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The EPA: Rogue and Dangerous

Source: Library of Congress; U.S. government doctor injecting black patients with syphilis.

By Rick Manning — The Environmental Protection Agency has been rocked by two major scandals in the past weeks culminating with Administrator Lisa Jackson’s resignation this past week.

The agency charged with responsibility for overseeing the nation’s environmental laws has become one of the most controversial federal government agencies during Obama’s first term through their dramatic expansion of powers over the nation’s economy.

But now, revelations that Jackson had a secret, private e-mail account that she used to usurp the laws relating to official communications have been trumped by the most stunning charge of all — that the EPA has been engaged in human testing of toxic levels of environmental pollutants.

The Washington Times reports that a lawsuit brought against the EPA by the American Tradition Institute will be heard on January 3, 2013 in federal court.  The EPA’s response to the allegations of illegal human testing is not a denial that the testing is occurring but rather a statement that they are not prohibited by law from doing it.

The stunning arrogance of a federal agency in modern times subjecting the elderly, children and the sick to concentrated doses far beyond what is legal of carcinogens and other environmental hazards is reminiscent of Nazi “scientist” Josef Mengele’s experimentation on twins.

In recent American history, we remember the horrors of discovering that the U.S. Public Health Service used poor blacks contacted through the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama as guinea pigs in watching the progression of syphilis that went without treatment.  All the while, the “subjects” were led to believe that they were receiving treatment.  The public revulsion that greeted discovery of the program in 1972 led to its being disbanded and the passage of the Office for Human Research Protections and other federal laws requiring Institutional Review Boards for the protection of human subjects.

It is shocking that today, in 2013, an American court will be hearing a case about an agency that is engaging in systematic human experimentation under the guise of pursuing the “greater good.”

Of all the actions undertaken and administered by the EPA, this stunning discovery that U.S. tax dollars have been spent for more than a decade on making some people sick by pumping them full of concentrated pollution in order to further environmental policy ends should unify every American to demand accountability from those in the Administration who oversaw these studies.

While the federal court hears the case, Congress should act immediately to not only defund these EPA “studies” but also to ferret out any instances of similar abuses in other agencies.  In addition, a special prosecutor should be immediately appointed by the Attorney General to investigate these obvious human rights violations, and to bring those responsible — including Administrator Jackson — to justice.

The very fact that Obama’s EPA can arrogantly argues that no law empowers any judge to stop it from conducting scientific experiments on seniors, children and the sick should sicken all but the most callous among us.

Whether you support the EPA’s environmental agenda or you believe that they have engaged in an historic regulatory overreach, each of us should find the Agency’s human experimentation abhorrent.

The only question is whether Congress will have the guts to stand up to the EPA hold this rogue agency to account, or will human experimentation just be ignored to the shame of everyone.

Rick Manning is the Communications Director of Americans for Limited Government.

  • Why isn’t this front page news on every news paper and media outlet?

  • I hadn’t even heard of this till just now… our Government is so corrupt.

  • I’m not sure if this story is correct or not. However, I do agree the government is rogue all of government and has been since the Korean War. The nation has been at war somewhere on planet earth for the past 40 years-continuously. We have destroyed the infrastructures of whole nations at our whim. For no reason other than, how did our Sec. of St. put it? Hillary said, “We came, We saw, He died. (Gaddafi of Libya) The nation kicked our Creator out of government. The nation passed a law killing babies. (one baby is killed every 30 seconds) The nation went awry at the close of the Cold War and it has continued on a course not intended by our founding fathers.

    The government itself is not what was intended by our founding fathers. It has become one with the snake swallowing its tail. It just gets bigger and bigger going nowhere.

    I think our Creator being a just God, has folded His umbrella protecting the nation and walked away, leaving the nation out in the cold subject to the evil one. I believe the spirit of anticrist is running amok through the USA today. When will it end? Only our creator knows.

  • pduffy

    This is exactly the same goal that “fast and furious” had – kill enough people, and the sheeple will accept ‘gun control’. Kill enough people with fake ‘pollution’, and the EPA can pretty much take over our lives under the guise of “protecting the environment”. This is evil beyond belief. This government has become the very thing that we fought against in WW2, and it sure seems that we fought that war for nothing, as the facsist system that Hitler dreamed of has come to pass in America.

  • reggiec

    The EPA is a cabinet post. Which specific individual in government appoints people to cabinet positions? The President of These United States! The responsibility of “ANY AND EVERY” action taken by the EPA ultimately rests with, not with Lisa Jackson but with President Obama.

  • Their outlawing Primatene Mist , the only non-regulated asthma inhaler used by millions for decades on the basis of it’s gram of CFC propellant shows their disdain for actual human life and suffering .

  • Because your liberal media does everything it can to protect Obama and his minions.

  • ray

    the EPA (easily poor agency) needs to be disbanded since they do more harm than good to the environment and the economy. Someone should start a legal petition to disband the agency, it is a total waste and they make it harder and harder for business to compete against foreign companies.

  • So far I cannot tell what specifically has been alleged. And, yes, I read the Washington Times article. All I see is a lot of hype.

  • Don

    The Federal Government and many of its agency’s have been testing many things on the public for at the least sixty years now and that is a conservative estimate. Our Military has been doing it under many names but the Federal Government and the many agency’s have for so long treated the general public as Ginny pigs. That does include the spraying they did back in the fifty’s in specified areas of the country to test there chemical agents.

  • marcdepiolenc

    Some details would be helpful. Where are the experiments being performed, how are victims…errr, subjects selected and recruited? The quickest way to stop this kind of perfidy is to interrupt the flow of subjects – stopping funding for government programs takes a lot longer.

  • Greg137

    The liberals want every American dead who doesn’t conform to their sick will.. In order to stop this people need the courage to stand for their liberties… Our very lives are at risk with the Liberal democrats in charge of things,,, To stop them the Sleeping giant must awaken before the parasites(liberals) kill it… stand strong for freedom while you have it and you will stand to keep your liberties, but if you don’t you will lose them garenteed, an then your life will end, by these sick demented people… Liberals like to hide their true selves behind a mask of professionalism just like that sicko pervert Dr. Bumby(in Alice the Madness Returns).. They look professional, but they are primal sick delusional people who wear professionality, and some of them are pretty good at it,only because they have had practice, but the truth exposes them, and you can see thhe demon lurking underneath the disguise.. They are dangerous people, but only when you blindly trust them, and believe the lies they tell.. Use your head, and you can figure them out… There is nothing wrong with thinking for yourself!! Left wing liberals can’t stand independant thought… Remember that nobody is perfect, and neither are the liberals, which is ironic, given the fact that the liberals like to fill people’s heads with fantasies about the Left wing policies that the Left claim would make themselves “perfect”… But the pursuit of perfection is vain if one does not have any Idea of what perfection is… It gets even worse when they reject and silence anyone with a view about what true perfection is… Which is why the left hates Christians and Jews, because God is perfect, but it is not possible for us to even come close to His perfection, yet the fact that we believe in HIM is what they can’t stand.. The Left draw their view on perfection from Satan.. Satan’s view of perfection is the most imperfect and flawed veiw of any other… The views of perfection from the Liberal left are the same exact views of the Devil himself… This is why the Left Hate any mention of God or of Christ… They can’t stand and will not tolarate anyone with a view that comes from GOD or glorifies GOD, because their master can’t stand it, so they can’t stand it either … This is why the Left hate the Ziionist veiw of faith.. This of course also explains why the Left have a love affair with Islam(the most if not one of the most intolerant religions in the world)…

  • Barbara Wiseman

    If this is true, it perhaps explains why the EPA has worked so hard to hold the Gulf of Mexico disaster in place by not allowing real solutions to be implemented, and only allowing toxic chemical dispersants to be used which not only don’t clean up a drop of oil, but factually cause the toxicity of the oil to become significantly higher, while spreading it far and wide, endangering the public’s health, destroying and/or causing genetic mutations, birth defects and cancer in the marine life and the public.

  • they had better think again

  • FloridaJim

    How and why does the EPA have such power? this is an environmental disaster destroying our economy. It is as if they want to destroy America. The rest of the world uses their oil and gas reserves proudly and safely for their wealth we allow this group of nincompoops to say no and not one is elected. Russia, china, Canada, Even Mexico is laughing at the how foolish we are.

  • Sgt York

    times are a gittin tough boys,count your guns,keep your powder dry,swab your barrels,lock and load and take right sharp aim.

  • Sgt York

    Are you totally sure of that statement? Sounds sorta fishy to me.

  • Even-handed

    This article is nothing but crazy talk. Something has been ALLEGED (we’re told), but the article dos not say what. Alleged by a highly politicized organization, no less.

    Time to check some reality testing around here.

  • Even-handed

    Because it’s not valid. There are no details here, just a lot of wild, inflammatory accusations that are not substantiated. Plain old crazy talk.

  • Even-handed

    I’m not sure if you’re serious.

  • Even-handed

    Yes, you’re right, but what we’ve read here does not actually substantiate that.

  • Even-handed

    Not sure where to begin, so I won’t…

  • Even-handed

    Cuckoo for cocoa puffs! Hello!

  • Even-handed

    Are you making fun of angry, separatist types?

  • Even-handed

    Finally — someone speaking a shred or reason. The article does not provide enough relevant information to be credible. It is illogical and should be dismissed.

  • Even-handed

    shred OF reason

  • Even-handed

    Well said.

  • marcdepiolenc

    Hmm. I’m not dismissing the story – only reserving judgment until I have concrete, verifiable facts. Obviously, if those facts turn out not to exist, I will then have to make a negative judgment… Ten years ago, I would have thought it unthinkable that the US government agency charged with protecting our environment would perform experiments on human beings, but now I consider it possible, though in this case clearly not proven.

  • Emma

    We have a facist government and Obama wants to be Hitler.

  • billslycat

    This wouldn’t surprise me, but without specifics this can be taken as nothing more than a partisan attack. Rick Manning has done some lousy reporting here.

  • The author needs to include links to support his claims.

  • Crazy talk? Really? If you were open to the truth, you’d do some research before asserting that none of the article’s claims are valid.

  • Where are the links to substantiate this article? That was suppose to have happend 10 days ago!

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