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The Naughty List

Cartoon by William Warren

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  • gwedem5995

    What O really wants to do is raise taxes of the wealthy and within a few months when he needs a debt ceiling raise, who is he going after then. All you middle class people be careful what you wish for. I am certainly not rich, but am getting sick of them being demonized. They didn’t get us into this mess, so if taxes go up, they should go up for everyone as more middle class and poor voted for him over Romney. I would like to ask anyone out there who does not work for a govt, but has a job before, were you hired by a poor person. I think not.
    The rich are leaving France and the US will probably be next.

  • the only thing that should be on that list is the chimp dick-taters name [odumbo]

  • sandraleesmith46

    Taxing the rich won’t actually TAX them;it will invariably trickle down to the middle and lower classes as costs of goods and services they can barely afford now; never mind with the increases, and the poor will be the ones doing without; but not luxuries. NECESSITIES!

  • kathyconserve

    obama wants to raise all taxes – on middle class as well as the rich – you notice it USED to be the 1% – but now after he had a meeting with union leaders the day after his re-election, it is now double the dollars and double the 1% – he wants to raise taxes on the 2%.
    However, notice obama is not interested in bargaining. He wants to go over the cliff so he can raise the taxes on everyone AND disenbowel the military, and in the meantime, blame the republicans!
    I say, send messages to your House reps, and even you Senators – and let them know that we should not give away the farm – Boehner has to stay strong – and if he does, this will be a first. He’s a woos!!!

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