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What we learned at the Sierra Club protest in Washington D.C.

Check out the things we learned at the Sierra Club protest against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington D.C. For instance, people should be allowed to have only 1 or maybe 2 children. And the weather is being manipulated for advantages in war. Watch the video to see who is arguing against the creation of 600,000 American jobs.

  • MrInterpid

    The tarot card lady called to tell these people that their tin foil hats were ready to be picked up. Good god, these people are poster children for mental illness. This is what the demonrat party has for it’s base?? After seeing this why would anyone want to be a demonrat?

  • Between a rock and a hard place: The government knows what is coming better than we do. In my opinion, Obama is positioning himself to grab power and to make himself a demi-god. A lot of the Repo blicans are not much better. We have several crises looming in the very near future and they are already preparing for them. Right now they are devaluing the currency to mitagate the coming fiet currency collapse and the inflation spiral (starting in the spring). You may have already noticed the start with smaller packages and higher prices. The next major crises will be a population explosion, but by then we will probably be in major food riots from a currency collapse. That is the purpose of importing billions of rounds of ammo. Population control. As I see it we have one reasonable option. That is to use the ballot box to maximum effect. Take back control of government and reduce the size by at least 1/2. Either we rule the government or they rule us. We need to get back to States rights. Only about 540 people run this country and they are not doing a very good job. Half of them need to go. If we go all out on energy independence we can jump start the economy and get back on the right track. We have a long way to go, but it would be a good start.

  • rivahmitch

    Listening to these idiots, I can postulate an alternative strategy for population control;-)

  • We don’t need less people, just less stupid ones.

  • Don’t laugh! The government is full of these loonies..AND you are paying their salaries!!!

  • brabbie2002

    Another libtard alert! Where do these idiots come from. The only thing I agree on is the amount of children – but that should be a law for those on welfare…One child until you can support more by yourself.

  • These people are morons.

  • spin43

    Guess who is providing funding for these communist groups?

  • Sine Troll

    Smaller government would be a great way to control population! Those idiots would just die for lack of our support!

  • Eugenics zombies on the loose, for population control, isn’t it nice to see
    people who are supporting globalist agenda’s who really seem to think they are
    protesting to save the earth and from ourselves. Talk about silly people that
    have been programmed to support the death cultism

  • The are programmed in public schools, where the liberal agenda has taken over the minds of children and made zombies who can’t think for themselves anymore, but need governments to hold their hands when crossing the street, talk about useful idiots.

  • **
    The Obama-Nation Song **

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    That’s making everyone want to cry,
    No more freedoms, and liberty’s too,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    With kill list for all to see,
    And drones that will make you bleed,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    He’s not human, he’s a demon in disguise,
    He’s Beelzebub. You know, the Lord of the flies,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    That’s making everyone want to cry,
    Watch his wife Michelle flashing a Satanic hand sign,
    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    Watch and see Obamaism do the “devil horn” sign,

    Obama-nation is on the rise,
    It’s making everyone cry want to cry,
    He’s a demon in disguise, Obama-nation on the rise,
    With his hope and change, that’s a disease in your eye,
    He’s got his suit and tie, but don’t be fooled by his lies,
    He hijacked the usa gov from the inside,
    Obama-nation is on the rise,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    He’s a demon in disguise,
    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    Where children are murdered as part of his lord of flies,
    Watch and see Obamaism do the “devil horn” sign,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    He’s the devil in disguise,
    A snake with glowing red eyes,
    Who plays he a king of men,
    and murders family’s dead,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    He gives you feelings you better run for your life,
    He has an Angels looks, but a Devils mind,
    He acts so sweet and kind, but he’s a Demon in disguise,

    Oh Obama-nation is on the rise,
    that’s making everyone want to cry.

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