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Top 12 Big Government Busts of 2012: #7 ObamaCare Upheld

By Frank McCaffrey — ObamaCare was almost ruled unconstitutional. However, a certain Supreme Court Justice decided it wasn’t. Our healthcare system is now run by the government. What a bust!

  • Rick.

    That certain chief justice was Roberts, who was appointed by Pres. Bush. Justice
    Roberts in his contraversial and hardly understood ruling (opposed furiously by other
    justices), is causing tremendous damage to our Republic. What in hell was he thinking? More than 70 percent of those polled repeatedly opposed and did not want that type of
    Obama Health Care before it was passed and now even more still do not want that
    type of Health Care. Roberts, did notthing but interpret “mandatory insurance” as a
    tax and thus made the Obama Garbage Care, in his mind, Constitutional. A major
    blunder of gigantic proportions aimed at the people and siding entirely with a socialist
    President. This is not an insult. Other folks have repeatedly accused Obama of being
    a communist and worse. Justice Roberts, stubbornly used his power to to usurp the
    Power of the People. Based on our system of Government and Law, voters hold the
    ultimate power over principles and legal matters that even Supreme Justices are
    called to respect. If the Supreme Court is not there to be the ultimate defender and
    protector of the citizens, then Just like Thomas Jefferson predicted, real democracy
    is dying in our country. That outreageous ruling was the beginning of such prediction.

  • Thomas_Freed

    The law was upheld in theory only, not “in practice”. It must be challenged again “in practice” by someone who is compelled to pay the tax for not having insurance, in order to show that the possible “theory” has not been constitutionally implemented in practice when the theoreticl power was exercised in legislation (which went too far – effectively, in practice, unconstitutionally taxing both the natural condition (the body) of the individual person, and certain specific prevalent religious beliefs that the government wants quashed (involving abortion & contraception) for reasons of poulation control (which it is not constitutionally empowered to exercise). The decision, by its faulty reasoning and complete lack of any factual logic, is of course, complete legal garbage. That garbage is all completely exposed at http : // www. tax-freedom .com / Roberts-Supreme-Error . htm

  • Isn’t it possible to challenge the law on its beginning in the Senate? If it is a tax as Roberts (the Great Disappointer) claims, then it is unconstitutional since all tax proposals have to come from the House.

  • pduffy

    This so-called “law” is longer than the entire Holy Bible, including the writings of the law, prophets, psalms, proverbs, the entire New Testament, and the letters of the Apostles. It’s not a ‘law’ but an abomination of men, designed to impose tyranny on the common man at the hands of man-made government, which is OPPOSED TO GOD and his laws! This government has made itself the ENEMY OF GOD.

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