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Good and bad news

Cartoon by A.F. Branco

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  • Play the blame game. You can blame the government. Boehner gets most of the blame for the Repubs folding. However the blame trickles down into the very individual voter. Supposedly the majority of voters voted these idiots into office. the blame cannot be placed on the elected any more than on the voters who put them into office. I was taught very young [and I am 71] when one points a finger at someone, there is three fingers pointed back at you. I was so sick when I realized that it was my generation that dropped the ball and allowed these progressive liberals to take over. We, my generation, chased the buck, wanting our kids to have it easy, forgetting it was blood that made this republic free. Sorry kids.

  • pduffy

    So much for ‘taxing the rich’. The target was always the middle class, and they hit the bullseye, right on the spot.

  • Bill Johnson

    Can’t always blame the voters. Too often the other choices were worse.

  • Don

    I do have to say that JimH is right We the People are to blame because we all fell for the Super “PIMP” Barrack Obama’s words that have nothing but lies and deceit in them and We the People have been around long enough to know better but the young idiots had better take this as a very hard lesson they will learn over the next four years or they are going to jest do it again. Jest because Obama is Black and White only means one thing and that is be very aware and his actions are the very same actions of “PIMPS” so if the young can’t make better choices in the future there is no hope for them because we will be jest another Failed country. Open your eyes people because right now the Homeless has jest begun to rise to a horrific number and the most of them are going to be the Obama supporters.

  • Frank

    Just another game of kick the can in progress.

  • Meliftman

    Not all, we the people, fell for the lies. Only a majority. Some of us saw right through the Obama lies and deceit. To bad the media did such a good job of promoting his free stuff and how good he is. Now we know which republicans must go next voting cycle.

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