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Find Out What’s The #1 Big Gov’t Bust Of 2012

By Frank McCaffrey

We’ve had GM stock falling, ObamaCare going into effect, a botched reaction to Benghazi and even drones in our air. Now find out what the biggest Big Government Bust of the year is…

  • pduffy

    This may turn out to be the biggest bust of the last 240 years – the end of the country.

  • S Rubicon

    I still do NOT understand what the rush is to cash in the taxpayer shares of GM? In the end, its a ‘hold’ stock. By cashing in now (or GM paying off the loan), all that happens is we (taxpayers who loaned GM the billions), cash in at a low stock price, so we (taxpayers), end up losing on the deal.
    Is this simply “another” payback to the unions, or what?

  • Marine68

    The electors that voted for Obingo were all bought and paid for, and not one was a Patriot.

  • bobmann101

    Now that voter fraud is excepted as politics as usual you will see the Democrats take over Congress and the demise of the GOP the next election.

  • Greg137

    We need to get control of our elections! We need to find out who is incharge at the polls and get some new election officials!!!!! We can stop voter FRAUD! And we can stopo the rigging of polling machines! If nothing else we should sue our local election board members!!!

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