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The Welfare State

Cartoon by William Warren

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  • DE Navarro

    So the pressure cookers and ball bearings and shrapnel were bought with US tax payer money and used to blow up US citizens.

    That’s pouring salt in the wounds.

    And if we try to clean up the welfare system, and stop illegals and students and such from getting unnecessary welfare, we are mean, racist haters.

    Lovely country.

  • HadEnuf

    The working sapas of AMERIKA need to unite and shut the country down for a few days to let these communist punk-^sses know that we had enough of their tyranny! Actions speak louder than words! – it’s time to act!

  • Lovey in LV

    This is the ilk, the quality of people, the current regime
    is paying to enter our Nation! They suck
    the life’s blood out of our Government and the States in which they live. Then, they resent US(A) for being able to do

    Yet, we continue to import our declared enemies; pakis,
    palis, afganis, you name ’em! These are
    not ‘the tired, the poor, the huddled masses’ who saw the privilege of being in
    AMERICA! Families would save and toil
    and sacrifice to send a representative member to AMERICA and, hopefully,
    assimilate, become successful, LEARN THE LANGUAGE, then send for additional
    family members to partake of the bounty God has blessed our Nation with. Rather, ‘these people’ want to ‘run rough
    shod’ over entire neighborhoods, even cities (Lansing, MI comes to mind); soon,
    they’ll populate an entire State if allowed to do so!

    This family has lived off our Nation and our People long
    enough! How is it that they can afford
    costly trips to mother russia? When did
    you have your last vacation, hmmmm? Yet,
    the focus is now on ‘them’…blaming AMERICA for their volatile, murderous

    I say: ‘ E N O U G H
    ! ‘

  • Don s

    your right about that !! time to kick some commy BUTT!!!!

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