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What has Harry Reid done?

As originally published at TheHill.com.

By Rick Manning

Nothing is more infuriating than hearing a politician who has failed to act in six months on a single piece of legislation to end a crisis complaining about someone who has strenuously worked to produce a solution to the problem.

Harry Reid, also known as the Duke of Do-Nothing, is just such a whiny specimen.

The Senate majority leader’s pronouncement that there is not time for Congress to act to avoid the “fiscal cliff” is both arrogant and absurd.

His finger-pointing at the Republicans is even more infuriating.

Memo to Harry: the House of Representatives passed legislation to prevent going over the cliff — it simply extends the Bush tax cuts. The House also passed legislation replacing the sequestration cuts that were part of Harry’s only accomplishment of the past two years, with alternative cuts.

Reid has failed to act on either bill.

In fairness, while Reid hasn’t bothered to produce a budget for more than three years out of fear of creating a political issue that might depose him from his Lordship over DumDumville, his Senate did pass legislation this summer that dramatically raised taxes on everyone making more than $250,000 a year.

Of course now, Reid is refusing to compromise off that position, which coincidentally isn’t far removed from Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” solution — a plan Reid summarily dismissed.

By refusing to reach a compromise with House Republicans, Reid is playing a dangerous game aiming for complete victory through the political neutering of his foes. His plan depends upon a complicit media to blame the Republicans, while not mentioning the ramifications of his rejection of the white-flag-waving Boehner’s Plan B offer.

When we go over the fiscal cliff, it will not be because House Republicans failed to pass legislation that prevented it. It will be because Harry Reid chose to pursue a course that guaranteed that outcome.

The truth is that Democrats want higher taxes, not just on the wealthy, but on the rest of us who are not yet part of the dependency state they have built. The fiscal cliff just gives them the ideal opportunity to impose them, while blaming the Republicans.

The truth is that the Democrats want defense cuts imposed, and they love to see the House Republicans getting the blame.

The truth is that every American who pays taxes is likely to see their paychecks shrink next year because Reid would rather play politics in the expectation that he can affix the blame to his political foes.

That’s the sad situation in Washington, D.C., where politics trumps everything else. And if you think this “fight” has been tough, wait until you see what happens with the upcoming debt ceiling and Continuing Resolution wars.

Those who are faint of heart need to turn away, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the director of communications of Americans for Limited Government.

  • Patrick Henry

    Democrats want never ending tax increases by constantly raising the debt ceiling to spend money we do NOT have to get re-elected. Dems have always voted AGAINST a balanced-budget amendment. The Republican Party has been the voice of reason & responsibility or it would be much worse. By the time some dependent Americans realize they have been terribly misled, and their entitlements drained, it will be too late to fix. Indeed, Dems had years to shore up S.S. & Medicare, but did nothing, even taking $716 Billion from Medicare for Obamacare.

  • Yes, it is always the “other Guy” who is to blame. The Dems have not put a budget up before the congress for three years and now they are blaming the Republicans for no budget and the none passing of “stop Gap” legislation. There have been two such “comprises” put forward by the Repubs. and the dems. have not even acted on them. What a bunch of liars and thieves!

  • This is about the legacy of the three donkey voting machine senator from Nevada.

  • Ed Lawson

    Mr Manning you are so on with this article. It so AMAZES me that all of the voters that re-elected Obama, and now that Reid is likely to keep his position, we can look at another 4 years of no budgets being approved and wow, I am sure that in their little corner of the office along with Polosi, Feinstein, Schummer, Bloomberg, and others they look to make themselves look so BIG to RAM through their gun control ideas and as in th past 4 years ignore the Constitution!! Now as supposedly reported that the president has informed the speaker that they are to accept his conditions for fiscal cliff agreement or he will ensure that he will use the State of the Union to mostly show his narcissist side of “ALWAYS” blaming others past and present!! We are headed over a cliff mush greater that the fiscal one.

  • Don

    Harry Reid was elected by the Liberal Democrats and like the people that support the Liberal Democrats they feel as though they are entitled and does not have to earn what they get. They have been promised by there God Barrack Obama that he is going to give them everything they need for life and they do not need to earn a dime of what they get. This is what Harry Reid heard from Barrack Obama so for the last four years he has taken Obama at his word and has done absolutely nothing.

  • JIM

    Harry Reid has presided over the most do nothing democrat controlled senate in the history of the United States. He has had the opportunity to push through legislation that would have fixed this mess long ago, but he has made the decision to play this political bull__it instead of trying to work with Republicans and do what is right for this country. Reid should get the entire blame for this fiscal mess that we now find ourselves in and should be thrown out of office for refusing to do his job.

  • lucas1235

    According to this article, Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” solution isn’t far from legislation the Senate passed this summer that “dramatically” raised taxes on everyone making more than $250,000 a year. Actually, Boehner’s plan raises the threshold to shoe making over $1 million.

    The GOP is protecting their base of supporters — the rich.

  • Boehner couldn’t even get a wimped-out version of raising taxes (only on the very wealthy, and not on all income but only that over a million bucks) through the Tea Party. But most people, not just Democrats, think it’s quite reasonable for people who make many times more than the average person to pay a tiny fraction extra. We’ve seen this all along; the Tea Party sounds as if it’s speaking up for the little guy but it’s really just a mouthpiece for the fat cats who bankroll it. Just like you, Rick. Give us a break. The very wealthy aren’t going to be hurt and neither is the economy if they have to pay a few marginal percentage points more in taxes. It’s amazing that people think this is a problem. Maybe after Boehner is re-elected as speaker, he’ll do the right thing and form a coalition with Democrats, who would vote for a proposal that was more progressive than the one the right wing just turned down, and then we can get back to business. Let’s hope he’s smart enough to work around this my way or the highway far right obstinacy and tell them to take a hike, as the fools they are.

  • Black Rain

    Harry is a joke, blaming republican for not compromising when it was the republican that compromised to get Barrycare passed.
    Wasn’t it Barry who sent a budget to the senate and was rejected. Dream on Harry, some day you will not be in charge but, by that time you will retire with your tail between your legs.

  • reggiec

    I do not know what record weasel Reid had as a boxer but I am beginning to believe that he finally succumed to brain damage he recieved as a boxer.

  • HadEnuf

    Hey people, wake the hell up and start referring to these lilliputians as the COMMUNISTS that they are!

  • Why don’t the people of Nevada fire or hold a recall election of Harry Reid? It should be obvious by now that he isn’t working in their best interests and is the main reason why our nation is in so much financial trouble. Fire or Recall him today .

  • pduffy

    The law says congress must produce a budget, and pass it, or no money is spent. They didn’t produce a budget, but voted to spend anyway – both democrat and republican. What’s the penalty for breaking the law? Apparently there is none, so there is no law.

  • yaki534

    I think Reid should be removed from his position. HE HASN’T DONE HIS JOB IN OVER 1300 DAYS!! Would you or I get away with this in the private sector??

  • Your phd must be in basket weaving or something similar. You don’t really know what’s in Obamacare, do you? 3.9% surcharge and more tax law changes than in 20 years! Capital gains and dividend tax increases that will prevent those with the means to invest, to not invest. What do you think then happens to investment in our businesses and economy? Those “rich” prople you think the tea party wants to save – yeah, that would be us, the middle class. What do “rich” people do? They create businesses. What does that do? It creates jobs. What else do “rich” people do? They buy things. Who makes those things? Who sells those things? The middle class, that’s who! What does that mean? Jobs are created! How does money get into the economy? By incomes from jobs and investments – not government spending called “investments” by the commie leaders. Those “investments” suck money out of the private sector which allocates capital efficiently to the hands of the thrives who pay back their cronies and send our money to other countries. Democrats and commies couldn’t create a job to save their lives. The people our unenlightened electorate voted in will be the death of this Republic. As a matter of fact, she is currently on life support at best. The democrats/commies can’t be this stupid. This is intentional. You commies need some economics lessons and some common sense.

  • rixie

    Harry Reid makes sure that nothing is presented for a vote, every bill from the House is DOA (dead on arrival). Obama doesn’t want a deal, he wants capitulation – give me what I want. No budget in all the years Obama has been President as required by law – oh wait – that got lost when he was elected. To back the mainstream media is Obama’s water carrier and he can do no wrong. Remember when McCain suspended his campaign to return to congress for a fiscal crisis and McCain was castigated that this was all political – well hail to the chief – Obama comes back from his vacation and he is fawned over that he gave up his vacation to work the budget out (like this budget/debt crisis hasn’t been happening for all the years he has been in office – not political. There is nothing that Obama does that isn’t political. Obama doesn’t want an agreement – Obama wants capitulation and unlimited spending.

  • Jill

    Same game the Democrats began as soon as BHO became leader! They refuse to take responsibility for anything…it’s always blame the other guy, sit back, & do nothing!!! The Democrats had 2 years to come up with a plan. Their only plan was to reject anything & everything the Republicans came up with. Most times before the idea was complete BHO announced he would NOT sign it should it come across his desk. And now we are days before going over the cliff…but first- BHO had to go on his million dollar vacation & then make the grand acclaim that he would cut short his vacation, return to DC & straighten out this matter. Right????!!! Give me a break! Those of us in the middle class & on fixed incomes will once again get the shaft!

  • tagdogs

    Harry the Obstructionist is required by LAW to pass a budget every year and hasn’t do so in going on 4 years. To me he is breaking the law and there should be some way he can be held criminally liable. He should be put on trial and removed from officeand give him the prison time he deserves. Our Senators are elected to do their jobs, but they can’t because Harry won’t let them even discuss a bill let alone be able to vote on the bill.

  • tagdogs

    He wasn’t a boxer, he was a punching bag for those who boxed. Now in his brain dead anger, he is swinging at everything in sight.

  • Norsesoutheastwest

    There are most millionaire Democrats beholden to Wall Street in office than millionaire Republicans. Saying the GOP is protecting the rich is a regurgitated lie. The GOP is trying to protect the ENTIRE COUNTY AND FUTURE GENERATIONS from this frivolous, spendthrift Administration! . . . Do you know what happens when you keep on spending more than you have? The U.S.A. is bankrupt. No level of tax increases will help. We need spending cuts – REAL spending cuts. If the Clinton era tax rates are so great, what about the Clinton era spending rates too?!?!

  • Dean

    Just another scumbag, our dear little Harry!!!!

  • del

    This dog and pony BS show about over the cliff is to make everyone forget Benghazi, Fast and Furious, no budget for 4+ years, a fraud in the white house who wants to oink up more of our tax dollars for vacations, golf, congress salaries(vomit) they are all getting raises including old Biteme, etc etc….this corrupt horrid administration must be removed now! They do now want our country to succede

  • del

    the guy was never elected legallly…same rigged machines used for ovomit to win along with illegals, thugs and dead voters….harry should be out on his scrawny a$$%

  • WhiteFalcon

    Harry Reid has done just what he is worth, nothing.

  • WhiteFalcon

    What kills the GOP is the RINOs. They are simply Commieonazicrats in

  • Pround to be an American

    We need one good man, please. Calling one good man in this USA that is a Federal Marshall that has the guts to step up and arrest one Barry aka (obama) for treason , High Crimes and misdemeanors and his co-conspirators Speaker of the Senate Ried and minority leader Paloes,along with Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton Secutary of State and Bill Clinton X President,Bill Ayers personal friend and advisor and Soro financial supporter and backer.. against The People of this United States of America standing on our Constitution as set forth by Foundering Fathers and fellow Countrymen. Please one good man that understands and is willing to stand with The Great Men and Women that have stood in the past as true Heros. America wake up !!!!!!!! This Government is not for us it is against us and has put it our face. ONE GOOD MAN NEEDED NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Greg137

    Reid has to go… Anyone can do Reid’s job! You just sit and do nothing, but complain about every solution presented.. Anyone can do that! America needs to Tell Nevada voters to give America a Senate Majority Leader that actually cares about America’s well being… They should vote Republican, in fact it is insulting that if Reid only has to win Two Counties in Nevada to get re-elected! Las Vegas, and Reno… Who ever runs against Reid had better be ready to bring Reid’s track record up for questioning, and they had better be willing to target Reid’s own turf! All Reid can do is complain, and do nothing! I will bet He doesn’t even bring home the proverbial bacon to the people who vote for him! He should be Impeached, disbarred, and driven from Washington… He probably doen’t even represent the people of Nevada, the only people he represents are himself and Washington D.C…

  • J.

    You really cannot blame barry the liar and the rest of the deadbeatcrats. barry was supported by his mother, father, step-father, etc… and lead to believe he is entitled to a living up until age 18. When he moved out on his own he recieved a grant (Fulbright Scholarship) only awarded to foreign student with proof of foreign nationality (ie Indonesian muslim). As time went on he morphed into an african american student and recieved more welfare and entitlements to go to school. The he went to work for the city of Chicago as a race baiter (community organizer). Then he ran for the state senate as a racially mixed american male (?). Did again as a state senator in Washington D.C. and finally morphed into the countrys first black president. He despises the rich and the government and european americans yet has a yearly income of well over a million dollars, collects three government pensions, and the person that gave him life is european american ? Talk about Hypocrisy

  • fakedirt

    I do not believe all of this garbage. Only rep. says Dem. want higher taxes. That is not true, no one wants higher taxes. I am not Rep and not Dem. so not prejudiced I do think facts are facts and most or maybe all the stuff you read on the internet is garbage.


  • This dudes head is so far up Obamas tail along with Pelosi, one cannot see either ones face. just Obamas face. Worse than brown nosing. The liberals had a term for tea party members that was sick “Tea Baggers”. Here’s one for Reid/Pelosi Brown heads. One can almost smell the putrid odor emanating from them, [that’s all lily livered liberas,]

  • There is sure a lot of open desert in Nev. Could maybe Reid go for a trek in the desert to never return?

  • nothing but screwed the american people

  • Pinky Lee

    Nevada cann’t recall Reid because it would cause so many border crossings that the border guards couldn’t take care of it. ha ha ha.. But when you stand back and look at the situation it’s easy to see. Also the document office couldn’t keep up with the dead people and babys for voting doucments they would get tired and that’s too much work for those workers.

  • Nasus

    Noticed a campaigned poster while driving thru Nevada before
    the election —- “Will Rogers never met Harry Reid!!”

  • jim

    Who gives a damn if you have a PHD. You are nothing more than an educated liberal idiot.

  • jim

    Uniformed liberal idiot.

  • Paula

    I remember that – Reid was losing, then the lights went out – electricity. When the lights came back on, Harry won. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Somebody had better do something about those voting machines and the company behind all that SH!T.

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