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Les Miserables

Cartoon by William Warren

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  • Don

    Every one of you stupid Bast### were warned but you still have your head stuck up your As## and for what. Instead of all of the “FREE” stuff that you were promised you now get more free taxes to pay and when I say more I mean a very large portion of your income. But no this Black and White man the super “PIMP” Barrack Obama made you a believer that he was going to make the rest of your life great. Well as you should have seen by now that it is going to be a living hell while he still spends the next four years campaigning jest like the last six years he spent campaigning. And his wife the new Amelda Marcos will be out spending much of the tax increases every person in the United States will be paying.

  • WolfgangDS

    You’re kind of a right-wing nutjob, aren’t you? Not spending money and allowing the economy to shrink to the point where there’s no competition isn’t going to help. You want the economy to grow, you have to put money into it. Only way for that to happen is by spending, ESPECIALLY since the corporate moguls running the right-wing of politics won’t do it themselves because they are so ironically short-sighted.

    The debt isn’t even a problem right now. But if you think it’s such a problem that if we don’t take care of it this instant that every man, woman and child in ‘Murica is going to starve because the government wanted to feed them and help them get jobs, then by all means, let’s pay that off.

    But with what? Only real way for the government to make money is by taxes. And according to conservatives, taxes are the work of the devil and should be abolished (except for the middle class and below). So how is the government of the good ol’ US of A supposed to pay off its increasing debt without getting any money? Borrowing some from somewhere else? China already owns my left shoe, most of my books, and possibly every shirt I own. Borrowing isn’t gonna cut it either.

    Taxes. Taxes are the only way to do this. Raise taxes on the people that can afford it, and when they whine about it, tell them to suck it up.

    Now, I’m not saying we should just blow every red cent we have. There are plenty of areas where spending could be reduced (except in Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, social security, and job training, because those help people who need help). Cut spending in the military- especially since even the military says we don’t need it that much (and they’re right; $400 billion on a jet that can’t fly in cloudy weather is a humongous waste). Let’s end the war on drugs- and I don’t mean by nuking the drug lords. I mean let’s just stop trying. We’re not getting anywhere, and it’s only gotten worse. You want to win? Put them out of business by legalizing these drugs. Start with marijuana. Hey look, something ELSE to tax!

    But wait, how are we supposed to get these tax dollars? Nobody is spending any money because nobody has jobs because the economy is nonexistent because there’s no money to be spent (well, there is, but the rich don’t wanna spend it if it doesn’t make them comfortable or sate their thirst for power). I know! Let’s throw money at it! It’s an investment, really. And what is an investment? Pouring money into something and getting MORE money back for your trouble. That’s what the government needs to do: Invest in the economy and make a profit through taxes.

    So what’s the ultimate goal? It’s simple: Make it so that the profit that the government makes grows fast. How fast? Faster than its debt and deficit are growing. Eventually, government profits will surpass the deficit growth rate, balancing the budget at first and then tipping the scales in the opposite direction. This will eliminate the deficit and start reducing debt.

    Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. It just takes a genius to bother thinking about it.

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