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Michigan House passes Right to Work!

Big Labor is Fighting Us

This is simply huge! The Michigan House of Representatives just passed right-to-work legislation in a 58-52 vote. The Senate will take up the issue next.

Labor unions are going insane at the capital building in Lansing right now. More on what’s happening on the ground here:

UPDATE: When it comes to Big Labor, Michigan has a better idea:

Hot on the heels of Big Labor suffering a stunning defeat at the polls in the state of Michigan, where an attempt to entrench collective bargaining into the state constitution was rejected by 57 percent of the voters, the Michigan state legislature is in the midst of passing legislation to establish right to work laws in the state with the state House of Representatives passing the legislation by a 58-52 vote and the Senate expected to pass it later this evening.

The legislative dam broke when Republican Governor Rick Snyder announced that he would support passage of a right to work law in the state urging the legislature to move quickly so the state could enjoy the economic benefits that the state of Indiana is reaping since its recent passage of a similar law.

The Associated Press reported that Snyder’s decision was influenced by the relocation of some 90 companies into Indiana since right to work legislation became law in that neighboring state with Snyder saying, “That’s thousands of jobs, and we want to have that kind of success in Michigan.”

Americans for Limited Government’s president Bill Wilson called the move by the Michigan legislature and Governor, “the beginning of the rebirth of the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit.”

Responding to reports that Detroit city officials were demanding a federal government bailout for the city due to its support for Obama, Wilson argued that, “The passage of right-to-work legislation will do more for reinvigorating Detroit and surrounding areas than any federal government bailout could ever do. Legislation which unties workers from the shackles of Big Labor has proven time and again that it attracts the very job creators that the city and state need in order to re-establish their place as one of America’s great manufacturing centers.”

Long a bastion of Big Labor, the passage of right to work in Michigan, which protects non-union employees from being compelled to pay dues into the labor unions coffers, will undoubtedly send shockwaves across the nation.

Voters in the November elections have put Republicans in control of the governorships and state houses in 25 states with 53 percent of the nation’s population. The collapse of Big Labor’s power in Michigan will likely resonate throughout these state capitols, emboldening Republican leaders to reform laws that have been put in place to advantage labor unions in both their economic and political power.

“If Republicans are smart and aggressive, we quite possibly could be witnessing the death of Big Labor’s stranglehold on America’s politics, that is how significant this Michigan action is,” Wilson concluded.

Michigan is expected to become the 24th state to pass right-to-work legislation.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    Sounds good, but do not kid yourself. Michigan will not be a right to work state for many, many decades.

  • regulus30

    I fought the unions up there for years;; the unions are a very nasty bunch of freaks; the leadership is going nuts because they will not have millions of dollars to steal from it’s members

  • Smart people in Michigan. They apparently are not democrats.

  • regulus30

    Scott Wilson[Wisconsin] comes to mind;; the unions must be marginalized…….especially the SEIU holes….

  • regulus30

    Scott Wilson[Wisconsin] comes to mind;; the unions must be marginalized…….especially the SEIU holes….

  • way to go michigan keep it up stop the unions power grab

  • Sure, anything to reduce the power of workers. pretty soon we can have sweatshops with doors locked from the outside, 60 hour work week, no benefits . . . better be careful what you wish for, because most of the things that we take for granted today were won by unions. Get your arm cut off by a machine at work? Well, there’s someone to take your place – OSHA be gone. Sure, there are excesses by unions and they do bad things, but . . . all i can say is be careful what you wish for..

  • vangup

    Democrats would suck Michigan dry if they could and the unions would lead the pack.

  • Redwing

    Yes, because right to work states all have sweatshops with long hours and no benefits (sarcasm).

    I agree with you that there can be a time and a place for unions, but having to be a member of a union to work at a company is absurd, especially if you don’t support what the union is doing, which is mainly lining the pockets of the fat cats at the top of the union food chain. If so-called scabs are willing to cross the line and work for less wages or benefits than the union is striking for, then good for them and it’s time for the union members to dust off their resumes and go somewhere else where they can learn new skills that will earn them the compensation they seek… the key word there being “earn.” The something-for-nothing mindset that has been prevalent in many unions over the past several years needs to die.

  • pduffy

    These fascist unions have done more to harm ‘workers’ than all the corporate and industrial fat cats ever did and have held them in bondage for decades. It’s time to BUST all unions and allow those who wish to work without being enslaved to union mob bosses once on for all. Organized “labor” is organized crime.

  • bernie

    Great going Michigan, stick it to all those thugs ( I’m sure they are from Chgo.) and liberals. Show them how things are done for the GOOD of the PEOPLE . Rules for democraps to learn and follow.

  • bernie

    It’s Scott Walker.

  • regulus30

    thanks Bernie for the right name

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