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Fire School Officials For Suspending Kindergartner!

By Chris Freind — Fire them. Fire them now!

It is time to immediately boot all school administrators who had any involvement in suspending a five year old kindergartener from the Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. And we should require that their official employment records always — ALWAYS — disclose the exact reason why they were terminated.  Hopefully, such a scarlet letter would prove so weighty that their education careers would sink into oblivion.

Come to think of it, they should be barred from ever working around children again. Judgment, discretion and common decency are — or at least should be — mandatory skills for those working around our young people, but appear to be nonexistent in the Mount Carmel District.

And what was the child’s offense?  What was so ignominious, so dastardly, so outright diabolical that the Mount Carmel brain trust saw fit to suspend her for ten days and mandate she undertake a psychological evaluation?

Did she swipe the school computer password to inflate her show-and-tell grade? Boycott naptime? Not share her crayons?

Far worse. She talked about using her pink Hello Kitty Bubble Gun — admittedly, a device that has been known to completely eradicate sad faces with one trigger pull.

That’s it. Case closed. Crucify her!

Honest to God, this makes the Manti Te’o story look tame.


Earlier this month, while waiting for a school bus, the kindergarten mastermind was overheard talking about shooting a classmate with the bubble gun, which, it should be noted, she did not even possess.

For that, she was actually accused of making a “terroristic threat” and branded as a “threat to harm others.” According to reports, the girl was questioned the following day for 30 minutes without a parent present, and, her mother stated, was told she could go to jail for making such a threat. Despite being evaluated as “normal” by the District’s psychologist (what a surprise), the student was suspended anyway. Officials have since reduced the suspension to two days, but have refused to expunge the incident from her permanent record.

The family’s lawyer, Robin Ficker, simply wants the incident removed from the child’s record and the school district to apologize, admitting it made a mistake. But no can do.

The District is fighting back, having released a statement that reads, “…we are confident that much of the information supplied to the media may not be consistent with the facts in this matter. The Mount Carmel Area School District has investigated the issue and will continue to do so…When given the opportunity in the appropriate forum, we look forward to presenting information that will portray our school district in a more positive light.”

What are they doing? Bringing in the CSI team?

Assuming there are no national security secrets in this case, this one is simple. School administrators wildly “jumped the gun,” choosing to bow at the altar of political correctness and get their fifteen minutes of fame rather than rationally think this situation through to its logical conclusion.  And now they are too proud to admit they screwed up. In the process, they have traumatized a little girl, stigmatized her family, and perhaps worst of all, stolen a bit of childhood innocence from every student in that school.

And the more we sit back and allow these situations to occur, the faster America will decline. It is not enough to have the lawyers settle this behind the scenes, even if the girl and her family “win” everything they are seeking. The damage is done, and nothing short of firing Superintendent Bernard Stellar and other administrators complicit in the suspension will make it right.

Is advocating the firing of these officials for their “zero tolerance” …. itself zero tolerance? Absolutely.  And it should be. We all make mistakes, which is why God made erasers, but mistakes like this are unforgivable.  We entrust these people with our most precious gift: our children, indeed our future. And when they cannot even handle the most basic, common sense situation, it is time for them to find another profession.

But, sadly, America is becoming a nation that doesn’t act in common sense, decisive ways, but one that overreacts to damn near everything without actually solving its problems.  That way, faceless bureaucrats can feel good about themselves and justify their existences.

It’s time to fight back.  It’s time for the silent American majority to be heard. It’s time to send the message loud and clear that political correctness is the greatest enemy this nation faces, and that we must enact zero tolerance for moronic decisions that so negatively affect the most innocent among us.

Demand that the Mount Carmel School District administrators be fired, and burst their politically correct bubble once and for all.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television/radio commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, www.FreindlyFireZone.com  His self-syndicated model has earned him the largest cumulative media voice in Pennsylvania. He can be reached at CF@FreindlyFireZone.com

  • Mitch A

    The only “mistake” made here was when these people decided to worship at the alter of “political correctness”. As a father I would be tempted to find this idiot in a alley somewhere and teach him the folly of “bullying” little girls, as a conservative I mourn the loss of common sense in America.

  • I think we should tar and feather them. They must need attention, like a child. What ASS&&&. Just go to show, their memtality.

  • They need to be terminated, this was truly insane and can damage this child’s record for life! She will have problems when she reaches college and beyond! Some Administrators don’t need to be in the field they are in that is the truth!

  • bouboulina

    Yes, fire them all, & first in line should be Susan Hepler Nestico, the principal. Her own words provide insight into the left-liberal, uber-PC, PROGRESSIVE (SEE quote below) mindset that spawned this ugly debacle at the expense of an innocent, impressionable child not much older than a toddler who will NEVER recover from this incident. One wonders what the parents of this hapless little girl have been put through as well–no doubt the witch hunt against them continues apace. I hope thetheir’ attorney is a good one & sues the pants off every individual & every institution involved. And people wonder why home-schooling has been burgeoning across this country?! More than ever this country is beginning to resemble the former (?) Soviet Union and Red China. Here’s Ms. Nestico’s “Objective”–which sounds more like Joan of Arc riding to the rescue of society’s downtrodden than the pursuit to educate the mainstream middle class kids in her school: “To excel in a progressive educational leadership position that allows me to empower teachers and students. As an educational leader, it is imperative to collaborate with all stakeholders and create an environment that is flexible and gives all students the opportunity and support to achieve excellence. Grounded in a strong belief that all things are possible and all people can achieve, it is imperative to foster an environment where students are proud of their community and culture and can achieve equitable academic excellence.”

  • Encycloman

    You are supposed to have a minimum level of intelligence to be a teacher. Based on what I have seen, they FAIL.

  • Public_Citizen

    These people not only need to be fired but they need all future benefits terminated, including pension and the right to unemployment benefits until they find a new job, hopefully at minimum wage.

  • ChuckI

    I hope that the parents of the child will bring a law suit against the school district and the individual who suspend the child. We can not take control of public employees until we can get into there pocketbooks. Appoint and elected officials have to understand that they work for the American Public and no one else and that they answer to the American Public.

  • Twig57

    I thought we hired teachers to teach our children right from wrong not to kick them out of school for something that they do not understand. We all grewup playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, etc. We were all taught by our parents and teachers that real guns were dangerous and never to pointed at anybody.

  • daveveselenak

    When are the sheeple going to understand that we are living under a dictatorhip that is growing leaps and bounds by the day; and until these Godless ghouls are made to start fearing the citizenry, it will not be stopped! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP! Let the games begin – 1776…1776…1776!

  • Poppo

    I refuse to believe that America is finished as a nation.
    I refuse to believe that America is finished as a nation.
    I refuse to believe that America is finished as a nation.
    I refuse to believe that America is finished as a nation.
    I refuse to believe that America is finished as a nation.

    Its no use. It’s true!

  • The first thing that should be done is to throw every TV station owner in prison for allowing such violent programs to be shown. Violent TV shows only begets violent children. Parents can’t be watching what their children are watching on TV 24/7. If you watch TV you will see violence . What is needed is to stop showing these programs during prime time . This is the only way to stop the violence that our children are doing.

  • Who hired these administrators, Obama?

  • Amen!

  • Exactly!

  • richcarro

    It’s time to fire these inept teachers. Send them the message that we are not going to take any more of this liberal trash. This person needs a good old blanket party.

  • What does her comment have to do with a child’s bubble gun this is just political progressive drivvel

  • I grew up watching Rifleman, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Big Valley, Cimmeron Strip, Manixx, Death Valley Days, Rawhide, and none of them turned me violent and they all had guns in them. But maybe it is because my parents watched them with me, as I did my kids and none of them are violent they grew up watching The “A” team, Air Wolf, Dukes of Hazzard, McGyver, So it really has nothing to do with what you watch it has to do with parent interaction and discipline knowing right from wrong and the consequences from the wrong will be bad and the right will be good

  • vevaqus

    “…create an environment that is flexible and gives all students the opportunity and support to achieve excellence.” Well she certainly failed in doing that! Get rid of her. She’s too full of herself.

  • vevaqus

    It’s not the “only”, but ONE of the ways.

  • SilverSnake

    They need to be fired. If that does not occur immediately, the district needs to be sued for damages to this family, the little girl and the community….then they need to be fired.

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