02.19.2013 11

Media Outrage

Cartoon by A.F. Branco

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  • pduffy

    The ‘state’ of the American media can only be likened to the state-run media of the old soviet union. It’s a pure propaganda machine run by the communist party.

  • Patricia Wheaton

    So sad. This liberal media has done nothing but give the Obama administration a free ride. They only print stuff to make him look like the Savior of the world & portray anyone with any sense as buffoons

  • wired2comment

    subtle change- we used to call it the evening News- now both sides refer to each in political terms- left, right, republican media, liberal media. Largely both sides have decided to take a side vs. reporting unbiased news as events. No longer can the public count on hearing reports on the most important events- but rather the events that best support the stand on the issues each network has taken. SHAME SHAME- lets be honest most everything we hear or read has become an EDITORIAL> Everyone must start doing their own investigating and listen to both sides- some where between there is real truth-

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