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Has the House abdicated?

By Rick Manning — Just as I was going to write on how the crisis/government shut down threatened federal budgeting by continuing resolution has actually reduced government outlays significantly; the House of Representatives passed legislation without allowing substantive amendments, that continues funding of all of the programs congressional Republicans say they want to repeal or change.

In light of this decision, a few simple questions for those in House leadership come to mind.

How in the heck do you expect anyone to believe you when you say you don’t like ObamaCare when you continue to fund it and won’t even allow a vote to strip away monies for implementation? You cannot. You can vote seven times to deauthorize it in the next 18 months, but when you continue to pay for it, you own it.
You say you want to rein in the EPA’s war on our economy, yet you continue to fund their lawyers, consultants and the implementation of the very regulations that are destroying our nation’s economic competitiveness. Don’t expect those who continue to lose their jobs in coal country due to the EPA’s wrath to feel all warm and cozy over some meaningless resolution of concern passed after you funded the very vampires that sucked away their very way of life.

You claim to be very concerned about the one-sided National Labor Relations Board which has gone so far as to require a senior healthcare provider to hire back SEIU members who deliberately put their patients at risk of death in a labor dispute.  Yet, you choose to fund the very staff that has made it their mission to remake our nation’s labor laws in an attempt to effectively coerce workers into unions, just to keep the fading Big Labor Democratic Party funding coffers full.

And finally, you claim that you will provide a backstop against Obama’s dramatic regulatory excesses, which he brazenly put on display during his State of the Union address, when he told the world that if Congress doesn’t bend to his will on “climate change,” he will act unilaterally regardless of congressional wishes.  Yet, you handed away your only real lever in the very power struggle between the branches of government that our founders envisioned as a primary protector of freedom.

Under the U.S. Constitution, the House of Representatives has only one true check against an avaricious Executive branch — the power of the purse — and when the House chose to pass the proposed continuing resolution funding the Obama agenda, they effectively have taken that power off the table.

The unwillingness of the House to push their constitutional prerogatives to force Executive branch changes, makes one wonder if they are serious, and if not, why they even ran for office in the first place?

This piece originally appeared in The Hill and has been revised by the author to reflect legislative actions that have subsequently occurred.  Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the Vice President of Public Policy and Communications for Americans for Limited Government.


    I wrote my Rep and asked him to resign since they weren’t doing anything to stop the out of control Obama administration and Congress…..He votes to give them the funds to implement Obamacare and other waste, he does nothing about the breaking of laws and shredding of the Constituation. Go Home…..the whole House is WORTHLESS as is most of the Liberal Government.

  • pduffy

    Who’s going to stop them? The Tea Party was co-opted by RINOs, and every time there is a grass-roots movement that attempts to stop this two-party spending machine, it’s crushed. At this point in history, it will take a meteor from heaven to stop the corruption of Washington DC.

  • Max

    All rinos and kiss Ovmits butt we have to start a new party and get this party out of are lives they are worthless we have only one party I sure wont be voteing for them or the Demacraps

  • hamish123

    i am so sick of reading 250mil to this countrys who hates us 65 billion for europe 1oo mil,money and for every thing overseas and our tax go up congress you all make me sick no more spending for anything out of this country shut down Obomer now save this country now i have lost all respect for every one of you

  • ary

    Stupid is as stupid does. They do not wish to “defend” America by balancing powers. This way they can continue to blame each other for the problems in America.
    They are cowards and power brokers, worthless to anyone the radically transformed socialist Amerika.

  • Hotnike

    Obama is behaving like a spoiled brat because that is exactly what he is.

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