that the rate of warming is precipitously doubling or quadrupling despite our continuing to restore more of the building block of the biosphere to our atmosphere — which is provably greening the planet and increasing crop yields . In fact we seem to be on a plateau at the top of a periodic cycle .

    What without question will hit the poorest hardest is the intentional reduction of affordable energy both directly to the poorest , and generally by the lowered standards of living thru the expropriation of cash flows from all energy production to the State political , bureaucratic and policing sectors .

  • pduffy

    The goverrnments of the world are getting desperate for more cash because they are bankrupt. Taxing energy is the ‘way out’, so they needed this fake straw-man argument to get the sheeple to agree to be fleeced with high energy bills to “save the planet”. It’s a tax scheme and nothing more.The truth is that a warmer earth would make us more prosperous because more land would be productive for longer periods, and more CO2 would make the plants grow even more and would actually make the world MORE GREEN, just the opposite of what these fools say.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Lets explore a few facts, what is the {steady ambient Temp} at the south pole?

    Its -72* thats rather cold don’t you think? As ice forms on salt water at 17* thats what NASA states.
    Yet the South pole has land and fresh water lakes under all that Snow and ice, of what BTW, they have been getting more snow than ever over the last number of years at the SP. Now thats strange, hows that working out?

    Now just why is it again that its warming at the SP? Its for sure not the Ambient temps. so where is the heat coming from? Under the snow and mile deep ice, yep, thats the case.

    And why is that? What scientest seem to fail to tell you is: that we are in a Pole Shift, that means that the earths core is heating up…
    Say it aint so Joe! Heat from the earths core, so just how is it that humans have created this again?

    Ok now on to the North Pole where the {average Ambient Temp is -10* } note again that well below NASA’s own rules on freezing salt water.

    Yet the Noth pole is mostly swamp and such under the ice and snow. So we come back to that Pole Shift thing again, and the earths core warming up.

    Now back to Pole Shifts, we have “Geological proof” of this event taking place many time over the earths history. Even NBC nightly news has reported on this unique event, but saddly missleading you by telling you all that we are moving 40′ per year off our True North, of what is true to a point.

    But {what they have failed to explain or tell you all} is the TIME frame that such events take place. Oddly its within the text of the Bible even.

    But most just can’t understand what it means and scholars of this text just will not explain it to you.

    Then the question is why do they fear telling you? When the Pole Shift goes into full swing, it will be around a few hours at most and it will be all over, PROOF ~ Note the woolly mammoths found with fresh grass still in their stomach’s, as in they were Flash Frozen! Thousand of these have been found at this point in time, many were eaten by people all over the globe the meat was so fresh. That aside, keep in mind they lived in rather warn grassy areas to start with, hence ~ the fresh grass in their Stomach’s.

    So when this event really takes place and that could be just about any time from now to 2014, I strongly feel it will be much sooner by all the evdience one can find if they so wish to explore this rather that is rather then be told the worthless rhetoric from the mass media.

    So from that point, look up the number of Earth Quakes over the last 18 months, the Volcanoe activity over the same period of TIME. Note Earth quakes, = plate movment, Volcanoe’s = the earth is spitting out extra HOT Core material.

    See anything going on with these events that seems out of the norm? Can we say Pole Shift?

    So, lets see the World Bank, thinks you should pay them more money to stop the Alledged Global Warming, {again based on Ambient Temps?}

    So the question is just how will paying a TAX on Carbon’s ~ stop global warming if its a natural event, noted as a Pole Shift?

    Can anyone say: your being robbed? Raped and abused by these special people?

    How about this, the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s own most everything you buy to include your nightly news, ~ perhaps it should be them that should pay these TAX’s on carbon use. After all ~ their Carbon Foot Prints or CBP ~ are the largest on the planet earth.

    Will the world submit to allowing the .0000000005% of the world population to keep raping them? Or will the worlds population stand up and say NO MORE!

  • Moose

    There must be money in it for the World Bank. What other reason could there be for them to push this agenda.

  • Retired Chief Petty Officer

    The only global warming I will admit might exist is the profusion of hot air expelled by politicians aided by pseudo-scientists trying to obtain funding and power to control those around them

  • Skyknight

    This guy is as big a lunatic as Al Gore, but need a padded cell.

  • WhiteFalcon

    As we all know, global warming is a fraud that is designed to be a huge power grab and to make Al Gore huge amounts of money.

  • Ballistic45

    Global Warming is a phony answer to a trumped up Crisis.. And the Answer doesn’t even solve to so called Crisis, what it does do (AS INTENDED) is put all the power needed to in Governments hands to absolutely control every aspect of our lives…

  • Don39

    What further evidence is needed that this is a fringe lunatic organization unfit for support of any reasonable and sane society?

  • marcdepiolenc

    “We’ll never end poverty unless…” – ha! Government is the chief cause
    of poverty, and the only cause of institutionalized, multigenerational
    poverty. Having it present itself as a solution and blaming poverty on
    climate is pretty funny, in a grim and sick sort of way. The contrived
    Global Warming scare is just the latest means of keeping people poor,
    especially in the Third World where I live, and where the lefty
    “intellectual” classes have traitorously embraced the fraud.

  • Global warming is a contrived event. It is being pushed by those that stand to make fortunes from it. This includes scientist that support the theory because it allows them to get more government grants to keep studying and supporting the false information. Global warming is nothing more than a natural cycle.

  • Linda

    I beg to differ. The quest to stop climate change will lead to world poverty the greatest ever seen for little or no effect on climate change. Why do not these climate change fanatics get in into their head that men are not God and they can not make a decipherable difference no matter how much money that waste in trying to do so. God is in control. Always. It is a disbelief or total arrogance to believe otherwise.We are to to be a steward of the earth using rational means, but we cannot control the weather. The nature of weather is change and that is the nature of it all. With all the money spent one year a quarter of a degree in temperature is only possible. What price for that quarter of a degree? Use common sense and get off your throne. You are not Gods.

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